Tere Sheher Mein 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rudra calling Amaya. He says he has done everything to take loan, he has sold the house and can’t do anything now, he can’t see Sneha like this. She asks what is he saying. He says Rama’s mum refused to keep medicines in fridge and Rachita is crying a lot, Sneha told me not to tell you, but I m helpless, don’t tell aunty that I told you, aunty will get annoyed as she does not want to give you stress, see if you can do anything. She thanks him and says you did right to call me. He ends the call. She gets worried. He says plan started well.

Rama asks his mum to open the door, what is the matter. Rama’s mum recalls Dinesh’s words and gets angry. She opens the door. Rama asks what happened. She says she did big mistake, its all her mistake, she was blind in

anger, she regrets that his engagement broke, and scolded Rachita, I know its not her mistake. She says she is ashamed now, and asks him to go to Rachita and apologize on my behalf. Rama smiles and says sure, I will go, don’t worry, she is mature, she will understand. He goes. She shuts the door and says no one told me anything till now, she had to bear this insult because of Rachita, she will teach her a lesson.

Two men tease Neeti and block her way. Rudra sees them and beats them for teasing the girl. They apologize to him and leave. Rudra asks her is she fine and sends her in rickshaw. She says her name Neeti, and asks for his number, she wants her family to meet him, he has to come to her house, she wants to thank him. He says fine if you say and gives her number. She says she stays in Chobey nivaas. He says he stays at Mathur haveli. She asks him to come home and leaves. Rudra smiles and the men come back to him. Rudra smiles seeing them, as it was part of his plan. He pays them money.

Mantu and Amaya are on the way. He says he does not know what goes on in his mind, he came to say bye, she made him sit and he does not know where they are going. She says we are going to buy fridge. He jokes. She says she wants his help. He says she has many big wishes, why she needs fridge. She asks will he take her to fridge showroom or would he leave. Mantu takes her. Rama calls Rachita and she recalls his mum’s words. Mantu and Amaya come and see some fridge. He asks why she wants to buy. She says she wants it for his mum. He asks whats so urgent. She says I have to show no one is big or small, why to feel helpless.

She likes one big fridge. He asks her to buy any small one, or second hand one. She says its first fridge of her life for her mum and family, she will buy new one. He says she got job two days before, how will she buy. She shows credit card. He says don’t buy by card, you will sink in loan. She says we can’t waste time, I will take new one and I think this is good.

He says fine, take loan and buy. He shows the other one and says this price is less and good capacity. She likes it and thanks him. He says who will do this if I don’t do. She goes for the payment and gives her credit card. Mantu asks her to think again, she can buy fridge but not by credit card, she can take money from him, interest free loan. She says I know what you mean, I want to do everything on my own, please. She asks the man to do booking on Sneha Mathur’s name.

The men bring fridge at home. Sneha says why are they bringing fridge inside and asks Rachita did she order it. Rachita says she does not know. Amaya says she got the fridge for her. Sneha asks why. Rudra says she did great. Amaya says she will explain later and asks the man to keep the fridge. Sneha asks Amaya to come. Amaya says she has paid by credit card and will pay in installments. Sneha recalls Rishi buying things by credit cards.

She thinks Rishi would have done anything for his family and Amaya is walking on his steps. Amaya says we will arrange the things. Amaya asks Sneha to come and do its opening. Sneha leaves annoyed. Rudra tells Kaushalya that Sneha did not keep insulin, and got angry. Kaushalya says Rishi did suicide because of card payments and so she is sad.

Amaya asks Sneha is she not happy, they got fridge finally and don’t need anyone’s favor, they can have cold water after coming home tired, is she annoyed as Amaya did not take permission. Sneha says I m sad that she bought it by credit card. Amaya says the amount will be done by EMI, its good deal. Sneha says situation can change anytime. Sneha asks did you think what if you lose this job. Amaya asks why will the job go. Sneha says her actions will affect the family. Amaya promises to think week and she is not worried as her mum is there to show the right path. Sneha says I m always with you. Amaya says she will keep all her promises and takes Sneha to do opening of the fridge. Sneha keeps the insulin. They all have a group hug and smile.

Amaya messages Mantu and Uma asks him whose message is it. Mantu says no one. She checks his phone and confronts him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Was happy with non interference of this uma till today …. But precap she came … Arrggg ….
    Rudra is toooo much …. Entering chobbey nivas by acting like this…. Writers PLZ bring hari here to rishikesh ….. Only he can help chobbey’s and mathur’s from ur son and wife’s evil counts …. Plz come fast hari …

  4. Har roz ki tarah accha hi rha i like dis show

  5. Very nice show tere seher main i m a big fan of dis show and i never missed

  6. Amaya want to buy fridge fr her mom… K I accept it… BT if she keep doing ds for everything they WL suffer again… Amaya sud know d priorities… Sry not only amaya… Bt also her sisters… Its a wrong way… And sneha sud make her realize

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