Tere Sheher Mein 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya giving Prasad to everyone and leaving. Rachita looks for some jobs in newspapers. She thinks to find job soon, they have money for two months, she needs more newspapers, maybe Rama will help as he gets many papers. Sneha asks did she wake up. Rachita says yes. Mantu is annoyed with Chiklu and cooks food. He asks him to take rest. Amaya comes inside the house and Rachita stops her. Amaya hides that she went to temple and says she went for morning walk. Sneha looks on and leaves. Amaya gets sad. Rachita says mum will forgive you, but don’t lie next time. Amaya asks what. Rachita sees the red tika on her forehead and asks her.

Amaya says I don’t know, I was… Rachita acts like her. Amaya says fine, did Jaz wake up. Rachita says topic change, she is sleeping.

She asks her not to fight with Jaz. Amaya says I want to talk to Jaz. Mantu brings food and Chiklu likes it. Chiklu starts coughing and Mantu runs to get water. He makes him drink water. Chiklu apologizes. Mantu says he has forgiven him yesterday night itself and hugs him. He thinks to talk to Amaya, to let Jaz teach Chiklu, she looked in good mood and her new side was seen.

Amaya sees Sneha in kitchen and goes to Jaz. Jaz asks Rachita to let her sleep. Amaya says fine, you can sleep. Jaz asks what work she has and she don’t want to fight in morning. Amaya says can you talk to me please. Amaya says she is trying to say sorry if she allows. Jaz asks how did she get sense, where did she go in morning. Amaya says sorry and asks her to become her cutie pie again. Jaz says why is she saying sorry, she is younger, she should say sorry, she made her senti. Amaya says then say sorry. Jaz says sorry and hugs her.

Amaya asks her not to think wrong about dad, they have different point of views, they should not fight and hurt each other. Jaz asks who gave you such knowledge. Amaya asks her not to question. Rama gets irked seeing his parents fight for him. Mantu meets him and asks why is he worried. Rama says nothing, its daily fights. Mantu asks about Rachita. Rama says I wish I saw her. Mantu asks what. Rama says nothing, I don’t know anything, am I her PA. Mantu says don’t get annoyed.

Rama says she said she is leaving Banaras. Mantu says but I saw Amaya in morning. Rama smiles and says then she will also be here, I m talking about business. Mantu says I wanted to ask Jaz if she can teach Chiklu and make him pass. Rama asks where did he see her. Mantu says temple. Rama imagines Rachita coming out of temple and goes smiling. She greets him and he asks did she not go. She says no and makes him eat Prasad. Tu meri hai prem ki bhasha………….plays…………He makes her have the Prasad too.

Her hanky falls and he picks it. She cleans his hand by it. He smiles. Mantu moves him and he sees cow licking his hand. Mantu says Rahcita is waiting for him at the shop. Rama smiles.

Atom is arrested and Mantu asks what did he do. He blames Amaya and says its his mistake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    oh amaya. can u ever stop overacting. ur acting is just tiresome. each and every expression is so disgusting. please do some good acting. yaar director. aur koi acchi actress nahi mili kya

  2. no yaar now she is not over acting … just loved it.. specially when Rama-rachita… oh!woww these two jodies r awesome…. only this show is going in a write track…..

  3. Whts going on in show?? And don’t you dare talking about amaya DAT way.

  4. Nice episode I like amaya acting is not overacting

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