Tere Sheher Mein 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumitra being angry as ladies praise Amaya and Rama’s dance. They talk about Rachita’s good singing. Sumitra and Bua plan to stop Rachita from singing. Sumitra asks Bua to do anything. Bua says we will start now. Rachita practices singing. Jaz gives her ginger tea and asks her to drink it so that her voice gets more clear. Rachita asks the man to get a glass. Bua bribes the man and asks him to mix some liquid in the tea. The man adds it in the tea. Rachita drinks tea and starts coughing. Bua and Mohini look on. Bua says now lets enjoy her singing.

The thief stares at the donation box. Jaz says welcome Rachita on the stage for the next program. Rachita starts coughing. Jaz asks is she fine. Bua asks Sumitra to see. Rachita says I m fine. She says this song

is special, Sneha used to sing this every Janmashtami, I wish Sneha was here, but unfortunately, she went to Mumbai. She coughs and holds her neck. Bua smiles.

The people think why is she not singing. Sumitra laughs. Bua says she added such medicine that she will just cough. The lady asks Rachita to sing or leave. Bua asks her to leave and taunts her. Amaya looks on. The people start getting angry. Amaya comes there and sings Maiyya yashoda………….. Rama smiles seeing Amaya. Jaz gives water to Rachita. Amaya recalls practicing this song with her sisters. Rachita and Jaz smile.

Amaya says she completed the song to save Sumitra’s name, such a bad performance in Sumitra’s supervision can’t be bad. Rachita hears this and thinks Amaya helped me to save her mum in law’s respect. Nani says now its our turn. The gang sees the donation box and sees Rama talking to inspector. Rama asks the inspector to have food, and asks for kachoris. Rama sees the man worried and spoiling the kachori. Rama says I will show you, and sees knife there. The man says its for cutting onions. Gupta asks Rama to come and see Bua’s dance. Rama goes.

Jaz says our last performance will be given by Rumjhum, Mohini and Savitri Devi. Nani is excited to dance. They pout and take selfies. Amaya comes and says sorry to say this performance can’t happen. Sumitra says what, I will see who stops them. The pandit says its time for maha aarti. Amaya says Sumitra is the head, she knows the importance of maha aarti. Sumitra agrees and asks everyone to walk towards temple. Amaya says this is tit for tat. Bua says such an insult.

The men give the keys of donation box to Rachita. She keeps keys in her purse and asks them to keep donation box, they will count the money after maha aarti. The gang looks on. Amaya, Rama and everyone are in the aarti. The man pushes Rachita and her purse falls. He apologizes. Another man takes the keys from it and give the purse to her.

Amaya does aarti. The inspector asks Rama to call his friend, he got info the gang is here, he wants Rama and his friends to help. Amaya hears them. The pandit asks Kangana to distribute Prasad when aarti ends. Rama looks for the thieves. Kangana gives Prasad to the gang before the aarti ends. The gang plans next thing and dress as constables. They inform Rama about a gang going that side and sends Rama away.

Sumitra asks Pandey to get donation box here, so that they can adorn the idol with the jewelry. The thieves take the donation box. Pandey brings the donation box and asks Rachita for keys. Rachita says I kept it in my purse, its not there. Amaya and everyone get shocked. Pandit checks the box and says it has no lock. He opens it and says its empty. They all look on shocked. Pandey gets bricks in it. The people ask how did robbery happen by such security. Nani, Bua, Sumitra start blaming Rachita and Chobey Nivaas. Rama says how did they steal, my friends and police are here.

His friend say about some constables. Rama says it means they were thieves, its about temple and Banaras’ respect. The inspector says we will find them. Rama goes with police. The media asks Sumitra about the robbery. Kangana comes there and asks them not to ask Sumitra, she is already worried, you ask police. Sumitra says yes, ask Rachita, she had the keys. Amaya thinks all the blame came on Rachita and prays.

