Tere Sheher Mein 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya asking Mantu why did he hold wire with current, what does he want to do. He says there was no current, that’s why I held it to show. She asks am I looking mad, I have seen your eyes, you are shivering till now. He asks her to go. She says fine, I have to know the truth and goes to hold the wire. He stops her and brings her outside, asking is she mad. She asks what did I do. He asks who gave you right to ask him. She says she wants the answer, why did he risk his life, why did he do this madness. He says I did this for Rama, to stop problems in his marriage.

She gets teary eyed and asks why did he risk his life, why he worries for her. He says I m worried for Rama, he is my friend, I can do anything for him. Amaya says they were just scolding me, why did

you risk your life, why did he not think about himself, think about Chiklu once, tell me, why did he do this, if anything happens to him then… He says he does not care, he is mad and unable to hear anyone insulting her. She asks why Mantu.

He says you want to hear the truth, I can’t be silent if anyone insults you, I love you Amaya. She gets shocked. The lights come there. He says I love you more than my life, I don’t know when and how did this happen, but since I fell in love with you, I don’t think anything else, you are in my heart, I can’t bear anyone blaming you, you maybe thinking I m mad, but I can cross any limit for you, Amaya Mathur I love you. She happily cries and smiles.

He says he had hidden this thing since long, he could not tell her, he would have got mad if he did not tell today, now he wants an answer from her, he wants to know whats in her heart. Music plays…………….. She thinks how to express how much happy she became by his love confession, but she will think about herself once Rachita’s marriage is over. He asks her to say. Jaz calls Amaya. Mantu asks her to say and go. Amaya says she will answer him after Rachita’s marriage, now she is going. She smiles and leaves. He smiles and thanks Lord saying Amaya did not say me, but her eyes told me that Amaya also loves me. Amaya runs happily and makes flowers fall.

Sneha talks to Rachita and makes her have food. She says Rishi and her marriage was linked by love, no rituals, but she wanted to dream for her daughter’s marriage with all rituals, she is very happy. Amaya comes and hears them. She asks Sneha did she do any madness in love and smiles. Sneha tells about love and marriage. Amaya thinks to give some sign to Mantu that she loves him.

Rama tells Rachita that he has a shayari for her. He says the lines and compliments her. Jaz welcomes everyone in the sangeet and starts with Amaya’s dance. Amaya dances on Nagada sang dhol baaje…………..plays…………. Mantu smiles seeing her. Everyone clap for her. Gajanand tells Sneha that he will see guests’ food arrangements and goes. Rudra thinks how did he come here, he will fail my plans. Gajanand asks the man about the dishes, plates and scolds him.

Bua says she is hungry and wants to go and have food. Gajanand tells Dimple that guests should not come here till 20mins, he will see arrangements to get done soon. Rama’s family women come there to have food. Rudra smiles and thinks now he will enjoy their insult.

Amaya stops the ladies by talking to Neeti about Rachita and Rama’s dance. They all go to see Rama’s dance. Rama dances with Rachita on Tune maari entriyan…………..Amaya joins them and dances with Rama. She slips and falls down holding Rama. They all get shocked seeing this. Amaya says you danced well, maybe Rachita went being tired, I will see her. She goes to Rachita and says Rama was feeling bad, he is a nice guy. Rachita says if he is so good, you marry him. Amaya is stunned. Rachita says I did not mean that, sorry. Amaya says I understand, but what happened. Rachita says I wish marriage day never comes, something happens that her marriage with Rama does not happen. She goes. Amaya cries. Rama hears this and is stunned.

Sumitra talks to Dev, and says you said great news, see how I insult Gajanand tomorrow infront of everyone. Gajanand hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who was wid rama wen he fell down while dancing?? Coz now rama n rachi di are shown dancing but in aage dekhiye they showed amu…happiieee for amu n mantu:)

  2. Ooo la la. Nice episode. .but I hope the news of Rama and Amana marrying is not true.

  3. Atlast confession hogaya!
    Amaya ko bhi confess karlena caheye

  4. Amu’s entry in dance now..coz rama hugged rachi di n she left d dance floor…abb!! Amu n rama fell!! Rama on top of amu..but both staightened up themselves!…phew..thank god! Rama’s mom’s family are crazy women!! Disgusting ladies!!!

