Tere Sheher Mein 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pushpa applying haldi to Rachita. Rama’s family women are happy seeing this and hope for Rachita’s allergy. Gajanand applies haldi to Rachita, followed by others. Nani says how can this happen, nothing is happening to her face. Amaya looks at them and smiles. She goes to them and says she has to give them something. She shows the medicine to them, and says if anyone mixes anything in makeup or any cream intentionally or by mistake, then mix this in it, that chemical won’t affect, I came to know what you all wanted to do.

FB shows Amaya and Jaz getting the chemical box outside. Jaz says who would have got this here. Amaya says I would have told everyone, but its my sister’s marriage, so I did not tell anyone, don’t give me this chance again and remember

me next time. Sneha comes and Amaya says she was saying that Rachita is glowing after haldi. Sneha asks her to come and prepare for mehendi. They think to give some answer to Amaya.

Rama calls Rachita and asks about her haldi. He asks can he come to see her. She says no, you can’t meet me, you can se me in sangeet and mehendi rasam at evening. He says he can’t wait, he hopes evening comes soon and they will perform on their fav song. He says he will see his haldi color on her. She ends call. He says he will see how long will she get shy. She cries seeing Rishi’s pic and prays that she keeps this relation and not hurt anyone.

Amaya comes and asks her to get ready, she has to get mehendi applied. Rachita goes. Amaya wishes she could do something for Rachita and her happiness. She asks Kripa to see food list. Kripa asks her not to worry. Mantu comes and asks Manohar to check electricity wires. She looks at Mantu. She goes to Racchita and talks to her. Rachita says she is thinking all the functions and marriage happen without any problem. Amaya asks why does she think so much, I will take responsibility of your happiness and will stand between your happiness and problem, I promise, don’t cry now, it took one hour for the makeup, just keep smiling.

Rachita asks when did she grow up. Amaya says what to do, you will get married and go, so I have to become mature to take care of everyone. Nani, Bua and Mohini plan to spoil mehendi and do abdhagun. Sumita says she will tell them to apply their side mehendi. Amaya asks Jaz to check mehendi, and asks her to take them out, I will exchange mehendi bowl. Jaz tells about special breakfast for them. She asks them about mehendi and keeps it there. They leave. A man checks wiring there and goes. Amaya exchanges the mehendi and smells the bowl. She says I knew they will mix something in it. Sneha asks Amaya to sit with them. She blesses Rachita and compliments her. She tells about marriage, and mehendi color. When the color comes dark, its regarded big shagun, you see your mehendi will have dark color.

Gajanand welcomes Rama and his dad. Mantu hugs Rama. Rama asks about Rachita. Sneha applis shagun mehendi to Rachita from her and Rishi’s side. She applies some to Amaya so that she gets married soon. Sumitra and everyone come back and see the mehendi. They plan and Nani holds the bowl. She gets shock and falls down. Gajanand asks what happened. Nani tells about current in mehendi bowl. Sumitra gets angry and scolds them.

Sumita asks how did this happen and asks Jaz. Amaya says I kept mehendi bowl there, but I did not know about wire. Sumitra scolds her. Mohini says she is after my mum. Sumitra says don’t give Rachita in our home, you got the proposal to us, we did not come to you. They all scold Amaya. Mantu looks on and gets angry. Sumitra says Amaya crosses all limits. She says we will leave. Amaya begs to them not to go. Mantu stops Sumitra and says Nani did not get shock, the wire does not have current. Nani asks am I lying. Mantu says I m sure the wire can’t give current, I m seeing the wires here, I will get proof. He shows them by touching the wires, and they all look on shocked. He asks them to see, did anything happen to him, he has held the wire since long, Nani is tired, she fell by weakness. Amaya looks at him. Mantu holds the wire and gets current, even though he keeps smile on his face to defend Amaya.

