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The Episode starts with Amaya telling Sumitra that her family accepted her with love. She says she came to know that Sumitra did this with Dev, Rama knows everything, she has her family with her, she wants to make a new start, everyone knows my secret, but just we both know Kangana’s secret, this will always be safe with me, I will not use it, but I want to request, move on forgetting everything, we are one family and should be each other’s support. She goes to her room. Sumitra goes to room and sees Rama.

Rama says Amaya would have said what happened in her Maayka. Sumitra says I did this for your good. Rama says no, you did this to insult Chobey family, it was wrong, If you want me to respect you, you have to agree to my 2 conditions, if you love me, then agree, you won’t trouble

Amaya, she has bear much hatred from her family, whom she loves the most, I want her to stay in peace. Sumitra agrees and asks whats second thing.

Amaya comes to her room and looks for Rama. She gets a letter on the bed and reads it. Someone asks her to come at lake without telling anyone if she wants Rama fine. She gets shocked and rushes to the lake. She sees the diyas lit and walks ahead. Rama comes to her and she asks whats all this. He holds her hand and makes her sit. He says he was thinking she is so selfish, but today he respects her a lot.

He says whatever you did was without any selfishness, I just insulted you, I made you sleep in storeroom. She says I … He says just listen, forgive me for my mistakes. She says I did not regard you guilty. He says I understood you would have not done this. He gifts her and asks her to open it. She sees the jewelry. He says its jewelry which you kept mortgaged, I got it back by using sarees payment. He gives another gift. She sees a beautiful golden zari saree. He gifts again, and she sees some legal documents. He says its haveli papers, I got it signed by my mum and named it on Sneha again, your late father gifted it to your mum, I don’t have any right on it, I promise I will always keep you happy. She cries happily and wipes her tears.

She says all these gifts, no one gave me such gifts till now, this is very close to my heart. She says I did all this, I joined my broken relations, saved Jaz from police, completed sarees orders, as you supported and trusted me, its all because of you, thank you. He says no Amaya, I don’t understand how you did not complain hearing so much taunts. She says those who love, much strength is needed, my family is my strength.

She says after seeing the arrangements, I thought I will get a treat too. He asks her to close her eyes. She says fine and closes eyes. He brings sweets for her. She says I like it a lot and they have it. He looks at her. She asks what happened. He says nothing. Rama and his family pack bags. Rama handsover the haveli back to Sneha and apologizes to her from Sumitra’s side. We don’t have any right on this haveli with Rishi gifted you, so we are leaving. Sneha says no need to go, it was all fate, now everything is fine, so don’t worry. Bua gets glad and says we will stay. Rama says no, we will go. Sumitra says Rama’s sense ruined.

Rama asks Sumitra and Bua to apologize to Sneha. Sneha says no. Sumitra and Bua apologize. Sneha asks them to stay here. Rama says fine, and gives papers to Sneha. Sneha hugs the papers and smiles. Tilak is preparing explosives. Someone knocks the door. He says who can this be, and checks. He says how did she come and hides Amaya’s pics, wine bottles. He opens the door and says Kangana ji you.. She says she got breakfast for him. He asks her to come inside. She sees the clothes messed up and says she will arrange it. He holds her hand and stops her, saying she is his guest, he will get juice for her. She goes to cupboard and he stops her. He asks her to serve kachoris. She says fine, but I find you worried, is it about work, I can understand, social work is tough, to arrange funds and all. He says yes, but I m sure it will be done. She says she will get clothes washed at home and send it back. He says fine, you don’t need to come again, I will come there to take clothes. She says fine, I will take those clothes too. He thinks how to send her and acts like talking on phone. He says fine, I m coming. He tells Kangana that he has to go out for imp work, and sends her. She leaves. He shuts the door and says how did this hurdle come.

Bua sings and comes to Sumitra. She asks her to arrange clothes back in cupboard and gives her lemon water. Sumitra says she made Amaya her bahu to get haveli, and now we don’t have haveli, you don’t know Rama, he has self esteem, he will take us back to old house. Bua asks whats cooking in her mind. Sumitra says we don’t need Amaya, Kangana will get fine and manage her business, I will play such game that Rama gives divorce to amaya, she will not be my bahu and Rama’s wife.

Rachita tells Rama that she knows whom Amaya loves someone else, she has seen anklet in her room. Rama hears this. Rama goes to shop and gets to know Mantu bought that anklet for Amaya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gone amaya.she’s busted

  2. Oh god… At last mantu’s name☺☺☺☺

  3. God please bring mantu back 4 the last episode and make us happyg

  4. DIEMO,
    you know Tere saher mein going to of air on14nov.i am very happy ,and you?

    1. Hi Ajoy, where does it say that the show will end on Nov 14th. If current tracks stay in this show, then i will be happy for the show to end.

