Tere Sheher Mein 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rudra making Amaya late. He says his bike is not starting. She says she will go by auto. Rudra says he will drop her. She says sorry and takes auto. She leaves. Manish says Mantu that Amaya did not come, they are in problem. Manty says she is punctual always, don’t know what happened. Amaya reaches office and rushes. Rama recalls Rachita’s tattoo and smiles. Rachita comes to take Sneha’s insulin and says she has to give injection today, she is scared, but Amaya is not at home, she got job. Rama says say congrats from my side, I will get the insulin. He gives her and she thanks him.

He asks her not to be tensed, she can do anything, he trusts her. She says I need to talk something imp. He gets glad and thinks tell it today. She says is this place right. He says

no one is here. She says Kavita is not good for him, don’t get engaged to her. He smiles. She says listen to me, don’t smile, Kavita can’t understand you. He thinks just se understands him. She says the entire matter, how she heard Kavita and he does not hear her words, being lost in her.

Amaya apologizes to Mukherjee. He scolds her for coming late and says about French client, she will lose job if they lose the client. Mantu comes and asks Amaya to give the mouse, he has asked her to pick up on the way and that’s why she got late. He lies to help her. He gives her purse and asks her to give the mouse to her. She finds the mouse inside it and gives him. She thanks him. He says I needed this, thanks, you saved company from loss, she will make you proud, sorry and leaves. She smiles. Mukherjee asks why did you not tell me you got late for office work, I should have not shouted on you. He gets French client call and asks her to talk. She talks in French.

Rachita shouts Rama and asks did he hear her. He says I understood I should not marry Kavita, she is not right for me, I need to say something imp. She says not now, I have to go to give insulin to mum. She leaves. Rama’s mum heard them and fumes. Amaya sees Mantu and smiles. Mukherjee tells Amaya that call was good, French client did not go, make a letter for them, you can improve. She thanks him, and smiles seeing Mantu.

Mantu sees her smiling and turns. She sits when he sits and stands when he stands. He keeps box to stop her from seeing him. She types Mantu Mantu and says its enough now, I will convince you today, I m coming. She says thanks for today and sorry for last time. He says he is Abhimanyu, not Mantu and leaves. She says she has to make up to him and writes something. Rachita is scared to give injection to Sneha. Kaushalya talks to them and Rachita says she keeps insulin in Rama’s shop. Kaushalya says she has given injection to neighbor many times and says she will give Sneha. She gives injection to Sneha. Sneha says I m fine. Kaushalya thinks she will take everything in her hand soon.

Kavita meets Rama and says sorry to come late, I liked your surprise, as you called me to meet, where are we going. He asks her to come and brings her to tea stall. She says is this place to talk romantic. He says any place becomes romantic if there is love in heart. He says its our engagement in 2 days, so wanted to talk. He says he does not get well with his parents, he is finding govt job, its good she is graduate, he will not take from his parents after marriage, he decided that he will prepare for govt job exam and she can do any job for home expenses, they will manage. She gets worried and says she will go now, she is getting late. He says fine. She leaves. He thinks if Rachita told true about her, Kavita will show her real face and refuse for engagement.

Mukherjee talks to Mantu and asks whats this, I m sorry, did he fight with wife. He says he is not married. Mukherjee asks whats this nonsense and scolds him. Mantu says sorry. Amaya goes to him and shows letter to Mukherjee. Amaya says its very nice idea to make company’s good will high, so that if he gets late then he can apologize to clients, so he has kept it in screensaver. Mantu says yes. Mukherjee likes the idea and leaves. Amaya says I m sorry to Mantu.

Mantu coughs and Amaya makes him drink water. He asks why is she crying. She says maybe by seeing him teary eyed. He wipes her tears.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is the precap a dream or will it really happen????? I mean mantu wing her tears…

  2. Is the precap a dream or will it really happen????? I mean mantu wiping her tears…

  3. Super precap amaya and mantu so sweet

  4. so sweet episode nd precap was very awesome

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    excited for mantu $ amaya… felling vry happy for both… I love this show..

  7. Nice ep

  8. precap..owzum..mantu nd amayaaaa..lub yu guyzz..yu guyz r juzz made foh each othr

  9. the serial is so interesting

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