Sumitra says she is head, she will get the thieves caught. Amaya thinks how did robbery happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dhruv is quit the show im hppy bcoz dhruv(mantu)is here n luk ramaya 2gether he feel bad n amaya ne achhe band bajai guptas ki

  2. Pinky Gairola

    firstly my deepest sentiments to dhruv n his family. coming back to tsm I think by now most of us must have understood why this current track was brought in. the writers were jes doing their job. since mantu aka dhruv had already put in his papers sometime back it was now an uphill task for d writers to save d daylight n change the focus from manya to some other character which wud be at par wid mantu’s character. so the twist of amaya marrying rama was introduced and d spotlight was suddenly shifted to the gupta household..dhruv has left d show so now the writers have to develop amaya n rama’s love story. I always knew something was hampering the script n then wid dhruv’s father passing away my doubts were clear. it was all done to accomodate dhruv’s absence from d show. enough bashing d writers now..its time to move on. either we can watch the current track and accept ramaya or we can jes bid adieu and sleep a lil early coz manya WILL NEVER EVER UNITE!!! dimeo, rush, S, shuvi, riya, ritu and all others in this forum…this forum is entertaining only becoz of ur comments which reflected ur attachment the show. do keep posting ur comments about sumitra n her gang of mean girls:))

    1. Pinky, I don’t believe Dhruv quitting the show called for a complete ransacking of the story line. They could have swapped him with another actor if he is gone for good, or could have acted like he went to Dubai or something to work and earn money if Dhruv is planning on returning to this show. Regardless of what happened with Dhruv there was no excuse for inflicting these four witches on the audience. They are shrill and ugly inside out. We don’t watch T.V to see people who make our stomach turn. I have t seen a single show since Amaua martied Rama. I also disconnected starplus so that is money saved to upgrade my internet speed ?

    2. Pinky, I agree with your thoughts on Mantu, and his transition from leaving the show (which completely sucks btw, aint the same with Dhruv), but i agree with Ritu………….one person leaving should never effect the show like this……..firstly, they should have played him out better, not just here one day, gone the next day. Secondly, all this with the four witches, and Amaya marrying her would-be brother in law etc, its just a filthy storyline with old school indian ethics. I watched this show because of its freshness and new outlook, but its all turned out to be fake. I’m sorry, but i can bash the writers for this!!!!!!

    3. Dear pinky…… Why do I have a feeling that u r in someway professionally attached to the show or to this website? Well it doesn’t matter…………… :))))))
      My attachment to TSM has dropped already and u expect us to write about Sumatra…… & her mean gang HELL NO!!!!!!
      TSM is a mess right now verge of being shutdown…………
      About your soft corner for the poor writer and assumptions:
      So let’s discuss in detail Dhruv comes from a family where his dad was a professional actor so merging an incident in family and because of that Quitting TSM cannot be true. The link above clearly states that he was not happy with his role in future that is to be a negative character which is possible only in current state is the story Amaya being married to Rama, that also means that the writer has already inked Rama and Amaya marriage for Dhruv to get pissed on his negative character role so he quit

      So again it’s the writer/director/producer who gets the blame again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And For wasting our time up till now and star+ to put this crap on prime time

      Therefore, I have already bid adieu to star plus completely and actually feeling pretty happy about it.
      Also hiba has a long way to go she is charming per her appearence but still cannot act or dance. also read about rachita in news that she has call out that it’s viewers problem they should not watch the show if they don’t want to……………not sure what is the source of this attitude when she is just a side actress on TSM and lacks identity on the show herself.
      Rama this writer has completely spoiled ur image too no one will ever hire u……….viewers hate your face now…. Feel sorry for u too.
      Thought of kangana to bring some interest in the show but again dear writer seems to have an insanely wild imagination………………..(this writer is really shameless, to carry on writing scripts still QUIT PLEASE U SUCK!!!!!!!!)
      Established senior actors have seems to be absconding from screen quite some time now and gautami has gone to Mumbai as per the written updates

  3. Wtf?????? Rubbish like hell… Stop this crap and give space for something gud… How can some one change the plot like this and show extreme stupidities. What was cvs pbm with mantu uma and dev… Now dragging this serial with many worst characters real and reel…

  4. NOW AMAYA CALLS SUPERMAN TO FIND OUT THE THUGS AND SUPERMAN ?? them .what a crap..stop this nonsense.nothing more to say…

  5. Hey guys, I didn’t post yesterday as I’m still on holiday. I had a bit too much to drink last night and fell asleep before I could post.

    Same old antics today then……..bua bribing someone, spiking someones drink, Rachita failing and Amaya saving the day!!!! Hasn’t this kind of story been going on in Indian serials for like 30 years now……..cant the writers come up with something different. And now the donation money going missing, and people blaming Rachita………..same old rubbish.

    I must admit, since I’m on holiday, reading the updates is not the same as watching the show, so I’m finding it hard to understand some of the episodes. Storylines just seem a bit stupid. Mantu, or no Mantu, writers are still ruining up this show. Fans were calling for Hiba and Dhruv to leave this sinking ship, but why would Hiba leave, they are making Amaya out to be some sort of goddess who saves the day all the time. The show is all about her. Its just getting boring. Then you have Rachita………she is the eldest sister, but the writers have made her character very weak. One broken marriage alliance, abducted and photos taken in hospital with Rama, forced into marrying Rama, poisoned by sister and another failed marriage alliance, set-up to fail singing Maiyya Yashoda………..she gets abused on this show, I thought she was meant to be the strong stubborn one…….yeh right.

