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The Episode starts with Sneha saying she is proud of Amaya. She hugs Amaya and smiles. She says Amaya cleared Rishi’s name and made her very proud. Amaya gets happy. She thanks Rama for making this possible. Sneha says my husband Rishi was a good hearted and nice man, today Amaya made his name shine, I m very proud of her, my tree daughters have got Rishi’s lost respect back. Amaya says she could have not done this without Rama. Tilak looks on and fumes. Rama says I just fulfilled my promise, I told you I will end the distance between you and your family. The inspector says Dev is out of country, we will arrest him soon.

Amaya says no one will call dad cheater from now on. Amaya stands at the door of Gajanand’s house. Rama greets Sneha. Sneha blesses him and asks Amaya to come inside.

Amaya says Dev gave her job, why did he have rivalry from dad. Rachita says even I don’t understand, is this just because of business or any other reason. Sneha gets a call from Pushpa, and asks did you reach Mumbai, how is dad. She tells everyone that she has to leave for Mumbai, dad is fine, you three take care.

After 2 days, Amaya comes to Rachita and Jaz. Rachita says mum is reaching in some time. Amaya says she will cook for mum. She asks them to help her. Rama comes and calls them out. Amaya says mum is coming back. He says great, you can talk to her. Sneha comes and blesses them. Amaya says she has made something special for her, surprise, is everything fine. Sneha looks sad. She apologizes to Amaya.

She says whatever happened in our life is because of my mistakes, this is the truth.

She says she wants to tell them something. I want to say truth, Dev did all that because I loved Dev a lot, he also loved me a lot, I was pregnant with his child, they decided to marry, and our families were against it, we decided to run away, I reached station, but that day Dev did not come, I have been waiting for long, that relation cheated me, I could not bear it, I decided to give up my life, I will not bring this child in this world. Amaya tensely looks at Rachita.

Sneha says a person came in my life who made my life his life, gave name to my child, he changed my life, he loved me a lot, he gave me happiness, family, and everything, without any selfish motive, and I also fell in love with him, that person’s name is Rishi Mathur, he gave that child his name.. Rachita Mathur… Rachita cries and gets shocked. She asks is she Dev’s daughter. Sneha says yes, you are Dev’s daughter, but trust me, Rishi loved you a lot, you have been his fav daughter, he did not feel difference between you, and others, I m thankful to you, I know you maybe angry on me right now, but I m your culprit, not your dad, he has done everything for you.

Amaya says yes, you are our sister, lovely daughter of mum and dad, nothing else matters. She says we love you and hugs Rachita. Jaz says yes. You are our elder sister, we love you and hugs Rachita.

Sumitra says Dev’s truth is out, Amaya and her family united, I controlled Amaya by her sister’s secret, but if this secret comes out, then everyone will know I have done this along Dev, what will happen now. Amaya asks Rachita to have water. She says wrong happened with mum, why did Dev become dad’s enemy. Sneha says Dev felt I cheated him, he reached at station when I left from there, he felt I cheated him for Rishi, he ruined everyone’s lives in hatred. Rama looks on.

Sneha says Dev found many ways to trouble us, Gajanand got fine, he told me everything. FB shows Gajanand telling Sneha the truth. Sneha says I know Amaya did all this for our family’s good. He says Sumitra was cancelling marriage and you did this to save our respect, I m proud of you, you have made your dad’s name raise, thanks a lot, I m your culprit, I apologize. Amaya says don’t say this, its Dev’s hatred which ruined things. Rachita says her dad is the one who raised her, Rishi Mathur is her dad, he did her upbringing knowing the truth, I m proud of dad. Sneha says I m sorry. Amaya says we love you, you are world’s best mom. See things are getting fine, we are together. They all smile.

Amaya says we are one family now, happiness has come back in our lives. I should go my home now. Sneha says I know you have bear all this by Sumitra for us, now there is no need, as we are with you, come back to us, no need to keep up that marriage. Amaya says you are saying right, Rama and I married by lie, but situations have changed now, Rama cares for me, he respects me and likes me. She says I want to stay there as Sumitra’s bahu only for Rama, trust him, he will always keep me happy. Sneha says I trust you. Amaya leaves. Rama says he was waiting for her outside, he will take her home, mum will not do anything, you can say anything to mum, she did wrong with your family, I m shocked by this. They leave. Sumitra thinks to see whats happening. Rama asks Amaya to say what she wants. Sumitra thinks did Amaya tell everything to Rama.

