Tere Sheher Mein 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gajanand asking Amaya to say if he is wrong. He says he went to save his respect and Amaya ruined my respect even there. He says he can’t show face after all this, Rishi was a thief and see his courage to make haveli infront of my house, so that we get embarrassed. He says he gave that bad home and died, he will not get any peace. Sneha says stop it, if you say against him, I will forget its my parents house, you don’t know what he did and what he bear for me.

She says she has saved this house’s respect, he did not ruin respect. Gajanand asks what did he do. Sneha says he bought the haveli as it was his dream, why will you believe me, I m sorry from my and my daughter’s side. She says my daughters are my pride, I know Amaya did mistake, but I will not punish

her all my life, like you did. She says she loves her family, she will not stay in house where he does not respect her husband.

She says this house did not had respect for me 25 years ago, I did right to leave this house, dad has forgotten me, I m still his daughter, and he made it easy for me to forget him, I m Mrs Sneha Mathur, I will not turn to see this house. She takes her daughters and leaves. Gajanana lights matchstick to burn the memories and Pushpa stops him. She asks Kripa to keep it. Sneha comes home and the power goes.

They all cry. Sneha sees Rishi’s pic and cries. Amaya gets sad and cries. She thinks to apologize to Sneha and don’t know will she forgive her or not. Its morning, Gajanand talks to his wife and is sad on what happened. She worries for him. Amaya comes and thinks she can’t apologize by just sorry, I have to prove mum that I deserve this. Rachita wakes up. She tells Jaz that she needs to divert mind to forget everything. Jaz says my mind is not working. Rachita says why did mum hide this about her family.

Amaya tries to cook and Sneha asks her to leave it, she can’t do. Amaya says I will do. Rachita and Jaz look for Amaya. Sneha says Amaya is making tea and toast, sit here, don’t go there. Amaya gets the tea and toast. Sneha scolds her on bad tea and toast. Amaya says she will practice next time. Sneha scolds her for running away and stealing electrician, she will always say next time. She gets angry. Amaya says I m sorry. Sneha says this will not be of any use, stop this drama. She leaves. She asks her to go Mumbai and starts her packing.

Amaya says I m sorry, forgive me. Sneha says no, I m sorry, you said Banaras is not your city, and I did not understand Rishi and your pain, you wrote this in letter, I understood you have grown up and can take your life’s decisions, I m good mum to support you. Amaya asks Rachita to talk to mum. Jaz asks her to live her luxurious life, if dad did not do this, this would have not happened. Rachita says Jaz.

Sneha asks Amaya to take money and she will send more when she goes Mumbai. She asks her not to worry about them. Amaya cries and says I don’t want. Sneha says I m sorry there is not direct flight to Paris from Banaras. Amaya says tell me what to do that you forgive me, I will not do this again. Sneha says she can’t slap her, as she can complaint and send her to jail. Amaya asks her to be angry.

Sneha says I m not angry, I m totally fine, I know you want to live your life your way, if you go, my tension will end. Sneha says she has to cook for them. She asks Rachita to book flights tickets from mobile, we will send Amaya by business class, she can be fresh when she lands in Mumbai. Amaya says I don’t have to go anywhere. Sneha says you will be happy in Mumbai, we will be fine without you, go and do packing.

Sneha scolds Rachita and asks her to obey her. Jaz asks why are you shouting on Rachita. Sneha scolds her and asks them to do their packing too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good one I like the way Sneha scold Amaya at least she will start thinking properly that things had change now

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