Tere Sheher Mein 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya seeing everyone practicing dance and thinking how will she coordinate dance steps with Rama. Amaya sees Rama and Suman practicing dance and thinks Rama will just dance with her. Amaya goes to get her belongings and Rama stops her. Amaya gets her bag and sees Rama and Suman closer. She gets angry and disturbs them. She thinks how to get her clothes from cupboard and messes the bed. She leaves. Rama asks Suman to dance with her and she happily agrees.

Sneha asks the committee members to see the arrangements. Sumitra pinpoints few things. Bua asks why did police come. The inspector says Sneha called us for security, big people will come. The committee members get glad seeing Sneha’s perfect planning. She gets a call. She tells Pandey that she has to take

Gajanand to Mumbai, as she got appointment by a big surgeon. She says she never leaves any work incomplete, but Rachita will manage everything. Pandey likes the idea. Sneha says trust Rachita, she is responsible. Pandey says its good if new generation works and learn our rituals. Rachita promises Sneha that she will manage everything. Sneha goes. Sumitra stops Sneha and passes taunts.

Sneha says I m going for my dad, if you do anything with my daughters or family, if you and your bahu do bad, then I won’t leave anyone. Amaya promises in her heart that she won’t let anything wrong happen with her family. The media comes and Sumitra takes all the credit and says Kangana has done all the work. She stops them from taking Kangana’s pic. Amaya thinks Sumitra is possessive, don’t know whats problem it they take pic. Jaz says its wrong, she is taking credit. Rachita says it does not matter.

Sumitra tells about Kangana and Rama’s dance acts and Bua will start the function. Amaya says Sneha is not here, there is no one to take this responsibility. Rachita says Jaz will host the show. Sumitra says I m the head, I will decide, Jaz can’t manage this. Rachita says Jaz will be best host. Jaz talks in English. Bua says she has to talk in hindi. Jaz talks in pure hindi and Amaya smiles. Sumitra starts her tantrums.

They put the charity box there and people start putting money. Some thieves see the charity box and think to steal it. Gupta asks Rama about his friend. Rama says she might be getting ready. Gupta says you are not going right with Amaya. Rama says I won’t perform with her. A man collides with Rama and his Pagdi falls. Rama says he does not know tying Pagdi. The thieves enter the venue. Amaya looks for Kangana. She thinks there is some connection between Kangana and Kanika. Kangana says Rama is performing today. Rama asks Gupta to go. Amaya asks Gupta to go and sit. She goes. Sumitra talks to Pandey and says we should secure the charity box, as thieves will be trying to get it.

Pushpa tells Rachita that Mishra family is coming in Maha utsav, and they for their son’s proposal for you. Rachita gets shocked. Pushpa tells about the family, and says we know Sneha has told people in market to get you married in big family, but you can just meet once and decide. Rachita says she can do anything for mum’s happiness. Pushpa gets glad. Rachita sends Jaz on stage.

Sumitra asks Rama did he call Suman. Rama asks Sumitra to tie Padgi. Sumitra asks Amaya to do it. Rama refuses to take help. Sumitra says she is your wife, its tradition in our house. Amaya says I don’t know. Bua asks did Sneha not teach her anything. Amaya says fine. They all go. Rama and Amaya argue. Amaya ties the Pagdi tight and asks Rama not to move. She ties it well and asks him to thank. He says I was helpless, you should thank me. She says such an attitude.

Jaz starts the function. Suman informs Raman that she can’t come for program and apologizes. Rama says now he has to take Amaya’s help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Does anybody still watch this boring track…Completely lost interest ….Missign Manmarziyaan…God knows how Admin bears this useless track….

    Show getting ready to go off air…That Rama is one usless actor…He was in Nandini too..Except for his good looks, this chap has zero sense of acting…Just boring….

  2. what the hell yaar…they have sent Uma then Mantu out of the story…n this Rama doesn’t even think abt rachitha…did he really loved rachitha..seriously I have a doubt….
    Then what abt contract signed by Amaya in dev’s office for 3 years….even that topic is also closed…..

    I thought ki new generation girls story,so it will be bit different…but they have made Amaya as servant….bull shit yaa…I hate this track …its worst….

    N today Amaya being angry on Rama n her Frnd dancing…its shit …seriously….

