Tere Sheher Mein 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumitra insulting Rachita. Rachita scolds her asking her not to waste time for insulting her, and find the thieves. Kangana asks media not to ask Sumitra. Amaya thinks how did this happen and goes out. She sees Raman willing to catch the thieves and talking to inspector. She thinks it won’t be easy and can get dangerous. She asks Rama is this necessary. Rama says yes, I have to go, its my responsibility to help police, you be here, if you get any doubt, call me. She asks him to take care. He nods and leaves. She prays for Rama’s safety.

Amaya sits in the temple to light the diya and prays that police gets the thieves. Rama gets the car and looks for the thieves. The police jeep comes there and they see thieves fainted there. Rama does not understand this.

Rama wakes up the thief and asks about the jewelry. The thief says they fainted after coming here, they were robbed by some girl, she wore high heels, her one heel was broken. Amaya gets the oil box to keep diya lighted, and says how could the gang do the robbery after high security. Amaya gets a heel broken. Rama asks is he fooling them, will a woman overpower three thieves. The thief says believe us. The inspector arrests them.

Amaya says this sandal is of Kangana, did she do this robbery. She calls Rama to tell him everything. His phone does not connect. She thinks to do something, and gives the man the oil box, to put oil in diya all night and not let it blow off. She says I will show this to Sumitra and tell everything, this time Sumitra has to believe me. The inspector tells Sumitra that they did not get anything. Sumitra asks him to check their house also. Bua asks what.

Sumitra says I want thieves to be found. Rachita says she is right, check our home too. The police search both houses. Amaya comes to Sumitra. She says I think I know who did this robbery. Sumitra asks how. Amaya says I got a proof, I got this heel in donation box room, I know who wears such heel sandals, Kangana did this. She wears western clothes with high heels, she goes out at night, I have seen her many times, you always made me quiet.

Sumitra scolds her and asks how dare you blame her, why are you after her. Amaya says see this proof, this will prove the truth. Sumitra shows Kangana’s flat slippers. Amaya says she wears high heels in her modern avatar. Sumitra asks her to see the clothes, its all suits and sarees. Bua says our house is checked, police did not get anything, now police went to check Chobey family. Amaya says they are wasting time, thief is Kangana, I will give this proof to police and do my duty, its about temple jewelry.

Amaya comes there and Rachita stops everyone while she cleans broken glass. Jaz asks her to wear something. Rachita gets sandal and says its heels are broken. Amaya gets shocked and hides the heels. Rachita asks Jaz to get any other slipper. Sumitra looks on and checks the sandals. She looks at Amaya. The police does not get anything and inspector says we will leave now. Sumitrs stops them and drags Amaya. She says my bahu Amaya got a big clue near donation box. She praises Amaya and asks her to show the heel. Sumitra says Amaya got this heel and see it matches to this sandal, it belongs to Rachita.

Sumitra asks inspector to see. Inspector gets the message on walkie talkie that a girl has robbed the thieves and taken cash and jewelry by cheating them. Amaya cries for Rachita. The constable brings jewelry and cash from Chobey house. Everyone get shocked. Rachita says I don’t know about this. Sumitra scolds Rachita. Pushpa says stop it Sumitra, Rachita can’t do this even in dream. Bua asks is this a dream, Rachita had the keys. Rachita says someone is framing me. Sumitra says you mean Amaya has framed Rachita. Pushpa says Rachita is our granddaughter, why will she steal in temple. Amaya thinks she did not think Rachita will be framed, she was sure Kangana is thief.

The thief gives statement against Rachita. Rachita is in lockup and thanks Amaya for doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a bla!

  2. Oh! robbery…….blame…….culprit…..thief………diya
    U gotta be kidding me

  3. Iss serial ko band koro?? Bakwas

  4. chanda panday

    Getting ridiculous by each day.