Amaya gets a letter, where someone threatens her about Rama, and asks her to meet at the lake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Abdulrasheed Aliyu

    The whole thing has become messy with the exit if mantu the director could have thought of an exceptional story line to absorb the shock of mantu’s exit. At this juncture the direcor the director shld end TSM cos todays’s further messed everything up

  2. Is this show ending? Why are they hurrying and wrapping up everything all of a sudden?? O.o

  3. කාලා කාලා කාලා…. කතාව කාලා… ඉවරම කරලා දාලා… They have killed the story!!!
    finished it!!! Amaya says I’ll live with Rama…. WTF? What about her one true love???
    This only proves my theory… ‘Love is Expendable & Expendable’ (First Expendable means it has no worth, it could be disposed without prior notice. The second Expendable means it is costs so much money.) Am I correct or what? මම හරිද නැද්ද ???

    1. The show is telling us about eternel love and a girl who can go to any extend for her family. So for this amaya has to be rama .

    2. Oya hari!! I stopped watching this after amaya married rama. This is a stupid story.

  4. I guess.. its ending.. otherwise they wouldn’t have disclosed everything so soon… and that too all of a sudden

  5. This show is so messy and un-even. The writers and directors have not learnt a thing from this show. Dhruv (Mantu) leaving was a massive blow to this show, and they have not recovered. Why on earth did Kinshuk Mahajan (Tilak) come to this show. He was a renowned actor with a big reputation, but this role has not helped him.

    Everything has been rushed so dramatically. Maybe Dev is not coming back, as he is abroad??? And rachita takes the news of being Dev’s illegitimate child very well. She got over it pretty quickly. Now they are all one big family, its all so cringe-worthy. Rama and Amaya may be together, but its not love. Nobody believes in it, and thats what makes it look silly.

    Gajanand looks like he has moved to Mumbai, and Sneha keeps going and coming, and going and coming. I cant get over how bad the storylines are in this show. Maybe they are rushing it, to finish it quickly.

    1. Amen to the ending of this show. I only skim over the updates now to see when this show will end. Point well taken from this show and others is that matches are made in heaven so thinking that you have any free will in the matter is useless. Once you get hitched to someone love is bound to bloom within that relationship, no matter how forced it is. These shows are made for bored housewives who secretly fantasize about being strong and indepependent, don’t move an inch to make that a reality and then look with disdain at those women who are self sufficient.

  6. how easily they concluded things..no good display of emotions…rama has not said anything to his mother – left everything to amaya?He has not lost rachita?. For sneha, it should have been a shock and guilt etc all emotions.But everything was pretty cool as if everybody is okay with what happened…no big deal

    1. They portray Indians as simpletons with no complexity of feelings – two dimensional cardboard figures arranged in place by societal norms rather than guided by their own humanity.

  7. There is a lack of emotions. No body showed any emotions. Rachita accepted this truth much faster and Sneha was not much sorry for what she had said to Amaya. Rama also didn’t said anything to Sumitra. How stupid. I think they are rushing very much to end this show.

  8. Abdulrasheed Aliyu

    There are still unfinished part of TSM even though not interested any more cant wait for TSM to end. What about Rudra & his mum with their attrocities, what bout rudra’s dad,what bout Mantu & chicklu, wht bout Rachita.prolly d director has ran out of ideas and he is so rushing to conclude the programm. Lets wait and see i only read on telly updates dnt watch anymore cos i get irritated. Love was murderd in TSM.

  9. Wtf? Why amaya wants to live wid rama she should leave him. We want manya back they should have a leap n bring mantu back. This will raise the trps. I don’t understand why the directors r nt luking forward n move on with mantu n bring dhruv back n end this tilak shit. This is a good opportunity for them to bring mantu back. Plz bring him back most of us want manya n nt ramya. Plz do it asap we want mantu back

  10. I think this show is coming to an end…. What a shame!!! A beautiful storyline with tremendous potential was messed up with one mindless unnecessary and ugly twist.. What were the writers thinking? This story had so much potential. It could have shown the Mathur sisters overcoming all odds to regain their dad’s business empire.. Rama and Rachita could have been shown falling in love.. I really miss Amaya and Mantu’s cute flirting, Amaya and Uma’s cat fights and of course Dev’s character…. Too bad… This show could have run for a least a year or two if the writers put their brains to good use!!!

  11. Abdulrasheed Aliyu

    Whats on TSM tonite it is 3:34pm in Nigeria now i guess its been played in india by now. Guess it is anoda meaningless episode. Come to think of it does the director gets to read comments over here.

  12. tere saher mein going to off air on 14november.

  13. Waw great news.gudbye tsm.

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