Tere Sheher Mein 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha hiding the matter and tearing the note. She gets a call and gets shocked hearing Dev. Dev says you got your fav flowers right Sneha. He asks her to come to old factory, he will wait for her. She says she won’t come anywhere and ends the call. She talks to Rishi’s pic and says she does not understand what to do. Dev calls her again and says he does not like when anyone cuts the call. She says she won’t come. He says if you don’t come till 2pm, then I will come to your home till 3pm. She says no. He laughs and says you got scared, I m not interested to come there, I will wait for you.

Uma comes to Mantu and ask what happened, does he not have to go office. He says his contract ended. She smiles and thanks Lord that he got rid of Amaya. She says we will

see Banaras and he refuses. He says we will go some other day. Amaya comes to office and imagines Mantu. He disappears and she gets sad. She recalls him. Manish greets her and says they will soon appoint someone in Mantu’s place, he is very helpful and even you… She asks what. He says he stopped me from telling you, but actually he recommended you for this job, he is a nice guy, you would have not got the job. She cries.

Sneha gets ready and leaves to meet Dev. She hides seeing Jaz. Pushpa sees her and stops her, asking why is she worried. Sneha says she wants her blessings and leaves. Pushpa worries. Sneha comes to the old factory and meets Dev. He says he has waited for her for 25 years, but their distance did not get less, why, anyways she did good to accept his invitation.

She asks why did he call her here. He says you came to stay in Banaras, you did not come to meet me, so I called you. She asks what do you want from me. He asks why are you not meeting my eyes, did I do any mistake, or are you ashamed, tell me. She looks at him. He says I thought you forgot everything, you still took my name same way… Dev. She says she does not know what he is saying. He reminds their love and promises, did she forget it.

She says she has no answer, she would have not answered even if she had, she is going. He asks her to answer, why did she leave him and go, why did she not wait for him. She says I had waited for you, you left me and did not come. He says I was helpless. She says you promised to run away, what was that helplessness, that you have ran.

She asks him to answer. He asks is she asking him today, why did she not ask him that time. She says she waited for him, he did not come, he has ran away like a coward being afraid of his family. He asks her not to blame her without knowing the truth. She asks him to say the truth, she waited for this answer since 25 years, why did he leave her alone. He says you knew I could never leave you alone, my family knew we are eloping from Banaras, and then when I was coming to station, I was kidnapped and put in a dark room for 45 days, I did not knew where I was, and I thought and worried about you every moment, I was alive as you were waiting for me, when I came out, I came to know you have run with that Rishi Mathur, tell me why you did this.

She says you left me and my life changed. He asks what, did you fall in love with Rishi, tell me the reason. She says I was helpless, I can’t say. He asks why. She says forget all this, no use to repeat all this, I m going. He says no, I want to know was it helplessness or a cheat. She says my daughters and I are fighting trouble, let me go. He says he did not wait to leave her without answer, I want to go. She cries and says I won’t say anything. He holds her and says like he has ruined her husband Rishi, he will ruin her and her family too. She is shocked.

She says you… He says yes, I did this, I thought he will come back in Banaras, and he was coward to die. She says she is ashamed to love him, Rishi was a good man, you can’t imagine it, don’t take his name. He asks for the answer. She refuses and he insists. Gajanand comes there and Dev asks Sneha to answer infront of her dad. Gajanand scolds Dev. He warns him not to be around Sneha, else he can’t imagine what he will do. Dev says I came here as an answer and I got it, Sneha is characterless.

Gajanand says mind your language. Dev says he will ruin their family, and asks him not to shout, do anything, just ask your daughter why she has ran away with Rishi. Gajanand says Rishi is a stain on my life. Sneha says he is mistaken, this is not true, if you knew the truth, you would have not told this, do you have strength to know this, then I will tell you the truth. She cries.

Sneha tells Gajanand that it was her mistake and tells him everything. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  6. Nicely scripted and actors are also good.

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    1. What is dhruhi???

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