Tere Sheher Mein 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu saying he can’t love Amaya. Barfi asks about Uma. Mantu says no and asks him not to think anything. He leaves. Rudra and Kaushalya act infront of Sneha. Amaya comes home and they ask about her first day. Amaya is happy and Rudra thinks how did this happen. Amaya says she is hungry and Sneha asks her to come. Kaushalya says she will sit on the floor. Sneha sits with her and asks the girls to sit on table. Rudra gets the chair and asks Kaushalya to sit on chair, as she has knee pain. Sneha asks her to sit on chair. Sneha sits down on the ground and the girls find this weird.

Amaya thinks about Mantu and thinks how did he not find time for me. Rachita says mum Amaya got credit card. Rudra is shocked. Kaushalya asks Amaya to have food. Sneha asks Amaya why is

she not eating. Amaya says I m eating. She asks Sneha is she worried. Sneha says no, I m very happy, you have new confidence and power, think well before doing things. Kaushalya says else like Rishi…. Sorry. Amaya promises she will think well, its just beginning, she has strong feeling that good time will come.

Amaya comes in room and says he did not message me. She does not message. Chiklu asks Mantu did he not get his watch. Mantu says Ama… I mean I did not get and asks him to sleep. Kaushalya tells Rudra that she has controlled over kitchen now and will control home too. He asks her to fight big one. She explains him that she will win a war, not a fight, and asks him to trust her. She says she is worried that Gajanand’s heart can melt, the annoyance can end. He says she is right, he has to find the reason what happened since ago that the relations got bad between them, then he will do something to control Gajanand.

She says great. Mantu thinks to message Amaya, as she is annoyed. Amaya gets Mantu’s goodnight message and jumps. She says it means he is missing me and replies him. She asks what happened to him, what is he doing. He says what will a decent guy do at this time. She hopes he writes a cute big message. He replies he is going to sleep, goodnight. She says he is in hurry to end talk and messages did Chiklu sleep. Chiklu asks Mantu to put phone on silent, is any devil troubling. Mantu says fine and says messages yes, did you not sleep. She replies it was exciting day, you were friend in all strangers there, I hope I manage job well. Mantu feels sleepy and replies she can manage well, he trusts her. She says really Mantu and smiles.

Amaya chats with him and scares her of spider. He asks her to sleep. She says its fun, she did not have chat late night. He replies he is sleepy, lets meet tomorrow in office, you sleep too, good night. She says how to wait till tomorrow, I want to talk to you now, can’t morning happen soon, I want to talk never ending things and smiles. She lies to sleep. Its morning, Amaya comes to office early and says did Mantu get late, no one came in office.

She waits for him and sees a peon. He asks is she finding anyone. She says no. Mukherjee comes and says good you came before time. He says he has to clean Dev’s cabin and nothing should change its place, check his cabin and then supervise the cleaning staff. He gives her the keys and asks her to return keys later. She says everything will be done. He asks about Mantu. She says he did not come. He says tell him to deliver computers at 4pm. She looks at the cabin and says its so dusty. She asks cleaning staff to come. She sees a door and Rishi’s pic inside. She goes near it and sees inside.

Amaya says whats the matter that Dev has dad’s pic in his cabin, I have to find out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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