  5. OMG!! i cant believe that he actually confessed! But i think that because amaya fell into ramas arms there will be a misunderstanding that amaya loves rama and then mantu will think that and will be heartbroken!
    But i may be wrong! we will have to wait and see!!

  6. Plz friends tell the director dont separate manya

  7. Manya union is best

  8. my favourite serial!!! each episode is getting more interesting and amaya and mantus love story!!
    I just hop that uma doesnt come to know and messes things up! i hope amaya tells mantu about her!

  9. Herd soon amaya n rama will marry..soooo I m nt watching this show any more..

  10. I think rama and amaya marriage s going to happen….. Thank god they changed d time slot for ds drama…. I can’t watch it any more….. Feel sad for manya….. Hate ds.. Its all because of sneha…. I thought a new type serial came…. But its not like DAT…. Y this much negativity…… So they r indirectly sayng if u r a good one u shud suffer a lot,ur wishes shud not get fulfilled,u shud sacrifice ur life…. Plzz change d story line…..

  11. I want rachitha to get married 2 her ex fiance Rohan

  12. Hi im devu…new here…started watching tere sherer mein in april
    it is really diff from other saas bahu soaps
    it has a really good youth appealing plot
    luv all da characters…
    esp amaya mantu rama and jaz

  13. I love to see this serial as bcoz of Amaya and montu .

  14. Is it true tht rama fell on mantu?? Guyzz pls ans

  15. Srry amaya

  16. Plz dont separate mantu n amaya

  17. no. not ammu and rama.
    directors plz dont make thos happen all will be destroyed
    if this will happen then m definately not goung to watch it but also several
    viewer will not be intetestes as manya is jaan in show
    ammu ans mantu union
    i want to manya not rama and ammu jodi

  18. I am sure now Amaya n Rama r going to get married. What nonsense. I am not watching this show anymore. Thank god the time got changed. I won’t be able to b watch this shit anymore. How can they separate manya? Ridiculous ??

  19. This is something crap will happn cant belive rama vil hve to marry amaya.bcz at last moment dev vil take his daughter with him.and nanaji vil force amaya 2 marry.she vil marry bcz nanji vil get attack.shit serial.i wont watch it anymore.

  20. Today’s episode was very nyc. But amaya nd Rama getting married what nonsense iz this. Writers plz don’t do this

  21. What’s that crap..!!!

    Rama and amaya together looks like brother and sister to me,they behave like bro sis but the CVS are maybe brainless..!! How can they do it..
    CVS u drunk,go home…!!

  22. I doubt if amaya and rama will end up together after the conversation sneha and her daughters had when she was feeding rachu

  23. We can only wait and see what happens. It’s awful but so far looks like the spoiler alert ppl are right. Gaja will have heart attack and amaya will agree to marry Rama. And Rama is really that spineless that he will say ok? And amaya will. Make a mockery of mantu love and marry Rama? Ridiculous. We can only hope thus doesn’t happen. I don’t have the stomach to watch it if it does happen.

    Let’s all send some positive vibes. Writers are stressing us out!!!

    Not enjoyable at all like this

  24. I dont know about anybody else, but with all the rumours going around that Rama will marry Amaya, I couldn’t watch todays episode properly and had to fast-forward parts of it. I couldn’t watch the part where Amaya fell on Rama. Makes me nervous.

    Writers are deaf keeping us in the dark. Amaya telling Sneha that she will go against her family for her love…….obvs that is Mantu. But i think Rama will marry Amaya now. Its going to really break Mantu’s heart and then god knows what will happen. Its clear to see that Mantu should be with Amaya and Rachita with Rama. Instead we will end up with something else. Its another Kyunki Sas Khabi Bahu Thi. Anyone else remember that serial, where everyone married everyone and had kids with everyone. Just got confusing to watch and ridiculous. We know what happened to that serial…………its not on TV anymore.

