Tere Sheher Mein 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dimple talking to Kripa and waiting for her mum in law Pushpa to come. Amaya asks Jaz to open the door and scolds her. Amaya calls Dadi Amma to Rachita and angers her. Rachita opens the door and goes to beat her. Amaya runs out. Pushpa and Dimple’s daughter come home.. Dimple welcomes them. Gajendra is happy seeing them and says Niti she is his only grandchild, he will not let her go anywhere. Pushpa shows the kalash and she will keep it, it is good for house’s prosperity.

Sneha makes the swastika and closes the door, when Pushpa comes out of her home and puts the sand across the outdoors. Sneha says I forgot the kumkum plate and goes out. Sneha comes out and Pushpa locks the door. Sneha looks at her house and goes. Sumna does the puja at her home. She says now

my Chaar Dhaam yatra is complete. Pushpa says Niti helped me a lot in shopping. Gajendra asks Dinesh to do for yatra too and taunts him.

Amaya says lets talk to mum. Rachita says first lets than the shopkeeper and that kheer recipe man. Amaya says I have many works. Niti says she missed college lectures. Gajendra says you will finish soon, you will be turning 18, then see I will get you married. Dimple says she is young, why so soon. He says I will decide. Pushpa says just study well, you will pass. Gajendra says yes, she is my grand daughter, and praises her. Mantu calls Amaya and she does not take the call. Mantu says she took the kettle and not returning. A man asks him to get a new one. Mantu says it has emotions with it.

Mantu guides people and helps them. Atom comes and Mantu says we did not get the kettle, she is not taking my call. Atom says go her home. Mantu says I m busy, tourists are waiting at ghat. Atom says send her message. Mantu messages her to return the kettle and leave it at tourist info centre. He leaves. Rachita thanks Rama for helping her. Rama says its fine, I did not do any big work, whose tehrvi was it. His dad says if he talks like this, when will he work. Rama says sorry, I should not ask.

Rachita says its ok, it was my dad’s. His dad asks her dad’s name. She says Rishi. He asks Rishi, Chobey’s neighbor, Rishi Mathur, who did crores scam and took his life. Rachita says uncle, every news in paper is not true, you don’t know my dad, don’t say this. He says I have his kundli, he is a runner, he always do wrong things and left Banaras and now world. She says please don’t say and pays money. He asks Rama to count money, she can give less. She hears this and leaves crying.

Rama says why did you scold her, it was not her mistake. His dad asks him not to go to their house again. The man talks to some tourists and they scold him. Atom says you can’t talk like Mantu and goes. Amaya says we should talk to mum now and asks Rishi. She gets a top and recalls her Paris shopping, and Rishi’s words. She says you see superman, I will take care of everyone, like you. She says I have to go from here, I can’t stay here. Jaz asks where, to whom are you talking. Amaya says none. Jaz says I came to give your stupid phone, it was ringing, don’t thank. Amaya says I won’t, and sees Mantu’s message and says Kettle.

The ladies see Amaya’s clothes and think she is tourist. Amaya comes to the tourist info shop and gives the kettle. The man asks him to give it to Mantu, and he is on ghat. She says she will call him. He says no use, you give him tomorrow. She says I promised today, I will return it and asks where is the ghat. He says the address and she goes. Mantu talks to the tourists and Amaya tries to find him. She sees a man and says you are that stupid driver, calling him cheater. He says he is not cheater, and why is she roaming with kettle, will she get Ganga jal. She asks about Mantu. He says he left, try to find him. He jokes on her and she calls him stupid. She misses to see Mantu, and he passes by her. Tere sheher mein……….plays…………..

Mantu scolds Amaya and she argues. They have an argument and he hurts her hand. She calls him wild and asks him to leave her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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