Tere Sheher Mein 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rama greeting Rachita at his shop. Rachita says some papers and he says he will get it. Mantu asks her to have coffee, its good. She says no thanks. Rama gives the newspaper and says he has cut govt job ads. She says fine, I m looking for private job. He says he won’t charge it. She says I won’t take it for free. Mantu asks Rachita will Jaz teach Chiklu, he will study well, please don’t say no. Rachita says Jaz will take decision. Mantu asks can I talk to her. She says fine, come. She says bye to Rama and leaves.

Mantu says I was thinking since long. She says fine, you can meet her now. He asks her to send Jaz outside, he will talk for a minute and go, fearing Amaya will make Jaz refuse. Rachita comes and sees Amaya and Jaz talking. She says you patched up soon,

great. She tells Jaz that someone came to meet him. Jaz asks who. Rachita says Mantu requested you to give tuition to Chiklu. Amaya gets angry and says calm down, I won’t get angry.

Jaz says I will decide what Amaya says. Amaya says fine, I will talk to him. Jaz says she went Amaya to talk to him and says how Amaya apologized, she can’t be our Amaya, she changed a lot. Sneha smiles hearing this. Amaya comes to Mantu. Mantu asks about Jaz. She says she is inside, but talk to me first. He asks what problem she has. She says did I say I have problem, Jaz told me to talk. He says he was shocked seeing her in temple. She says no one should know this and holds his hand. He asks what. She says about temple. He says whats there to hide, and says money can buy things, not happiness.

She asks is he not ashamed to hear her. He asks her to talk in heart, he did not hide and hear her. She says she is not saying as everyone will find it strange. He says fine, let Jaz teach Chiklu. They see police arresting Atom. They say Atom has stolen electricity from Gajanana’s house and given to neighbors, Gajanand has lodged complaint against him. Mantu requests them to leave Atom. Amaya looks on. Atom asks Mantu to do anything. Mantu asks him not to worry and Atom is taken away.

Neeti asks whom did police take. Dimple asks her to go and have food. Gajanand says we will have food together today. Amaya asks Mantu to help Atom. Mantu scolds her blaming her for this and asks her to go home and rest. She asks why is police beating Atom. He says you told him to give cross connection. She asks him to take her along, I m feeling bad. He says police will beat Atom because of you. He makes a call and leaves with her.

Dimple asks why did Gajanand get Atom beaten up. Pushpa says its not for Atom, but to show his anger for breaking his rules. Mantu says we will try to bail out Atom and tells Rama that he will tell him later, he is in hurry. Gajanand tells Neeti that he did this to teach them a lesson for doing wrong. Mantu says he needs money to bail out Atom, and asks him to sit on the bike. She says fine, how to sit. She sits and they leave.

Rama asks Shamu to see the level of pulses and grains. Shamu says what happens by this levels, you are going mad. Rama scolds him and says he gave papers to Rachita, she wanted to look for jobs, but I have cut my ads. He asks him to get food and wishes newspapers came twice and she would have came twice. He imagines her smiling and coming to her. He asks her to take papers daily. It’s a man, who says he wants wheat, not papers.

Amaya asks Mantu to drive slow. He says he has to reach fast. She says fine, I know. Rachita likes the marks on the papers and says she would have done the same. She says his dad makes fun of him and scolds him. Jaz asks her to help him. She says no, I can’t advice him, it does not matter. Jaz says Amaya did not come till now, she went to talk to Mantu. Mantu and Amaya reach the police station. He asks what happened now, come. Amaya says I feel scared of police station, you sort out, I will be here.

He goes. She thinks she should go inside as Atom is arrested because of her. Mantu says he will make things fine. Amaya cries seeing Atom hurt. Mantu says the fine. Mantu asks inspector why did he beat Atom. The inspector says it was Gajanand’s complaint. The lawyer asks him not to argue and take Atom out. Mantu says he will take Atom to hospital. Amaya says sorry. Atom says spare me now, I got beaten up because of you. Mantu says we will leave now.

Atom tells Mantu that Gajanand has been angry on him because of revenge with Amaya. Mantu asks her does she know Gajanand and his family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. when will amaya’s n mantu’s love story starts?? also rama’s n rajitha’s…………

  3. I like Amaya and Mantu

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