  5. worst serial

  6. God phir se naya drama. Phele bathaya gaya tha ki october 2nd ko tsm ka last episode play kiya jayega , lekin ab Mantu ke negative role ke bathein chal raha hai woh bhi koi aur Dhruv (Mantu) ke role karega. Bakwaas. TSM mai Dhruv ka jagah koi nahi le sakthe hai. Mantu ke bina TSM adhuri hai. Koi tho bathado ke Tsm kab off air hoga. Please

  7. I don’t know where the story is going on now.
    It was a superb serial until marriage twist. Now it losts it’s flavor.

  8. its so boring…plz..shut the show…first the show was very nice and pieceful…bt when amaya marrried to rama..oh no…its really…bad for fans…nw they are move on together…oh … no….plz mantu is back and amaya mantu join together…its that right….
    i hope story main kuch naya mode ayega…vara satch mein its so boring….
    i wish this show goto offair…not bathamize dilll…that is very better then this show….

  9. Game changer Maha utsav
    Crap they are mad all spoiler alerts are fake dnt trust them
    N show will go off air soon
    Nothing left in thi now rona dhona sajish drama chii kya se kya bna dia
    Ghatiya bnd kro ise pagal bnaya logo ko

  10. Bilkul bakvas ……paris ki padhi………banaras ki bahu…….saari m

  11. Sp ka ek bahut purana aadat hai,vo jesi bhi show hone kyu vo usko saas bahu melody drama main hi khatm karenge.so now it’s confirmed tsm track allegedly going to a SaaS bahu melody drama.Romance ka koi ata pata nahin sirf or sirf blo*dy Sumitra and her relatives evil plan track continue..

  12. I think writer of this serial has lost it. I think they can’t keep this serial ongoing as most of the important cast have left this show. They are just patching this show by some broken ends. How crazy it can be?! Lol

  13. Blimey, Rachita gets walked all over, more than the tiles on my kitchen floor. And now the misunderstanding of Amaya setting her up……….will anything positive ever happen in this show again?????? Oh yeh, Rama going to help the police find the thieves and Amaya praying for his safety………….are you kidding me. Can you see that slowly, slowly……….they are trying to make Rama a stronger character……and its not working. People will not forget that he is a gullible, clownish mummys boy character.

    I said it a few days ago……….anything that has happened in this show previously, is worthless and means absolutely nothing. Everything about Uma, Mantu, Mantu having a positive effect on Amaya, the deehere deehere song……..it all means nothing. This show has completely lost its roots. Can you imagine, the main plot in this show was meant to be about Uma, Mantu and Amaya……….two thirds of that love triangle are no more in this show. And they didnt even write these characters out properly.

    Obviously people on this forum are saying that they dont watch this show anymore etc……….but how is this show still going on. Its seriously getting so bad now, i cannot imagine long time fans continuing to put up with this rubbish. I’m still on holiday and have recorded the episodes to watch when i get back……….but i seriously dont want to watch this crap. I have stuck around with this show, in the belief that things will get better, but more things keep happening to show its not going to.

    I hate to say this, and never thought i would………….but like an animal with an illness……….they need to put this show down!!!!!!!! There is simply nothing left.

  14. Pinky Gairola

    hey anushka..thumbs up for ur brilliant yet simple write up..Mr. Rajan Shahi incase u r luking out to rope in some new talent in writing come to this forum you will find the best of brains with reasoning power too. technically speaking when any new show gets launched a lot of money is riding on it alongwith huge manpower which consists of lead actors, character actors, director, writers, story developers, dialogue writers, stylists, art directors, singers, musicians, lyricists and many more. the boss of the entire project is the producer alone. the writers have very lil say in d affair. the director comes next In d line but again has to change tracks at the behest of the producer who finances d operations. TSM’s debacle shud be attitributed to the production house rather than the writers. had the producer been a lil sensitive bn sensible he wudnt have given the writers any liberty of penning such crap. whatever d reason the damage has been done beyond control. now they might take d ekta kapoor route like mantu getting a plastic surgery done which not only changes his facial structures but increases his height n lightens his complexion..phew..the big question right now is what if Sumitra quits d show??? I know what d writers will bring in..they will show another woman being rama’s real mother who turns out to be worse than sumitra and who plots rama n amaya’s divorce..and so onnnnnnnnn. dear rush I m in no way connected to the show or this website. I somehow saw a lil reflection of myself in amaya and so got emotionally attached to the character. all u guyz in dis forum feels like a family. I will surely miss this if TSM goes off air or if amena quits her job for greener pastures:))