  5. දෙය්යන්ගේ නාමෙට මේ කතා ව ඉවරවෙන්නයි යන්නේ… මට නම් මාර සන්තෝසයි… අම්මපා කියන්නේ…
    Seriously I’m very happy about this recent turnouts because this will bring this crapshow an END!!!

  6. thank god its ending

  7. Abdulrasheed Aliyu

    Is the director having a rethink cos im wondering y mentioning mantu now, may b druv has agreed to appear in few scene before the last episode. It wuld hav been thrilling if MANTU & AMAYA reunite.but Rudra and his mum need to get their ass whopped.

  8. pls back our mantu.amaya n mantu reunited. at least it could be happy ending nd one last time we can seen our favourite. hero. we can see also mahadev miracle. pls pls…

  9. Strange episode again. More secrets coming out. Not only did Rachita not seem too bothered about being Dev’s daughter, but now, Rama doesn’t seem to bothered that Sumitra played with his life and emotions, just to get the havelli. Are these people retarded or something.

    Wow, they are really making Rama like a god here. He has bought Amaya’s jewellery back and given her house back etc, and created a romantic scene with diyas. Personally I dont think he was that bad to Amaya in the first place.

    Now they have mentioned Mantu. I have many theories as to what will happen now:

    1. Rama will find out about Amaya’s feelings for Mantu, and will therefore push her away. Amaya will then try to re-unite with Rama, by proving her love for him. BORING!!!!!
    2. Rama will find out about Amaya’s feelings for Mantu. He may call Mantu back (either Dhruv comes back, which is highly unlikely, or they get somebody else to play him) and sees that things have changed since he left, and tells Amaya that she should be with Rama. BORING!!!!
    3. Rama will find out about Amaya’s feelings for Mantu. Rama will then call back Mantu and will try and get Mantu and Amaya together. OKAY!!!!!! But Rama will clearly get the sympathetic vote here, and I dont want that, as they are already trying to portray him as a heroine!!!!!
    4. Rama will find out about Amaya’s feelings for Mantu. He will question Amaya about it, but she will deny this and state that she has moved on. Rama and Amaya will remain married. Mantu wherever he is (once again, not sure if Dhruv will return or not. Probably not), will find out about Amaya and her motives and secrets, and will return to win back his love. Amaya will resist, but Rama will see the feelings between them and will move aside. Rama will then end up with Rachita, or someone else, and everyone will live happily ever after!!!! BEST SOLUTION!!!!!!!

    People will probably start watching again if scenario 4 happens. What does everyone else think????

  10. For my above comment, I dont really know what will happen, but I dont think Dhruv will return!!! Also, the writers of this show have clearly shown how incapable they are, so Amaya and Rama will probably stay together!!!!

    1. Yup the 4 solution is the best. they should let tilak n kangana get married n they should reunite manya
      N ofcourse our old hero dhruv should come back as he left coz of grey shades but nw there’s no point of grey shades sooo he should cum back

  11. Dimeo… I really appreciate your thoughts..
    The 4th solution is of course the best solution.
    U are right.. dhruv aka mantu might not return… but on the other hand… There are likely chances… that on his fans request… The directors can get him back for a few ending episodes. .. This will not only bring a happy ending to the show but also make all the manya fans really pleased to see their favourite couple on the last episode of the show…
    So I guess… For a few episodes the directors can surely bring back dhruv bhandari… aka mantu.

  12. Navee rajakaruna

    finally it’s going 2 end…………………………………..

  13. Navee rajakaruna

    seriously i am so hapy.coz tz gonna end.

  14. Why do I sometimes feel that this show is not going to end so soon??? Any comments???

  15. If tere shehar mein go of air on 14nov, wat abt 15nov. Its impossible.

  16. This show is getting stupid and bakwas. I hate this show. Where is mantu . mantu and amaya love each other what happen rama and amaya. Niari

  17. It is ending on 14th.. It is sure.. In that time may be siya ka ram will start.. ending is confirmed that’s y they r making decisions very fast…

  18. at last they understant amays feeling and together mantu nd amya

  19. Please don’t end it i love this show khabardar jo kisi ne kuch ulta sidha kaha to mein bata dun main to 1 choti si nanhi si 12yrs ki bachi hoon &i love tere sheher mein ♡♡♡

  20. Finally domething gud is happenning in tere sheher mein i luv ot jst bring mantu back to d show!!

  21. Amaya yeise kaise keh sakthi hein she has feelings on Rama yeh kya bakwaas hein

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