Tere Sheher Mein 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amaya saying she is bad for everyone and crying. Rachita hugs her and calms her. Amaya says mum does not want me to be here, she said a big thing, I will go very far and not trouble anyone. She wants to become responsible that mum can trust her. Rachita says her heart is very pure, and she is beautiful soul, promise me you will never leave us and go, why do you want to change yourself, you are perfect and I m proud of you, mum scolded me too. Amaya says because of me. Rachita says no, even I need a change, I understand everything but I m not responsible. Amaya hugs her.

She says when will mum hug me like this. Rachita says give some time, time will say all answers. Dimple’s daughter comes and says uncle went in hurry. She asks why did anyone do puja, there is something

wrong. Dimple says there is nothing, Dada ji is unwell. Rudra comes and asks Jaz about Sneha. Jaz says she is in kitchen, I will call her. Rudra says I will go to her and greets Sneha. He asks is everything fine. Sneha says yes, how did you come. He asks does she need anything. She says we don’t need anything. He asks about others.

He looks around and asks will they come in jagran, he came to give invitation, but its his small house, and he thought to invite them. Rachita comes and he greets her. He says you have seen Banaras jagran many times, I was thinking it will be new for the girls, bring them with you, where is Amaya. He gets tensed thinking why did they get pale by Amaya’s name, did she run. Rachita asks how did he think this. He says when I come, she looks around happy, and I did not see her today. Rachita says she is fine and resting in bedroom. He says fine.

Sneha says I will tell about jagran later, say my greetings to Bhabhi. Rudra says fine and leaves. He thinks so Amaya could not go Mumbai and gets glad. Rachita says don’t know when will light come, its good we have battery light and candles. She asks Jaz to come for dinner. Jaz says mum did not come, I will see her in kitchen. Sneha cooks and feels hot. She goes to drink water and stops recalling her dad’s words. Jaz comes and asks is she fine.

Sneha asks her to take food and eat. Jaz asks will she not eat. Sneha says I m not hungry, her mood is off. Rachita says they have to morally support Sneha. Amaya says we are together, but why are we unable to do anything. Rachita says you and Jaz are not talking, you are elder and you should talk. Amaya says Jaz called me loser. Rachita asks her not to fight again, talk to her alone. Jaz comes and gets the food. She says mum is upset, she said she will have food later and asked us to start.

Amaya says I know she does not want to talk to me. Amaya thinks room looks beautiful in moon light, she run after electricity and did not see this before. She says she sees problems in everything, she did not try, maybe mum wanted to explain this, dear life, put many problems as much it wants, she will never complain.

Its morning, Amaya comes to the temple. FB shows Amaya waking up by the temple bell sound and getting irritated. The pandit asks her to do darshan and give money later. The ladies ask her to move back and let them do puja. Mantu stops a lady and asks her to break coconut somewhere else. The pandit sees Amaya and says he did her dad’s tehrvi. Amaya apologizes to the Lord, and says she came to temple for the first time, I m sorry if anything goes wrong. She promises she will just see positive things in Banaras and accept whatever she gets, the thing which she does not like, she will not complaint against it. She says she will not complain about the bells, she wants to change and needs Lord’s help. Mantu sees Amaya and thinks is it really her or his eyes are playing with him. Amaya asks Lord to keep her family happy, she is unable to keep them happy and seeks help as he knows everything, guide me in whatever problems she made, it gets solved.

Rachita asks Amaya where did she go in morning. Amaya says morning walk. Rachita asks again. Amaya lies and Rachita asks about red tika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Nice episode good that Amaya is now coming to her senses that things had changed

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