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The Episode starts with Amaya talking to the doctor. He says she got him on right time and saved him, but Gajanand is diabetic so he has to do some tests. He asks does she know Sneha. Amaya says no and leaves. She recalls the argument between Sneha and Gajanand and cries. Mantu is on the way as the auto stops. Uma is angry on Mantu. Amaya prays to Lord and says its my mistake, I should have not left him for even 2 mins, save his life. Chobey family comes there. Dinesh goes towards her to ask, and Amaya gets relieved when he goes away to talk to hospital staff. The man says doctor will tell them about Gajanand. They get worried and go to see him from outside the ward.

Amaya sees them hiding. Pushpa cries seeing them. They talk to the doctor. He says the test results will be coming, and he

will tell them. The other doctor says Chobey is stable and they can meet him. The doctor says the girl got him here on time. Pushpa says we want to meet her. Amaya hears this and runs from there. Pushpa goes to see and asks the man, did he see the girl who got her husband. He says she was here, I will look for her. Pushpa prays to Lord and thanks for sending the girl to save Gajanand’s life. She asks Lord to bless the girl and her family.

Amaya thinks she should go home. Rachita and Jaz will be worried. She thanks Lord and leaves. Mantu walks and comes across some goons kidnapping a little kid. He hears the men buying the kid from his uncle, and making him child labor. Mantu comes to them and asks whats happening, who is this kid. The goons ask why is he asking them, who is he. They ask him to leave if he wants to be alive. The kid hugs him asking him to take him.

Mantu says see I m not your enemy, I will talk to the kid. He explains the kid to go with them. The kid says they are bad. Mantu says I have to take him to drop him home. He holds some soil and throws in their eyes. He takes the kid and runs. They get in the car and follow Mantu. Uma says Mantu does not care for me, he did not come to apologize and see me. Dinesh checks the files and Amaya gets worried, seeing Pushpa and Dinesh coming from either sides. She hides and leaves out.

Mantu comes towards the hospital and hides. Amaya hears him and says what is he doing here. She goes to him and asks is he following her. He says he does not have time, and says goons are after me. She asks why. He hides her. She asks him to say. He says goons were kidnapping this kid, I saved him and got him here. She says they have knives and gets scared seeing the goons. They goons stop Mantu and get after him. Amaya says my phone is off, you call police. He says my phone is also off.

Mantu throws the stone to divert them. The kids cries and hugs him. Mantu says nothing will happen. Amaya says yes, they won’t be able to catch us. Mantu says his auto stopped and he started walking, he saw the kid’s uncle selling him, why did she shout, they can get after her also. She says sorry, what will we do now. The goons ask Mantu not to fool them. Mantu says we will go inside the hospital.

Amaya sees Neeti and says we can’t go that side. Mantu asks why. She says we should change the floor, they can find us here and goes in the lift. The goons come there and look for them. Uma calls Mantu and gets angry as his phone is switched off. She says she scolded him, he will be annoyed and goes to his home to meet him. Mantu and Amaya hide in some room and he stops her from switching on the lights. He says the goons will know they are here. They hide under the patient bed seeing the goons. Amaya and Mantu come close and look at each other, while the goon enters the room. They get away and she stops him from sneezing.

The goon leaves. Amaya asks him to be quiet. The kid says his mum and dad used to fight like this. Mantu says we have to be here for some time. Uma does not get Mantu at home. She sees Chiklu sleeping and wakes him up. She asks about Mantu. Chiklu says I don’t know, go. She asks why did Mantu not come, see the time. Chiklu says I don’t know anything, you can go. She says fine, if he does not come home, where did he go.

Uma comes back to the function and asks the guard about Mantu showing his pic. The man says he went with Amaya and she rages. She leaves from there. Amaya says I think we should see is the goons there. Mantu says no, I will go. She says the kid slept, don’t worry, I know this hospital better. He says it will be risky for you. She insists and he says fine, be careful. She asks him to move his hand. Music plays…………. Her hair stuck in his jacket. Dheere dheere se mere zindagi me aana……………plays……… They have an eyelock.

Uma comes to argue with Rachita and Jaz. Mantu and Amaya run with the kid to get saved from the goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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