    It’s better to stop watching this serial….

    It’s was Mantu how explained n changed Amaya n this Amaya is not even concerned abt him….yack

  3. mantu aka druv quit the show…
    so no use for waiting manya ? reunion its out of time wasting
    current track is boring
    no improve in trp
    so i thougt soap will go off air soon

    1. manyavala tsm, leah

      What!!!!!!!!!!!are you sure that dhruv

    2. manyavala tsm, leah

      What!!!!!!!!!!!are you sure that dhruv quit? ??????

      1. Not sure..
        i read on tellychakkar news update and fb trp pages

  4. manyavala tsm, leah

    What!!!!!!!! are you sure dhruv quit the show???????????

  5. yaar Malu,
    mantu ne tweet kiya hai ki it is a fake.Mantu ne bola hai ki o ab lead role nahi kar raha hai magar tsm quit bhi nahi kar raha hai.

    So guys plzzzzzz no hope ki manya ek honge,ramay (father-daughter jodi)hi ek honge.I am 200%sure….

  6. shuvi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment karo.tumhara Comment bohothi accha lagta hai.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzshuvi comment karoge na???????

  7. It started on such a nice note and now what boring storyline. I feel I wasted so much time. I live in Canada. I used to watch this program religiously. Can anyone tell me what happened to the people who made this program

  8. mary christodoulou

    This show strted so n ice but now the writers made it so boring ..why cant they make it better between aman and amaya to see something nice

  9. Our Dhruv Bhandari’s (mantu) father passed away yesterday… Feeling very sorry for mantu..
    Better quit the show and take care of urself and family.. Dont waste your valuable time in this stupid show.. Why do u sacrificing so much to be part of such a worst show..

  10. U stupid directors
    even in ssel the both leads united
    suhani is not fair if love is blind for everything in external factors they start bottom of heart
    u ruine a such a pure love each other
    wt a horrible yar

  11. Our Dhrub Bhandari’s father passed away from yesterday(thursday).

    Guys bohot bura lag raha hai.Main to ro rahi hoo.

    Tsm:-mantu ye show quit kar diya hai or ab mantu ki jagah koi or aayega.Mantu show quit kiya kiyuki showme mantu ka ab negative role hoga….


  12. Ok, so I’m still on holiday, and didn’t see todays episode. Can anyone tell me is Rama dressed as Lord Krishna????? Is Amaya meant to be Radha??? If this is the case, there is no hope for Mantu and Amaya. Speaking of Mantu, i will come to him later.

    So Sneha is going to take Gajanand to Mumbai????? Why now all of a sudden???? Gajanand has been in hospital for like 3 weeks, why go to Mumbai now???? Maybe this is also Sneha leaving the show also. The same has happened to Uma, and Mantu and now maybe Sneha. Dont get me started on Dev and Rudra and people like that.

    Ok so Mantu…………Dhruv Bhandari………..i have read today, to my horror, that he has left the show! His father was not well, and has passed away. Maybe Dhruv was not in the right frame of mind to work due to personal issues. I have also read that the writers wanted Mantu to turn negative after recent events in TSM. Mantu disagreed with this character turn, and therefore decided to leave the show. Apparently he didn’t want his character, Mantu, to be tainted and look bad to the public. Well done Dhruv, at least somebody has a brain on this show.

    I dont tend to believe gossip on the internet, but it does seem Dhruv (Mantu), has left the show. I’m not going to lie, but I’m quite upset, as stupid as that sounds. Im british asian, living in London. My mother watches all these serials, and I think they are all crap. But this one caught my eye. It had a unique feel to it and felt different, and a large part of that goes to Dhruv (Mantu). Now he is no longer here. He may have left the show to look after his dad, but as his dad has passed now, maybe he will take some time off for personal reasons, and maybe return later at some stage. Few months, a year….more……i dont know…..but surely they have to entice him to come back. If not, this show is doomed.

    Ive felt like the writers of this show, have tried to promote Rama more, and take Mantu away, so that we forget Mantu, and just think of Rama. Its a stupid tactic, because Mantu is so popular, and Rama is not. They even mentioned Rachita marrying someone else today. All it means is that everything that has happened in this serial up to now, means absolutely NOTHING!!!!!