    1. Mrinal kaur aka Uma was just awesome ‘as a negative character’ on screen with her at any Mantu at any cost intensity & power to boil viewers blood……… wow not everyone attain that status with such short span she would have definitely dominated hibba if continued……
      So in nutshell writer is idiot because producer is an idiot makes sense now…… Army of idiots running the show

  15. I didnt comment on Anushka’s dialogue from Saturday………….of course it was beautiful. It would never happen this way however, as these kind of shows love extra twists along the way. I’ll be honest, whatever twists would have occurred………i wouldn’t have cared, as long as Mantu and Amaya’s love stayed true and they eventually ended up together. oh well!!!!!

    Can I also add………….remember when we all moaned that Uma’s actions were disgusting and filthy etc………well i guess beggars can’t be choosers right???? Im sure most of us would happily go back and have Uma’s disgusting deeds on our screens again………as long as it meant Mantu would still be on the show, and Amaya would be away from this marriage sham and be thinking of how to achieve togetherness with Mantu. My, how times have changed with this show.

    Once again, Anushka……..absolutely beautiful mind in your make-believe TSM plot. More twists probably needed, but great stuff!!!!!!!

    1. Pinky Gairola

      dimeo..I cudnt agree wid u more

      uma was undoutedly the most evil character in this show …I can digest sumitra’s plots but cud never stand uma and her wicked face. I mso glad dat she is finally thrown out of the show..remember how she separated manya and created misunderstandings between the two who wud have united much before all this wedding fiasco., how she used to poison mantu’s ears against poor amaya, how she send some fake messages from mantu’s phone and what not..I hate dat character uma and dont want to c her again even if dat means no mantu:(….how cud any one possibly be so evil in their intentions and dat too when the guy at the receiving end is none other than ur childhood friend who considers u his family n respects u. even when she left dat letter for mantu she chose not to reveal d truth and blamed amaya for d betrayal. Uma u surely dont deserve any nice guy leave alone mantu..

      1. Uma’s actions were disgusting, but Mrinal Kaur played her really well. As I said, id happily have her back on the show, if it means plots went back to the way they were a couple months back. At least Uma’s actions were kind of justified (she loved someone and had competition for his love), what are the reasons for all of Sumitra’s actions. And what possibly, do the ugly aunties have, against the chaubey family????? Does not make sense!!!!!

  16. Waiting heartfully for the death of tsm…at least hiba vl be freed…

  17. Is manya gone forever?? It’s sad how a good serial turned into a totally crappy one….

  18. lmao…the writer wont stop being stupid!!!!

  19. So check it out:

    Rachita gets blamed. Few more misunderstandings ensue. Rama tries to take charge of situation. Amaya prays for his safety (????!!!!!!!!) then she tries to reason with sumitra re kangana (????!!!!!! Yes that evil lady will really believe you amaya over her own daughter)
    And the story now focuses on the main lead heroine now: a broken ladies’ shoe!

    I only quickly glance over the updates now to see what new BS they are serving up. And it blows me away how the writers can come up with this stuff. I mean pitching an idea that today we will chase after the broken heel. Then have not one, two but three potential broken heels in the episide to really juice things up. Amaya kangana and rachita with all broken heels and on the same day!!! Wow. The writers are really shoeing us some new things. Heck don’t stop there. Why not break sumitra a too and jaz and the remaining heels in chaubey house to really confuse us!!!

  20. This serial is going worst day by day blo*dy hell the writers creativity is far beyond match of human beings

  21. Thu directors shame on u why r u hurting to all go to hell

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