Tere Sheher Mein 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha coming home tensed. Kaushalya asks what happened. Sneha says nothing, there was crowd in temple. Sneha calls Hari and says he has seen me, Dev… He asks what. She says he followed me. He asks did he see the haveli. She says no, and asks him to come. He says he also wills to come, but he is stuck. She says why is Lord testing me, please come. Hari says fine, I will come, whatever happens now. Mantu and Amaya are on the way. Mantu gets Gajanand’s address and hides it. He asks Amaya why did she not refuse to Dev. She says she can’t.

He says don’t worry, it will be done. She says why will I worry, when you are with me. He asks is her leg hurting. She says I m fine. He says we will reach soon, and helps her. He holds her hand and takes her. She says she will

do this work. Dev hurts Lallan as he failed to find Sneha. Lallan says she is not here. Dev says I have seen her, it means you don’t wish to find her. Lallan apologizes and leaves. Dev says Rishi went without answering me, but Sneha has to answer me. Sneha sits sad in her room.

Uma calls Mantu and he lies to her that he has come for his work. She asks him to come home soon. Mantu thinks he is lying, he does not deserve Amaya, why is he thinking this, what happened to me, he does not know whats in Amaya’s heart. Amaya comes and says whose address is next. He does not show Gajanand’s address, and makes her busy in talk. He says you might be hungry, you can have good snacks here. She sees Gajanand’s letter. He says I thought you will feel bad. She says how will I go there. He says I will go. She says I got this work, I have to do this. He says fine, I will deliver this letter. He gives the letter at Chobey nivaas.

She thanks him and says she will call office to ask for work, if there is no work, I will go home. He says no, you have to come to hospital, your leg can get infected. She asks will he lift her. He asks her not to joke. The doctor treats Amaya and says about injection. She says she is scared of injection. Mantu says I m with you. The doctor says kids are not scared. Mantu says no, many people are scared, even I m, but I did not see more stronger girl than her, I m with her. He asks her to look at him and holds her hand. She looks at him and doctor gives her the injection. He says its done, you should have come early. Amaya says she slipped and got hurt.

The doctor says it looks like you went through tough way. Mantu looks at her and says fine, I will take care of her. Amaya asks him why is he seeing like this. He asks why did she lie before. She says I did not lie, I went same way like others. He says I know you fell and I came to know Uma was ahead in girls, don’t lie to me, tell me the truth. She says yes, I took that stony tough way. He asks why. She says she wanted to get something. He asks what, why did you risk your life. She says when there is something more imp than life, the life is not valuable. He says this is madness, you will get things written in your fate, this race and all does not matter, destiny will have it for you.

She smiles and says maybe. Ye moh moh ke dhaage………..plays……………… They leave from the hospital. Mantu and Amaya stop seeing the aarti, and he says wait here, I will come. She says she will come, she also wants blessings. The pandit throws the garlands and it falls on Amaya and Mantu’s neck. She recalls his words. They take aarti. She says this is blessings, so lets go wearing garland. He asks what. She laughs and says I was joking, see your face.

Mantu drops Amaya home. He asks Amaya to take care and reminds doctor’s words. He says he will call and ask about her health. She laughs and says I promise I will take care, if you want to call, you can call me to ask about my health. He says fine, I will leave, this garland…. I will take it, bye. Tune kahan………….plays……….. He leaves. She smiles seeing him and waves bye. He looks at her.

Kaushalya sees Sneha’s door locked and thinks how to find out what happened. Sneha sits worried. Kaushalya asks is there anything, why is she inside the room, come and have food. Sneha does not respond and Kaushalya leaves. Dev gets Shiv temple Prasad, and gets a note it the sweet box. He reads that Rishi Mathur’s family has done Rudra Abhishek, and says it means Sneha was there, she did the puja instead Gajanand, I will get her now.

Uma and Amaya argue and think to ask a fortune teller. Amaya agrees. They both meet him and take blessings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hi everyone.. does anyone know that mantu has acted in a tamil film. that too with actor vivek

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      Wat i dont know ya which movie?

    2. ☆Twinkle05★

      Hey i found it i just saw that movie images i am shocked infact i am from south one time i watched that movie but after u r comment i found him hahaha 😀

  2. lov amaya and mamtu together

  3. ☆Twinkle05★

    Super episode♡♥ luv it………
    mantu u only deserve amu u dont think like this u r the best super cool guy and continue u r feelings and start u r luv ♡♥♡♥

  4. Manya track is superb??

  5. Loved the episode..:*:*
    day by day its more interesting,my holidays are coming to end and the track is going in the right path!! I jst hope i ll be able to watch sp frm 10 to 11 even after coll strted…..i dont want to miss tsm and mnz

    1. TSM (Tere Sher Mein) and TMH (Tu Mera Hero) are switching time slots, so TSM will soon start airing at 8 o’clock and TMH will air at 10 o’clock.

      1. Are u sure…
        Thats a wonderfull news zaz tmh is a boring show and tsm is gttng intrsting…. thnxx fr d news..

  6. ya he has acted in tamil movie.. u know the movie which actor vivek acted in 10000 kodi movie in that only.

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      Hey i found it i just saw that movie images i am shocked bcoz i am from south infact i watched that movie one time but after u r comment i realise him hahaha 😀

  7. dev agnihotri also acted in tamil film

  8. surbhi binnani biyani

    umm…i think amaya shud return uma’s dress at least,,uma ko itna toh milna hi chahie tha.
    rama nd rachita’s part z also lovely besides amaya nd mantu…..

  9. The best epi ever seen……. Loved it <3

  10. oh … really awesome episode…. love u so so much manya….
    I saw in sas-bahu-aur-betiya that :—….
    baarish ho rahi hai and amaya is standing alone so some 2 lafange gundey come and woh amaya ko chedtey hain… fir hoti hai humare hero yaani mantu ki entry … aur won fir unki bohot pitaayi and khoob dhunaai kartaa. … but then also amaya doesn’t tell him thanku and scolds him….that “agar tumhe kuchh ho jata to” …. yeeyyyyeyeyyyyy hurrrreeyyyyyy now mantu is also in love amaya….. rock on……

    1. yeeyyyy now mantu is also in love with amaya…… ♥♥ ……

  11. chanda panday

    Loved Mantu and Amaya together,compatible,Uma is just too loud and irritating,doesn’t look nice with Mantu,he needs to tell her already that he looked upon as a sister only and nothing else

  12. amu you are so cute .

  13. Great love will grow between them( fingers crossed)

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