Tere Sheher Mein 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha requesting Kaushalya to come and stay with them. Rudra and Kaushalya agree as per their plan. Sneha brings them home and shows the room. She says she will clean the room. Kaushalya says we will manage. Sneha says no and cleans the room by the daughters’ help. The girls get tired and rest. Jaz says I hope they get home soon, how long will they stay. Amaya asks why is she saying so. Jaz says you think Rudra did not get any home to stay, what nonsense. Rachita says even I did not feel right. Amaya says they are Hari’s family and he also stayed with us in Mumbai.

Rachita says we have grown up infront of childhood, but Rudra and aunty, we will be uncomfortable. Amaya says they did not come, we stopped them, they sold their home to save our haveli. She asks Jaz

not to tell this to mum, mum will be hurt and Rudra and Kaushalya will feel we are not obedient to mum. Jaz says this will be problem for Amaya, as she can’t wear short clothes infront of Rudra. Rachita laughs.

Uma is angry and asks Chiklu to have food. Mantu comes home and says he has much work at office, he is hungry and did not have food. She says she kept the food there. He stops her and says he worries for her. He gifts her and asks her to open and see. She likes the saree. He says its banarasi saree. She asks why did he spend. He says you and Chiklu are my family. He says he got order today and got saree for her. She smiles. He says she has to wear saree after marriage, not this jeans. She thinks he is testing her and loves her, she will wait till he realize love for her.

He says he has thought a lot, he worries a lot for her. She says she liked it. He says he will take her pic and gets a call. He asks her to try the saree at home and sends her. She thanks him and leaves. He does not take Amaya’s call. Amaya says is he still angry, she will try again. He says its wrong number. She says she knows its right number and wants to talk to him. She asks can he talk to Mantu. He says its not Mantu’s number and ends it.

Rudra talks to Kaushalya and they talk about taking revenge from Mathurs. Sneha comes and they get shocked seeing her. Sneha walks to them and says she is glad seeing them linked to Rishi so much. She sees Rishi and Hari’s pic. Rudra praises Rishi. Sneha leaves not knowing their acting. Kaushalya says Sneha is so nice, we can’t tell him that we want their haveli, happiness, they have snatched everything from us, Hari has made me do this, I will knock off everyone who comes in my son’s way. She asks him to check on Amaya, its first day at her office. Rudra says first day….

Amaya checks few dresses and sees Mantu in mirror. She asks for his choice and he chooses one. She turns and says he comes and disappears. She says she has patience and will convince him. She says she has to wake up early and puts alarm. Its morning, she wakes up late. She does not get water and Rudra is in other bathroom, wasting time. Amaya asks him to come fast, she is getting late. She asks him to hurry up. He says coming, water is slow, wait for some time. Jaz says don’t know why they came here. Rudra comes out and says sorry, I came late, water is slow. Amaya goes to washroom. Mukherjee tries to talk to French clients and waits for Amaya. He says she does not value time and gets angry. Amaya gets ready and Kaushalya stops her as she is doing puja. Sneha makes Amaya have curd and sugar and wishes her all the best. Amaya asks Rachita to give injection to Sneha. Kaushalya makes her more late. Rudra says he will drop Amaya and takes it slowly by long route. Amaya says she goes by other route. Rudra says its short cut.

Mukherjee tells Manish and Mantu that Amaya has put him in problem. Mukherjee says he has to talk to French client in 15 mins, they can lose client. Rudra stops the bike and she says she got late.

Mukherjee scolds Amaya for coming late and says she will be fired if they lose the client. Amaya says I m really sorry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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