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The Episode starts with Rachita getting arrested. Bua calls the people to see the thief. The people get angry and throw stones at Rachita. Rachita asks the family to go inside house. Sumitra tells them that she could not believe Chobeys did this. Rama comes there. Sumitra tells him about Rachita being the thief. Rama says what, its impossible, she can’t do this. Amaya thinks someone framed Rachita and runs after police jeep. The inspector asks the thieves is this girl who run away. The man thinks he does not remember, but he will put blame on her to get less punishment. He says she is the one, she added something in Prasad. Rachita says they are lying, please listen.

Amaya cries seeing this and inspector talks to her. He asks her to sign on statement given by Sumitra. Amaya says

I feel someone else did the robbery. He asks her to sign, as she gave the big proof to them. She signs and goes to meet Rachita. Rachita cries and says I can’t imagine Amaya can do this. Rachita scolds Amaya and thanks her for doing this. Amaya says she did not know its her heel. Rachita asks did she not identify it, she gifted her that sandal. Amaya says sorry, I forgot it. Rachita asks police to send Amaya away and shouts.

Rama comes to meet some advocates. Amaya sees the sisters’ pic and cries, praying for help and some angel to help Rachita. Rama meets many advocates and tries getting Rachita’s bail, as she is innocent. The lawyer says I can’t do anything, till committee members take case back. Rachita thinks who came to meet her and goes to see. Rama meets her and asks is she fine, he tried to free her by bail, but bail can’t happen.

She asks can he call Sneha. He says I tried, but her phone is out of network area. She says mum is with Nana ji, I won’t disturb him. He says don’t worry, we will find some way. She says Amaya is against me. He says I know Amaya, she did not do this, I m doing this for humanity, not for my old feelings for you, I know you are innocent, you can’t do this. She thanks him. He says don’t get sad, trust me, truth will come out. She cries.

Its morning, Sumitra tells Bua that Chobey family will know now and speak against Rachita. Nani comes saying she has strong headache, temple committee people will come now. Sumitra asks Amaya to go and get headache medicine for Nani from drawer.

Amaya gets it and gives Nani. Mohini comes and says Rama is talking to Jaz. They all go and see. Rama offers help to Jaz, he tried hard to free Rachita, but her bail could not happen. Bua says Rama is trying to save Rachita. Rama says Sneha’s phone is out of network, don’t worry, I m here. Amaya looks on and gets glad. Sumitra says Rama has gone mad and scolds him. Rama says court will decide, Rachita is not a thief, I m doing this for humanity. Bua stops Sumitra and takes her.

Amaya thanks Rama for helping Rachita. He gets angry and asks her to stop this nonsense, he won’t talk to her, she is double faced, he felt he was wrong about her and saw her goodness, he felt she is not selfish, we could become friends, you helped me in samaroh, but you are selfish, stone hearted, how could you do this with Rachita, you framed her, why do you hate her, you broke her marriage and now landed her in jail, shame on you. She cries. Kangana comes and pacifies her, saying wait for the days of happiness. She goes.

Bua wakes up Nani and asks her to get up. Bua asks Amaya to see. Amaya asks why is she not waking up and sprinkle water. Nani gets up and asks where am I, I had to go temple. She says Amaya gave me headache medicine, I m getting dizzy. Amaya wonders did she give wrong medicine and goes to check. She thinks how did Nani faint. She checks the medicine and recalls the thief’s words. She asks is this clue related to the robbery, heels were of Rachita, but why was it in safety room, when will this get solved.

Sumitra talks to Pandey and others. Pandey says they will not use those jewelry which got impure, they will sell it and use it in some good work, but what will they have for idol, people will not donate so soon, you are head, find some solution. Sumitra says jewelry will go from our house. She says Rhumjhum will donate her jewelry. Bua gets shocked and coughs. Gupta looks on. Sumitra asks Bua to get her jewelry. Bua thinks she won’t let this happen, she will see Sumitra.

Amaya asks the chemist about the medicine. He says its heavy sedative, person will be unconscious for one hour. She asks who bought this. He says a girl came wearing different type clothes, she did not took bill. She thinks it was Kangana. He asks did he give it with prescription, she can meet that doctor too. He says no use, doctor was from Haridwar. She gets confirmed that Kangana did this, as she is from Haridwar.

Amaya tells Sumitra about her fake gold bangles and tells her Kangana is the real culprit. Sumitra stops her and asks her to know the secret first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seems like something is wrong with this website, and comments are not being posted.

    So today we have Rama trying to bail out Rachita, after she was framed. “he says he is trying to help her for humanity, not for his old feelings for her”………………..so he no longer has feelings for her then right????? Didn’t this guy, get savagely beaten for Rachita……….and now his feelings for her are old?????? Love means absolutely nothing in this show!!!!

    And then Rama says “dont worry i am here to help Rachita”…….and Amaya gets glad????? So Amaya is getting feelings for Rama after what???? Remember the scenes she went through with Mantu before she got feelings for him……..she has done nothing with Rama and now she has feelings for him. This drama is so stupid. Can you believe writers and directors are getting paid to write this.

    This show is embarrassing!!!!!!!

  2. Pinky Gairola

    how many of you have seen bahubali?? so wat makes d film stand out..is it d writing or the treatment of the film..yessss its the way it is projected. the story is not something we havent heard before but the directors puts his 100% in every frame. TSM cud have been saved inspite of poor writing n dialogues ..had d director cared to pay a lil attention to its technicalities..chicken bone, broken heel, bride swapping, pag phera and all other crappy scenes cud have been scrapped off by d director. It seems d only mission of d production house and d writers is to bring down d TRPs to its lowest in d history of tv serials. I still remember dat scene between manya wid garlands around them n crooning “yeh moh moh ke dhaage” with mantu imagining amaya n smiling..cant believe these were the same writers…quantico is definitely not for me since m not a priyanka fan besides not having a flair for action oriented shows..

  3. i dont think it’s worth wasting our time on reading the updates or commenting !

  4. No comment.

    There is a limit to stupidity.

    The bigwigs should step in and clean up this mess.

  5. so boring. bring some twist.writers do something.

  6. guys naya mantu aa gaya

  7. When ever i see rama rama amd rama in place of our dear mantu feeling irritated like hell

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