    I live in England, and i find it astonishing that these serial still have stories about people saving the pride of their family by marrying someone they dont love. Does this happen in reality in India, because it does not in England. Its all just so backwards and every serial seems to have this. Just gets predictable and boring. Though this serial would be different, but its not.

  25. All crap after a long time felt a good serial with new thought. Written does not have sense apart of negativity. A modern outlook family comes to banarasi n a backward thinking nana forcing to marry the grand daughters to cheap mentality family with a spineless son…..am aya love story did not started and ending with marriage!!! Crap
    Directors soch badly what are you going to do….poor rishi mature must be crying after seeing his family from heaven

    Going to quit watching
    ….directors n writers you are not able to frame the show properly just dragging with faltu story else you could have done nice episodes with Rudra Dev n all…snehas story as well…why are you making amaya rachita bali ka bakra

  26. Nooooo plzzzzz don’t make rama and amu married….

  27. As everything is happening as in serial gossip,now i think they are goin to show amaya ramas marriage….do they think viewers are stupid n watch whatever they are goin to show…when he is showing two people so madly in love n Amaya such a strong character with modern thinking…how can he make her sacrifice her love…sneha vl leave the reputation of father n gets married with dev but she asks Amaya to leave her love for her fathers reputation…so funny…i vl stop watching it if Rama and Amaya gets married…they shud make storyline for viewers sake not as they like…mantu who is main lead is just fooled….

  28. Shadi ke baad phir shaadi tho aur bhi worst rahega…kyun aise dikhate hai…saraswathichandra ko bhi aise hi kharab kiya Tha…

  29. Wow such a great episode…
    I can’t believe mantu confession his love.
    But the last part I don’t like,now I understood Now the three relatives of rama blaming amaya & try to break the marriage & Gajanda apologize theme or forced amaya to marry rama….

  30. Any one remember the promise which Mantu gives to Amaya when she returned him his lost watch and she told him that she will ask for a wish at right moment. I think she will ask him not to tell anyone that both of them love each other and she will marry Rama and Mantu should not stop this marriage from happening…

  31. Any one remember the promise which Mantu gives to Amaya when she returned him his lost watch and she told him that she will ask for a wish at right moment. I think she will ask him not to tell anyone that both of them love each other and she will marry Rama and Mantu should not stop this marriage from happening for sake of her family reputation…

  32. Wht shet is happening hah such a disgusting twist is coming y amu n rama yak yak yak but ♡ d confession scene 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Please no Rama and Amaya!!!! We will stop watching the serial if they end up getting married!!!! We can only imagine Amaya with Mantu!!!!

  34. Ok. Finally got to see this episode. It comes real late in North America. So why was there a need to have amaya fall on Rama? I’ve never seen a female lead fall like that. Ever. Heck in all the multitude of dramas out there I haven’t seen that happen. So what are writers trying to prove??! So patronizing. They must think we the audience are really stupid.

    This mantu amaya thing. Seriously. So bittersweet. Amaya doesn’t say anything? Which girl wudnt?! After he pours out his heart she doesn’t even smile bk properly and acts coy. Seriously writers. Give them the moment they deserve. Give us the couple we have been rooting for all this time. Don’t insult our intelligence!

  35. if pairing of ammu n rama will happen then m definately quit this show
    after a long time i started seeing serials only coz of ” tere sheher mein”
    but i think now i hav to stop
    mantu will.die without amaya……

  36. Whts ths nonsense yaar!!! I m nt watchng ths show frm tht time when uma came between manya but now i m shocked to knw abt rama & amu marrying… i hav a doubt. Rama & rachita r marrying bcuz nanaji dnt wnt to see rachita get insulting by the society for the cheap pics of rama & rachita…rachu ki izzat aur apni respect banaye rakhne k liye rachita ki shaadi ho rahi thi na phir yeh amaya kahan se aa gayi ?….i m confused & stressed tooo ? ….nt going to watch it ??anymore…..

  37. Rachita very pretty she deserve her ex fiance

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