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The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling the girls that Sneha is inside the room since morning. The girls go to Sneha and ask her to have food. Rachita says they won’t eat if she does not come. Jaz says mum does not love me and Amaya, and opened door on Rachita’s saying. Rachita makes Sneha have food. Amaya finds her worried and asks the reason, she looks disturbed, she can share anything. Sneha says nothing. Amaya asks her to rest.

Mantu looks at the garlands and smiles recalling Amaya. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage……………plays………..He imagines Amaya with him and touches her face. Amaya wakes up and looks around smiling, as she ius also thinking about Mantu and imagining him. She falls down the bed and smiles. Mantu asks Uma when did she come here. Uma says long time back, I came

to take kundli. He asks why. She says she has work, kundli can show fate of me and you. He asks what. She says I mean everyone. He says really, and thinks of his words.

He tells Uma about Amaya taking the tough way to win the race of Amar Jodi. Uma is shocked. Mantu says she has done which no one could do, she did not say the truth, she told me when I asked her after seeing the wounds, she did this to get what she wants. She asks what. He says I don’t know, just think what she wants, that she has passion for it, I wish that she gets what she wants. She worries and recalls Amaya’s love for Mantu. Uma calls Amaya.

Rama is reading the poem Rachita asked him for. Rama says he can do anything for his love. Amaya asks Uma why did she call her to meet. Uma shows the place where Uma and Mantu’s name are written on the wall. Amaya says we make many mistakes in childhood, then we grow up, you wrote the names here on wall, not on his heart. Uma says I love him, you thought to trap Mantu by winning the race, Mantu is ine. Amaya asks is she scared to lose Mantu. Uma asks her to be scared as Mantu ran to her, leaving Amaya.

Amaya says it was your plan. Uma says no, I fell from stairs and it was my fate. Amaya says fate…. I agree that day fate was with you, but remember one thing, fate is not same always, it changed. Amaya says its fate that she met Mantu. Uma says fate is that she and Mantu are together since childhood. Amaya and Uma argue. Uma says they will meet fortune teller and show kundli what their fate has in store for them. Amaya says she does not believe this. Uma asks why, don’t you believe fate or your love? Amaya recalls Mantu’s words, and says she trusts her love. Uma asks her to promise, they will go tomorrow and know in whose fate is Mantu. Amaya holds her hand and says fine, we will see. She goes.

Its morning, Mantu comes office and looks for Amaya. Mukherjee greets him and asks how did he come early. Mantu says I thought to do work soon. Mukherjee reminds its last day of his contract in their company, and he will get final payment cheque in few days. Mantu gets stunned and says I forgot about it. Mukherjee asks him not to get sad and shows contract renewal papers, this is smaller one with less pay, you accept it if you want. Mantu gets glad and says he likes the company and staff. He signs the papers and thinks why did Amaya not come, I did not wait for her so much before, where is she.

Uma and Amaya meet the fortune teller. Uma says we love one man, and want to know whose fate has Mantu. He asks if they love truly, it does not matter. Uma says I want to know. He asks Amaya does she wish so, he can just say about the kundli. He checks both kundlis. He says their love is true, but their stars are different. He says anyone of you will get their love.

He tells Amaya that her soul is pure and she will get her true love. He tells Uma that she matches Mantu but….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode today love you mantu and amaya

  2. I hate uma character

  3. Very nice epi mantu n amaya f perfect for each other

  4. Plz dont separate mantu and amaya

  5. Uma why disturbe mantu amaya

  6. Nice yrrr…

  7. ☆Twinkle05★

    Gud episode mantu and amu perfect couple ♥

  8. super episode

  9. Wowww……. Mantu started loving amaya <3 great epi… Awesome

  10. Uma being friends 4 years doesn’t matter.all that matters is ur love. U boast that u r mantus friend since childhood but u couldn’t understand that he doesn’t love u.u were blind in ur love.
    Don’t come in between manya!!!

  11. uma u were with mantu for so many yrs that doesn’t mean that mantu loves u…..
    he just cares for u…….
    I think jaz is going to feel jealous of rachita and that idiot kaushilya is going to aggravate it …..
    4 god’s sake I don’t want this to happen….
    loved manya scenes….

  12. I want to be honest and say that uma and amaya does not love u mantu. Becos I love u 🙂

  13. That’s amazing first time mantu felling something for amaya…..

  14. OMG 😮 … mantu plz realize that u have started loving amaya… plz uma try to understand that mantu does not love u .. usne tumhe kabhi bhi us nazar se nahi dekha, usne humesha tumhe apni behen ki nazron se dekha hai…. isliye toh wo tumhari care karta hai….
    ummmaaaah ♥ manya… and amaya plz go fast mantu is waiting for u ….

  15. Mantu should love Amaya only and he should marry Amaya only and there should not come any twist between them and if they faced any problems in life they both together should face the problem and solve it.
    in the matter of Uma my suggestion is Uma should understand Mantu and Amaya’s love and Uma should get different person in life or she should get married another person. Uma is very short tempered I don’t like her at all because she shouts with all everybody.

  16. What a romantic episode…. love u mantu and amaya….

  17. Hey guys I am new with this comments.
    Any one here from india.
    Ohh I am from SA ( south africa ).
    I just wanna make friends:)

  18. Lovely episode

  19. Even mantu like amaya so uma should stay away from both of them.

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