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The Episode starts with Mukherjee asking Amaya to place clipping back in Dev’s cabin. He sees her crying and asks is there any problem. She says no and leaves. He says today’s generation cry by little scolding. Rama delivers the kirana and talks to Rachita. He asks where will he get such girl, who loves her. She says he will know it when she comes infront of her. He thinks yes, she is infront of him. Gajanand thanks Rudra and asks him to have tea. He says I was shocked to know he has saved her, you know the reason, I know everything about your name and work.

He asks did he forget the man from whom he took loans, and scolds him saying he will not let any wrong man come in his home, he got permission to come here as he has saved Neeti from the goons. Rudra starts crying and says this is

all true, I m a bad man and there should be no place for me here, you don’t know the truth, I did not cheat your friend, my partner was a thief, he has run away with people’s money, I sold my house to repay money. He says he has no place to stay and has come in Mathur haveli with his mum. Gajanand says fine, tell me what can I do for you to return your favor.

Rudra says what to say now. Gajanand asks him to say openly. Rudra says I m looking for a job, I will work honestly, if you can get any job for me, I will work hard. Neeti requests Gajanand to help Rudra. Gajanand says fine, I will talk to my son. Rudra thanks him and leaves smiling. Amaya cries and recalls Sneha’s words.
Rama tells Rachita that he got the girl. She asks what, who is she. He says she is special, I don’t know her answer, I feel she loves me, but how to tell her, help me. She says ofcourse I will help you, take her to any romantic place and propose her, take any gift for her, like jewelry, as you said she is special. He says yes and smiles. He looks around and stops the auto. He says he will just come. She says I m getting late. He says please, just some time.

Amaya comes to Dev’s cabin and sees Rishi’s clipping she removed. She fixes few and recalls Rishi. She says no, I can’t do this, when dad did not do any wrong work, how can I do. She says she will not do this whatever the result. Rama gets money from the ATM and says he is ready to spend money in love and withdraws cash. Rachita asks why did he get money now. He says he will propose the girl, he will need money to buy jewelry. She asks what. He asks her to help him in buying jewelry. Amaya thinks she will resign, she can’t work where her dad is not respected.

Rama asks Rachita to buy by her choice. Rachita says delicate daily wear and likes a simple bracelet. She asks is this good. Rama smiles and says its very beautiful, then its final, I will buy this. She says he can see anything else. He asks did she like it. She says yes but. He says then its done. She says its costly. He says there is no problem. She asks who is that special girl and teases him. Rama says he has 25000rs and does not have 500rs more. He says he can’t buy it. Rachita gives him 500rs. He says he can’t take from her. She says its fine. He thinks everything will belong to her later and takes her help. He buys the bracelet.

Amaya keeps the clipping and starts leaving. Rama thinks how much will I think, I have to tell Rachita. She is on the way home. He sits at his shop and calls her. She asks did he propose. He says he is nervous and asks her help. She asks what can I help. He insists. She says I just reached. He says you are my friend. She says fine, tell me where to come. He says I will send you the address. She says fine and leaves from there.

Rachita comes to Rama. He asks for her help. She says she will help. He sits on his knees and says he will propose like this. She says no one does so these days, tell anything by heart to touch her heart, talk in good way. He gets nervous. She asks what will he do when the girl comes, you need practice, think I m the girl, tell me whatever you want to say. He says no, I m nervous. She says fine, I will close my eyes, tell whats in your heart. She closes her eyes and stands. He looks at her and smiles. Mantu sees Amaya leaving and asks where is she going, is everything fine. She says yes. He asks whats the matter she is going. She leaves. He says what happened that she went without saying anything.

Kaushalya asks Sneha not to worry as Amaya is earning. Amaya hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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