    Kangana, Kananika or whatever……pointless twist. Before I went away, Mantu was still in the show and now he is not. I have these episodes recording on my satellite box, but I dont know if I want to watch them, without Mantu. Feels depressing without him. He is one of the biggest reasons i watch the show.

    Final thought on Mantu, so storylines may have been changed to accommodate Dhruv leaving. Sounds like he left because of his fathers illness, but part of the reason was also because he didn’t like the negative character change headed Mantu’s way. Sounds like Dhruv is the only one who knows whats good and whats not for this show. Looks like after he is done with acting, he may write some serials too. I also feel for Rafi Malik (Rama). The writers have needed someone to step into the main lead role, and they have put Rama there. Its a bad move, but its not Rafi’s fault. However, i feel he is not going to benefit from this change as too many will compare him to Mantu……..and obviously Mantu is head and shoulders better. I must say, i dont know what the future holds…………but i dont think we have seen the last of Mantu!!!!!! Watch this space.

  6. Hate this serial…

  7. For everybody who are thinking dhruv has left becoz of his fathers illness… I want to tell you that dhruv has decided to go out of show before itself coz he was not interested in the new storyline..

    1. Hey Maddy……. I support & admire Dhruv’s decision to move on, as pointed out earlier coming from a same family hopefully he understands emotional ups and downs &challenge life brings and how to tackle them……….
      Will keep and eye out for him appearing in new serial
      It’s the writer who has made a complete mess of this serial & characters life
      the story is going down a shithole there is no balance and creativity to this story just sheer bullshit
      Everyone please save 1 hr (watch read write comments) out of 24 hrs of ur day
      TSM is not worth watching or discussing anymore!!!!!!

      D I S E N G A G E it’s beyond repair……………….. Soo disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Okay so I might have the final comment here bring in canada and it being mid nite here.

    So first off, let’s assume dhruv left because of a multitude of reasons. One being father being ill. They could still have written that in. Time off has been granted before and we viewers works have waited patiently for him as long as we knew that amaya and him were getting back together. So that theory goes out. Case in point, is pyar ko kiya Naam doon (barun sohbti left for one entire month at the top of their love story angle and where viewers Cudnt get enuf of him and kushi). We all waited and pencilled the day he was coming bk. because we knew he was. So sorry. Writers and star plus are powerful enuf to make that happen.

    Second then the writers cud have introduced a new mantu (tough job) but still digestible to us viewers than marry amaya to her bro(in law). Ruined two stories with that. They could have recasyed mantu. They could have shown uma causing an accident. Where mantu gets hurts and disfigured. And amaya still loves him and they still have their dheere dheere moments. I’m no writer but there are many angles they could have played. If he was leaving they could have written it better.

    My bet is that mantu stay on this ship as long as possible for him. He finSlly quit after realizing his character was turning negative. What the heck???
    Something is seriously up with the writers. Behind the scenes something is wrong. Everything has gone 360. The writing Is crap. The characters aren’t whAt they started out as. The dheere dheere moments are gone. Everything is not as it shud be. It’s like saathiya suddenly becoming CID. It doesn’t work like that. Can u imagine if Gopi became a cop and had goals and the men actually appeared on the show? They took an intelligent show like tsm and made it low grade. Hence dhruv had left. Well done.

    Thank you pinky for the compliment.
    But I must disagree. The writers are to Blame completely. They control the show. Not dhruv or any actor. They write and actors follow the script. They could have written dhruv out many ways if that was the case. Instead they have made a mockery if this show and the viewers sentiments. I never even watched from the beginning. I only wTched in July and by august the story was gone hay wire.

    It’s like a sinking ship. This is business. Low trps will only mean one thing. Shows usu introduce good looking actors who might fall in love and create tension. They don’t separate them And make the lead girl marry her bro (in law). Sorry but he was and always will be bro material.

    I’m writing this on my tiny iPod screen. Hence the spelling mistakes. Sorry but I don’t think dimeo you need to watch the episodes. That is time you can spend reading the newspaper or a magazine. Heck take a nap or call a friend but don’t waste any more time here. Even the updates are not worth it because there is no point. For whom should the viewers be tuning in??? Which character should we identify with??! Who should we be rooting for??

