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The Episode starts with Amaya eating food in the canteen. Mantu joins her and says its our last lunch together here. He says he will progress in life as she wants him to do so. He coughs and asks her not to worry, she will not get tears as he won’t be here from tomorrow. Uma is doing arrangements of getting numbers of marriage hall and talks to Atom. She says she will first tell the groom, and then everyone. Dev meets a man and asks for Sneha’s address. He gives him donation of one lakh, and says it would be good if you gave me Sneha’s address, she is my old friend, my college mate. The man says I will find out and let you know.

Uma dresses as the bride and imagines Mantu as the groom. She smiles and dances around him, on the song Banarasya………. She selects the wedding cards.

She dances with few girls. She talks to some man for the marriage hall booking. Rama apologizes to Rachita and says its not his mistake, and asks her to sit on the bike. She asks him not to trouble her. He says he will drop her. Dev comes there and asks what is this bad behavior, is this way to talk to girls. Rama says he is mistaken. Dev scolds him and says you are teasing her. Rachita is stunned seeing Dev. Rachita asks Rama to leave. Dev says leave from here, get out.

Rama goes. Dev says I will drop you, such bad guys can trouble you. She says I will go. A man goes and she gets hurt. Dev holds her and picks her file, asking where is her focus, she would have met with an accident, he will drop her, he is elder, her family would be waiting too. He insists and takes her, referring to her with respect.

Mantu tells Mukherjee that they will meet if fate wants. Amaya looks at Mantu and gets sad. Mantu leaves. Mukherjee asks her to get printouts. Ye dooriyan………plays………. Mantu meets Manish and waits for Amaya. Mukherjee asks Amaya to come, they have to stop Mantu. She gets happy and goes. She brings some paper and stops Mantu. He gets down the car and stumbles. She holds him. She says Mukherjee have this apology letter. He says no need, I have kept sorry screensaver in every computer. She wishes him all the best. He leaves. She cries.

Dev and Rachita are on the way. He asks where to drop you. She says in nearby lane. He laughs saying Chobey, and says my known people stay here. She says we shifted few months back. He says welcome to Banaras, who are there in your family. She says mumma, sisters… He asks about dad, whats his name, what does he do. She says his name… and sees her home. He stops the car and asks is this your home. She thanks him and talks to Sneha, saying she has reached, asking her to open the door. He says fine, bye and leaves.

He gets a call and comes to know Rishi Mathur’s family’s name, and gets to know its red haveli. He stops the car and turns to see. He gets shocked seeing Sneha opening the door, and gets angry. Sneha shuts the door taking Rachita. Dev proceeds and Gajanand comes in between, in his car and faces him. Dev asks how long will he save them from him. Gajanand says your shadow will not fall on them, till I m here. Dev says I m not any shadow, I m the sun, I will shower fire that everything gets burnt.

Gajanand says you are doing a mistake, when clouds come, even sun loses its light. Dev says I will see till when will this rainy season stay and leaves. Amaya looks at the moon. She says why did Mantu not say that he loves me, which I have seen in his eyes. Mantu says you changed everything in one moment, you could have asked me to stay, I could have found love in those two words, you did not say anything.

Its morning, Amaya asks Kaushalya for her phone. She gets it and checks, and gets sad that Mantu did not message her. She hears door knock and runs to see. She smiles seeing the bouquet thinking Mantu has sent this. She reads the card, welcome to Banaras. She tells Kaushalya that she does not know who kept it. Kaushalya says this way there will be line of guys, don’t know for whom is it. Rachita thinks did Rama did this madness. Rudra comes and Kaushalya asks him to see bouquet. Rudra asks whats all this, and takes the note from Amaya.

Jaz takes it and reads welcome to Banaras, some memories are still fresh, your smile, annoyance and promises. Sneha gets shocked. Jaz reads out hiding and meeting, waiting at the pool, everything changed, not I did not change, I m still waiting for you.

Sneha and Dev come face to face and argue. She asks what does he want. He says he will ruin her and her family. She cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hiba and dhruv are very good actors an d I love this serial

  2. Great update. Yet to see the episode. Thank you for the input.

  3. What nonsense uma . U dont get mantu love.mantu love and life is only maya maya maya…plz mantu tell ur love to maya

  4. Amaya should have told Mantu that she loves him 😉

  5. I feel its not fair wid uma coz she lyks mantu frm childhood n all of a sudden amaya came n wants mantu………
    I feel dat makers shld find a partner 4 uma b4 starting amaya n mantu’s luv story……….

  6. Waiting chobey and sneha family reunion……

  7. I so much lyk Amaya coz she’s very beautiful and smart, nd i want mantu nd Amaya to be lyk romeo nd juliet,,,,

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