Tere Sheher Mein 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sneha leaving home. Amaya and Jaz argue a lot. Amaya says she is not going and asks her not to pack her bag. Jaz says she does not care for anyone. Rachita says Amaya worries for us equally. Jaz says no, else she would have thought before running. Amaya cries and says she loves them a lot. Jaz says dad used to say this and then he left, Nana ji is right, you also go leaving us. Amaya says dad did a lot for us, he did this to give us good life. Jaz says so he left us alone, everything was perfect till his business was well, then left us alone, it would be good if he took us.

Amaya says shut up. Rachita asks them not to fight. Jaz says dad also hurt us, you do the same. Kripa makes tea and tells Dimple that Pushpa and Gajanand did not come out of room. Dimple says

don’t take it, they will be disturbed. Kripa says I will try again, I will check his health, maybe he will say yes to have tea now. He knocks the door and asks him to have tea. Gajanand says he will have later. Pushpa asks him to have tea. Gajanand says I m fine, don’t worry, I will tell you to make tea when I want.

Uma comes to wake up Chiklu and drop him to school. Mantu asks her to be quiet, as Chiklu is sleeping. Mantu talks to her about Chiklu’s boarding school and the fees is high. She says you can’t live without him, how will you send. He says its tough, but I have to do this for his good.

Amaya asks Rachita is she so bad. She say she was going for making things fine, and don’t know why everything went wrong, I m not bad, and I have hurt everyone, the one I love and care the most. She says I did not wish to hurt her. Rachita cries and says I don’t know what to do. Uma shows her dress and says don’t worry, Chiklu is still here. He asks is it special occasion. She says its dance competition, I will meet the dance teacher, I need her as she will teach me. He thinks Chiklu also needs a teacher, I need to talk to Jaz.

Dimple sees Sneha in market. Sneha leaves seeing her. Rudra’s friend comes to meet him. Rudra says I did not hope from you, but you did god work. His friend says he lied that Amaya went home. Rudra beats him. The man says Mantu was catching me. Rudra scolds him. He says if Amaya leaves Banaras, he will not leave him. Sneha comes home and sees Jaz murmuring about Amaya being angry.

Jaz says Amaya will not go and we know you won’t let her go. Sneha asks about her packing. Jaz says I can’t talk to her, we fought. Rudra says I have to go Mathur house and find about Amaya. His friend apologizes and says he will help him. Rudra says you can’t do anything. He leaves and says he will get some excuse, he has to find out is Amaya in Banaras or not.

Sneha scolds Rachita and Jaz and asks them to pack their bags too. Amaya says she said if I don’t stay here, you will be happy, say this is lie. Sneha says I don’t lie, I broke relations with that home as I know what they think about Rishi, I did not have relations even now, you got the answer, I had to go there and hear Rishi’s insult because of Amaya, they all faced insult, she has ruined Rishi’s name by eloping. Rachita asks her to forgive Amaya. Sneha scolds Rachita and Jaz defends her. Sneha scolds Jaz and asks them to go if they think they don’t need her.

She asks does they know the responsibility, and asks Rachita to understand the meaning of being elder sister. Rachita says they were fighting about dad. Sneha scolds her. She says Amaya realized her mistake to manage herself and does her packing. Amaya cries and asks for last chance, for my superman. Sneha says don’t dare to call him superman, as you lost the right, you insulted him.

She removes the poster and says you don’t respect him and his name. Amaya begs for forgiveness. Sneha says wherever you stay, don’t do anything that bring shame to your dad’s name. Amaya promises. Sneha says you don’t value the word superman, don’t call him. Amaya cries. Sneha gets sad and comes to her room. She says she has scolded their daughters a lot, but this was important, maybe they can learn to live life, I have hurt them, I did this by making heart stone, did I do this right?

Amaya comes to the temple and prays to Lord, and says she will see just goodness of the city and accept whatever Lord gives.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Great amaya!!keep seeing good in everything n u will succeed…

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