Amaya asks Mantu why did he risk his life, if anything happens to him. Mantu says let it happen, and tells her that he loves her a lot, more than his life. She gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was very good. Really mantu has confess his luv or amaya iz dreaming. If really mantu confesses his luv den show will go hit a lot.

  2. Omg.atlast mantu confessed that he loves amaya!
    Exciting precap

  3. Nice episode.. I think it was not dream

  4. All of us listen to me rama and Maya look like bro and sister.But now maya prove her love to Mantu and uma..so plz manya Union is best choice so plz plz

  5. wowwwwwww!!! just loved the precap… yehhhh I’m so happy that mantu have confessed his luv in precap… but still praying and finger crossed that it shud be in real… not any dreammmmm plzzzzz ….. really I’m really very happppyyyy … 🙂

  6. sorry guys…iI am happy atlast mantu confessed his love to amaya. .but yy rama and amaya marriage is on cards ..this is making more trouble…I am feeling happy at the same time sad..

    1. Archana Shukla

      what is it true

  7. wow great mantu

  8. Finally mantu Amaya confession,but plz for gods sake don’t bring that idiotic twist of Rama and Amayas marriage…now Amaya shud confess her feelings as well….

  9. ohhhhhhh waiting for this only very very very happy for manya … precap is superrrr duppperrr awesome n amazing
    wohh atleast this day had came

  10. guys u r wrong rama is.with rachhu not with ammu

  11. After all non sense..Writers have come to their senses…..Good going

  12. Well I am really confused and mixed. I was watching todays episode but could not get the disastrous idea of Rama marrying Amaya. These were the rumours going round yesterday and more and more reports are coming out stating that this IS going to happen. This is absolutely horrendous to hear, especially after the pre-cap shows Mantu confessing his love to Amaya. Lets hope this is real and not a dream.

    It seems that the writers really like messing with our minds and emotions with this serial. The twists and storylines are already pretty extreme and out of this world, but if the twist occurs where Rama and Amaya marry, this will truly demolish this serial.

  13. Don’t know what to write anymore. Shock? Disbelief? Confusion? Anger? What more will the writers subject is to? We can’t even properly be happy for amaya and mantu because we are too worried that they will stick her with Rama! Seriously sad. Well I tried to write to star plus but Cudnt find a proper place to direct all queries and complaints. If anyone knows pls let us know. I can’t bear to watch this drama anymore. Having to watch Uma wAs even better than having to stomach news of Rama and amaya! Yuck

  14. omg….love to see that mantu will tell amaya his feelings…..gd episode

  15. Really a amazing pricap…..
    I think it’s not a imagination plz……

  16. amaya plllllleeeeeeeeeeeaz u also telll to mantu that u tooooo luv him a lottttt

  17. I loved that scene in the ending when mantu holds the wire and gets current… even though he keeps smile on his face to defend amaya….. so it proves that he loves her a lotttttt….. now in eagerly waiting for today’s episode….. and plz it should. be true

  18. I loved that scene in the ending when mantu holds the wire and gets current… even though he keeps smile on his face to defend amaya….. so it proves that he loves her a lotttttt….. now I’m eagerly waiting for today’s episode….. and plz it should. be true

  19. Great precap…Hope it’s real and not an infatuation

  20. Very much happy to see that mantu confesse love for amaya .

  21. Ohhhhh pleaseeee cvs dont unite rama and amaya… Why now a days all writers are separating jodis and creating unwanted twists and ridiculous story line… We want Manya only…. Or else gonna stop watching it… For sure ur trp ratings gonna be 0 soon if rama nd manya get married… We want Manya nd only manya.. No one else

  22. We want only MANYA!!!!!
    nothing else

  23. Pls writer or director we want amaya and mantu pls don’t separate them

  24. Yes we want mantu and Amaya…..

  25. i really wish mantu and amaya to be together . they both are so adorable couple.

  26. Chk the spoiler today… Mantu and amaya confess their love… I’m very happy

  27. I want mantu and maya

  28. chanda panday

    Hopefully its not a dream like always

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