Tere Sheher Mein 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu and Amaya bringing Atom to hospital. Mantu asks Atom to stop this work, and says Gajanand did the complaint. He says he is respectable man of Banaras, he thinks for the city’s good. Atom says its someone else’s anger he got out on me, he was angry on Amaya, if I knew they have rivalry, I would have not done this. Mantu says they came few days before, he is mistaken. Atom says no, I know their rivalry, I m stuck. Mantu asks Amaya. Atom says I m saying you. Mantu says take rest. He asks Amaya to say true does she know Gajanand and his family.

Amaya gets teary eyed and says I don’t know him, we came recently, why will we have enmity. Mantu says see I told Atom. Atom says he wants water and Amaya helps him. She asks him to have it, and apologizes to him.

Mantu says he will not forget police beating so soon, it will take time. She says if she knew this would happen, she would have not told him to steal electricity, promise me you won’t do this again. Atom promises and says I m sorry too, it was my mistake too. She says take care and keep the promise. Mantu asks her to hear him now, and asks her to follow her words.

Amaya asks why don’t he trust her. Mantu says she changes color, promise if you can keep. She says I will not let anyone get in problem, my way was wrong, but not intention, next time it will be right too. She leaves. Mantu’s friend says Amaya and Mantu look good together. Mantu asks Atom how did he melt by Amaya’s words. Atom says she said sorry by heart. Mantu says it was her mistake. Atom says no one explained him sweetly like her. Mantu scolds him.

Mantu’s friend asks why did Mantu scold him. Mantu says I did not scold him. His friend defends Amaya. Mantu says enough, stop it now. Rama gets the food and Shamu teases him. Amaya sees Gajanand with some people. The man says he does justice for all. Gajanand says its our work to do for our society, and he hates injustice. The people leave. Gajanand sees Amaya. Kripa says he got his fav veg. Gajanand asks Kripa to keep the dirt out of the house. Amaya cries and leaves.

Rama says he will give the items. His mum asks Rama to have food. Rama says if customers go, dad will be angry. She says he is like that. Rama says I know he is unable to talk after accident and depends on others, so he gets angry. His mum says your dad does not understand your love. Rama says one day he will understand. She asks him to find the job. Rama says yes, I will pass the govt job exam. She says if you pass, he will ask you to do what you want.

Amaya tells Rachita about Gajanand. Rachita says no need to give them importance. Amaya says he insulted our family, and says what he told. She says there is one way to explain him, that’s success, I will show our old lifestyle here, then he will know what is Mathurs. Rachita says her anger is justified, and asks her to think, their situation changed. The power goes. Rachita says if things goes on like this, mum can’t rest. Amaya says she got her first goal, I will not go by wrong way. Rachita asks what will she do. Amaya says she will get electricity 24 by 7, she will work hard and have patience, she knows she will follow all rules and do things right way.

Rudra talks to some people and says he has vacated the land, now no need to worry. The man gives her money and Rudra throws it. He scolds him. The man says he can get any goon and paying him more than him. Rudra says he hates liars and right takers, he is bearing such childhood. He scares the man and says he wants total money, and holds the goons’ hand. He scolds and bears the goons.

Rudra scares the man and sends him by taking the money. Rudra’s friend asks him why is he taking revenge from Mathurs in Banaras, if he did not bother them in Mumbai. Rudra says he will take revenge, his parents are good and always supported them, he was waiting for this since childhood.

Hari talks to Sinha about the bail amlunt. Hari calls Sneha and she asks is there any tension.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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