Tere Sheher Mein 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rama’s family women planning against failing Amaya, and seeing Munnu’s pic. Mantu hears them. Bua praises her son and Mantu hears that Munnu is very fat. Bua says Amaya will bring 17 or 18 year old guy’s clothes, as Munnu’s size clothes are not found in market easily. Mantu thinks he is not related to Amaya now, so he better stays away from this matter. The women laugh. Mantu says he will take care of Munnu’s food, and asks them to think will they ask Rudra to manage this or not. Rudra asks whats the new responsibility. Mantu says about Munnu’s food. Rudra says he will arrange it, its very simple. Mantu thinks Rudra will know it tomorrow. Mohini teases Rudra and he leaves.

Sneha, Dimple and girls see the clothes. Amaya says they have to buy for Munna

too. She says we can save time, I will shop for Munnu, Rama and his dad. Jaz asks her to get good clothes. Amaya goes to see some sherwanis. She asks about 17 year old boy’s clothes and checks extra large size. She thinks this will be perfect for Munnu. Mantu checks the electricity wires. His friends leave. Mantu is fixing the wire and comes inside the room. He sees the shagun clothes and recalls Bua’s words. He looks for Munnu’s dress and checks the size. He recalls Munnu’s pic and says this won’t fit Munnu, what do I have to do with this, I will not get in this matter. He hears someone coming and hides under the bed. Amaya come and closes the door. She dries her hair and water drops fall on his face. The torch starts and he stops the light by his hand.

Music plays……………. She tells Lord that she wants help today, everyone is in tension for this marriage, no mistake should happen by her, and hopes everyone likes the clothes, if anything happens because of her, she won’t be able to forgive herself. Mantu hears her and takes the tags she puts down. She goes to see Jaz. Mantu sees the shop name on it.

Mantu comes out and recalls Amaya. He leaves. Amaya and Jaz show the clothes to Rachita. Rama calls Rachita and Jaz answers the call. Rama says Rachita ji, its good you took my call, I need to talk to you. Jaz talks as Rachita and laughs seeing his concern. She says she is Jaz, and Rachita is shy to talk to him. He gets shy and ends call. Jaz says he is co cute, its good Rachita fell in love with him. Rama leaves seeing his dad. His dad asks him to change now, as he is getting married, he is still lost in thoughts.

Mantu comes to the shop and finds it closed. He says sorry Amaya, nothing can happen now. He leaves. Its morning, Bua and Nani are happy that Munnu will come now and their plan will work. Mantu keeps an eye on them. Sneha gives clothes to Rama and his family. Bua thinks when Munnu comes, it will be big issue. Bua and Mohini pass remarks on the clothes. Sumitra taunts Gajanand. Dimple replies back Sumitra. Mohini starts crying saying she did not like the shagun. Rama sits quiet seeing this. Amaya asks about Munnu, and says she got a good kurta for him. Bua says yes, dhol rings when Munnu comes. Rudra comes running and says earthquake has come, haveli will fall, run somewhere. Bua smiles. Amaya asks whats happening. Rudra says look at him. Munnu says I have come. They all get shocked seeing Munnu, a very fat guy. Manohar tells Mantu that Munnu is much fat. Amaya worries. Bua says he has come, now give his clothes. Jaz asks Amaya did we know about his size, see there. Amaya says Jaz….. Nani takes the box and gives Munnu the shagun dress, if he does not like it, they will return all shagun dresses, wear it, they got it by love. Amaya thinks to find some solution. Gajanand gets tensed.

Bua calls Munnu. They all get shocked seeing him….

Update Credit to: Amena

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