    Amaya and her betrayal of mantu?

    Oh yes. Sumitra ji and her gang of evil cronies.

    Yes. That’s what we all want to see more of!!

    1. I dont know about a dis-figured mantu after an accident covering up for a new mantu…….im sure this has happened in other serials lol. Yes they could re-cast him as someone else, as difficult as that would be, as you mentioned. But i keep saying, although Dhruv has left for now, i dont think we have seen the last of him in this show!

      In terms of your accident disfiguring Mantu plot…..and it probably being in loads of other serials……its got me thinking. You reckon indian drama/serial writers get together about storylines and discuss amongst themselves. It seems however many serials there are in India (and there are loads), all these writers cant seem to come up with different ideas. So every serial contains the same old crap. Either that, or our indian people love watching all this heartbreak, bullying, plotting, deceiving manipulating crap. Says a lot about our people right????

      1. Agreed. Recasting mantu wud have been super difficult but that shows they aren’t interested in salvaging the story line. Also it shows mantu didn’t quit as ppl might presume and then they wrote this garbage. They were already writing garbage and THEN he quit. If he needed time off for family he cud have been allowed it. IF the writers weren’t already doing weird things to the story. It doesn’t explain how the drama is no longer recognizable or understandable to us viewers. The show doesn’t go beserk because of one person leaving. Sorry.

        As for the recycled ideas in indian dramas? Maybe there is a secret manual to writing thae

      2. These indian dramas that we the public doesn’t know about. On second thought, they prob just look to see what’s working on other shows with higher trps and recycle the same ideas. This past summer all star plus shows were pretty much showing a divorce track. It was hilarious. Great minds think alike!

  9. Dimeo,
    please check the wikipedia of tere saher mein.

    1. Hi Ajoy, i have looked on Wikipedia since news broke of Mantu leaving……..and he is still down as being part of the main cast. I must say however, a few hours before, his name was not in the current actors, or past actors list!!!!!

      Wikipedia is wikipedia……..great for finding out information, but when it comes to people and media related articles……its not always up to date or correct!!! So dont really know what to make of it.

  10. Why star plus dnt understand aise show bde hai TV pe dekhne ko TSM me kuch interesting tha tabhi hum dekh rhe the bt wahi bkwas wahi same drama nothing new if dhruv has quit this show then nithing left why they r playing with our emotions
    Agr kuch nai hai dikhane ko pls bnd kro ye gand dikhane se acha phle pyar kisi or se vo b scha n ab kisi or se vo b scha hi hoga
    Pyar ko prshad bna k rkh dia sbko bantte chalo stop this crap

  11. dhruv ne sahi kiya itna stupid story mein work karne se accha na kare but we all miss amaya n mantu story now hell is going on in this serial band kar do is serial ya dhruv n amaya ko mila do

  12. Its already confirmed no manya and dhruv out of show by Rudra aka aarya..this is for the people who r in still hope of dhruhi…he also said gud things have to end…rudra and even hiba are not interested in current story line…hiba herself has tweeted

  13. I am watching this show only for mantu…. even I am quitting this show now

  14. The cute and interesting storyline changed to a typical bahu and in laws story. It also has some stupid characters. Hate this boring drama. Manya will never be united again. It’s all end to that couple. Hate that Rama character. Such a comedian became the hero of the drama? That’s ridiculous. I stopped watching this useless show as it’s just time wasting.

  15. A little help for those struggling to find a new show (in U.S.) with logic

    1. Hey Rush. I have seen the ads for this show called quantico. Not sure if i like the look of it. I saw a trailer where Priyanka’s character was having s*x in the car with another character and then it showed her pulling her underwear up. Thought it was pretty tacky and didnt really suit Priyanka. Then again she is trying to crack America, so has to do scenes like this. Feels weird seeing indian women in scenes like this.

      1. Just finished the show its 10-11 pm pst :)) and thumbs up so far. There was nothing beyond what u saw in the trailor ……..Item songs are much vulgar than the priyanka’ trailer which rotate every 10 mins on Indian channels that under age kids watch.
        The Indian channel/cinema with no imposed age guidelines just amazes me. Bollywood can accept sunny leone hopping out of bunny land but it’s tough to see priyanka here in usa prime time *smiles*
        Anyways me and my other Indian friends were glued to Quantico does suits our schedule too lets see how it goes