    I’d like to wish Dhruv the best of luck for the future, and hope that current affairs in his life dont keep him down too long. Hopefully we will all see him again soon, in this drama or another. However, because Mantu was the only normal character in this show, and now he is no longer there, I dont really have much reason to continue watching this. The only positive person in the show has gone. Rama does not have the same talent or feel as Mantu. Hate to sound defeated, but with Dhruv gone, Amaya, Rama, Sumitra and whoever can do whatever they want…………..i simply dont care anymore.

  13. Sorry for going on too long, but those are my feelings

  14. I think I have wasted my tym watching TSM. I stay in KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) nd this was the only show I used to watch. But now I think this is the worst show I have ever watched. Writers have spoiled the show.

  15. Serial starts with such a standard which made an impress watching it daily…now it has reached worst condition…so many stopped watching this serial coz of such worst straps…. dno y still this serial being running with meaningless relationship…how can director r writter think so worst…vyak…

  16. Where is mantu ? The main hero is not there. Nice that i left watching the show after ramya’s marriage.hate u star plus.

  17. Dhruv bandhari had really quit the show guys.. Sad news-his father passed away yesterday. He was absent from many days because he was attending his ailing father. My hearty condolences to him and his family.

  18. After marriage its not appropriate to think about your ex boyfriend…no matter how much u loved him but husband will come first afterwards…atleast in Indian society.

  19. is rama really loves rachita..i hve a doubt…amaya and mantu loves each other but why is amaya feeling jealous to see rama and suman dancing together …seriously wht is happening in this show….mantu’s character is cut off…arey yr..it’s too much ..i was thinking that it is the story of amaya and mantu but it is the story of only amaya who is falling in love two times and god knows how many times she will fall in love…really its too stupid

  20. Life is unexpected! The sudden happenings can just make you go blank.

    As a journalist it is our right to get you every information. But right now typing this story makes us go numb.

    Just hours back we reported about Dhruv Bhandari quitting Tere Sheher Mein. As mentioned, Dhruv was by his ailing father Mohan Bhandari’s side.

    And now news comes in is that his dad is no more.

    A renowned actor himself, Mohan has been recuperating from brain tumour. For the last one and a half years he had been confined to bed owing to his bad health. He is still remembered for his role in Saath Phere.

    Shared a source, “Mohan has been terminally ill and doctors were trying their best. But he could not battle the strenuous fight with the disease and breathed his last today.”

    As per people on the sets of his show he passed away today evening around 7 pm.

    Taking the emotional turmoil of Dhruv in consideration we did not call him.

    Tellychakkar.com pays it deepest condolence to the Bhandari family.

  21. Its good that Rachi kisi aur se shadi karne wali hai. Kyun ki rama Rachi ke layak hi nahi hai. Lekin yeh Amaya ko rama kisi aur ke sath dance karne se gussa kyun kar rahi hai? Tsm Bakwaas ka sare had par kardiya hai. Ab Mantu show mai nahi rahega tho show dekne ka matlab hi nahi hai. October 2nd aane ko ek haftha bacha hai. Writters please zyaada time nahi lena tsm off air karne mai. Band kar do is show ko aur hum viewers ko bachado. Please * 10000000

  22. I am guessing that in order to give Druv time to spend with his then ailing father the writers would have taken a stupid twist to the story. What a mess it turned out to be !!!. The worst is the 3 ladies + Sumithra ending in lead roles.

  23. Condolences to Dhruv….. Be strong for urself and ur family they need ur support!!!!!!
    Also as I anticipted earlier continuing with TSM now will be bad for Dhruv’s acting career so glad that he has moved on………..appreciate ur decision!!!!! Will look out for you on other projects
    Dhruv’s quitting news with have an extremely negative effect on TSM that was already crippling because of storyline and I am actually very happy about it……………..
    Time is up TSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. News confirmed!!!!!! Our mantu quit the show… Now its sure rama is main lead… Our mantu leaving bcs of personal reasons as well as he is not finding any future for his character in this crap show… That sounds good mantu..u better leave from this stupid one…great future ventures waiting for u… Now ur fans like me too can stop watching this crapppp… Bye bye tsm… Go to hell wit ur ramya pair and stories… For sure ur serial is just gonna be a crap nothing else

  25. Go to hell TSM……???

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