      2. Kudos to priyanka for cracking the American market. It’s a tough gig so let’s see how she does.

        Nothing can be more vulgar than the item songs!!! It’s amazing how low grade, cheap vulgar and obscene those sings are. And miss priyanka is guilty of doing her fair share if them too.
        It used to be that some no name actress would do the item song but now all heroines are clamouring to squeeze their bodies into skimpy outfits and parade around in bar scenes to drunk older men ogling them!!! Where in the world is that where the women feel super happy fling that?? Does Katrina really need to dance to
        A chikni chameli?!!! I Cudnt even watch the song because there was nothing to watch other than her gyrate across the screen.
        Jalebi bhai?! The titles are even all wrong. Shelia ki jawaani. Ram chaaiye leela. Dee pika has done them. Kareena- that’s all she seems to
        Be doing. There isn’t one actress who can say im saying no. Why?? Money.

        It’s sad. Kids doooooo not need to say that junk. And censor board of india needs a complete overhaul. No rating system??!! That’s nuts in this day and age.

  16. Anushka Gupta

    just imagine if the story didn’t go the way it has.i just imagined what next could have happened..i wrote this for all those who were expecting a totally different and cute story and are not at all happy with this new chapter of misunderstandings! (just like me 😛 )
    uma still after mantu trying to get married
    amaya came to know that rachita is not happy with this wedding and she secretly tells this news to rama whom she believed will understand her problem
    rama calls off the wedding and comforts rachita that without her wish he will not marry her
    gajanand gets angry but amaya and sneha succeeds in helping him understand that life is much more important than respect.
    on the other hand mantu thinks amaya doesn’t love me and he agrees to marry uma
    uma is very excited.
    Amaya when comes to know about this thinks that maybe she failed and it is her fate.. she cries :'(
    rachita comes to her and asks the reason but she makes excuses and goes
    next she goes to pick up jazz who went to mantu’s house to teach chiklu
    when she was about to enter she sees that the house is decorated and mantu is busy chatting to the cooks and other ppl.. she thinks that i never thought mantu you would do all this so fast maybe you don’t care maybe it was just me who was dreaming bout you all this time and not you..
    she cries :'(
    mantu gets a glimpse of her crying but she turns away and hides her tears
    mantu thinks to himself that is you are so hurt then why no t accept me? he goes away
    on the other hand sneha shows rachita some photos of boys for marriage and explains to her that she has to marry someone and that she cannot stay unmarried all her life
    rachita remembers her last love who betrayed her and then about rama who loved her so much and even when she rejected him he kept on helping her
    she smiles and imagines rama. 🙂 <3
    amaya goes to the shore of a river at night and sits there
    she says mantu i wish i cud stop all this, i wish i could spend my whole life with you, i wish you could understand me
    she walks there blindly crying and collides with mantu who just came there
    mantu sees amaya
    amaya who was vry upset now did not notice mantu and just cries
    mantu feels pain seeing her cry and says ''amaya''
    she looks and him lovingly and hugs him
    mantu is shocked but is happy and hugs her back
    mantu wipes away her tears and they both have an eyelock
    amaya feels weak and falls into his arms fainted
    mantu helps her and carries her he roams around but finds all roads empty and no one to give them lift
    he thinks now At this time of night i dont think we will get a lift and so he carries her to a shed nearby
    mantu sees amaya sleeping and comes close to her
    amaya shivers and mantu arranges a fire for her
    mantu looks on.. he smiles shyly and remembers moments with amaya
    in the morning amaya finds her cuddling mantu and does not resist as she doesnt want him to get awake
    but as she carefully tries to move away mantu wakes up
    he sees amaya and they come close
    mantu says amaya i am sorry
    amaya sadly looks on
    mantu hugs her
    and she is surprised
    mantu confesses his luv and amaya smiles..
    rachita meets rama and tells him that i think that i will never find anyone better than you who took all my blame on urself for breaking this marriage
    i know that i am not comfortable and i will spend time with you and i know you are the best for me and you will help me forget my past and live a happy life.. rama smiles and thats a very nice ending to this serial!
    Hope you liked it 🙂

    1. Wow AG u got talent………….. Keep it up!!!!!!

  17. Dimeo,

    Why are you???but I am very excited of naya mantu!!!!!!!

  18. Anushka….what a lovely storyline..i just wanted something like this to happen..sadly the stupid writers have turned this serial into a crap….bullshit..nonsense !

  19. anushka,
    what a storyline.great job.i agree with you.

  20. Very nice writing anushka! This is what we all wanted and look at what they gave us. Thank you for that. We can imagine mantu and amaya forever happy in our minds.

  21. I don’t know about this drama I was just reading comments. Anushka your story sounds great.

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