Tere Sheher Mein 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya seeing Bua spoiling the idol clothes. Amaya says she won’t let them win. Jaz says there is no file in room, maybe Sneha took it. Rachita asks them to have juice. Bua says we won’t and taunts her. They all leave. Sumitra comes home. Bua says she did the work. Kangana comes and says she did good dance practice. Bua says I know, no one can dance well than Kangana. Kangana says she will make food for everyone.

Sumitra says Kangana kept fast for Maha utsav. She asks Amaya to learn from Kangana. Kangana goes to make bhog. They all praise Kangana. Sumitra and everyone go to Chobey Nivaas to laugh on Sneha, when the clothes will be found damaged by the committee. They get shocked seeing the clean clothes. The committee men like the clothes and praise them.

Bua says how did this happen, when I spoiled by my hands. They take the clothes and thank Sneha.

Sumitra scolds Bua and Mohini for not doing anything right. Amaya says she has done this, she has seen them, spoiling idol’s clothes. Sumitra asks did you tell the truth to your mum. Amaya says no, I will not the promise to you, but I promised to myself too, I have seen you all spoiling the clothes and I have changed it. FB shows Amaya going to Chobey Nivaas as a banjaran selling utensils. Jaz says we don’t want utensils, go. Amaya asks for water and sends her. She swaps the clothes.

She tells Sumitra to hurt her, she will bear it, but she can’t bear if they hurt Sneha and Gajanand’s respect. Bua scolds her. Kangana eats chicken and comes inside the haveli. She sees the bhog in kitchen and keeps the chicken bone there. She leaves from there and Amaya sees her. She follows Kangana, while Kangana runs hastily. Amaya says whats happening, this girl knows every way here, its something wrong, Kangana is making bhog in kitchen, I will see there.

She does not see Kangana and says it means my doubt is right, I don’t know why is Kangana wearing two different style clothes, whom she wants to fool, why is she pretending, whats the secret. Sumitra comes there and scolds Amaya seeing the non veg bone. She asks why did she spoil the bhog. Amaya says why are they telling her, even Kangana stays here, call her and ask. Sumitra raises hand to slap Amaya. Amaya holds her hand and says you can’t slap me. Gupta calls them and says committee men came. Bua asks Sumitra to manage now. Sumitra asks Amaya to not tell anything.

Pandey tells Sumitra to make bhog in pure way and specifies. Sneha looks on. Bua asks Sumitra to think something. Nani says we have to make bhog again. Sumitra cries and says the kitchen pipe bursted and they could not make bhog, Kangana has made bhog and she went out being annoyed. Sneha says Pandey ji, don’t worry, we will be glad to make bhog. Pandey says fine, we will go. Gupta asks Sumitra whats happening. Kangana comes and asks what happened. Bua says big thing happened.

Kangana asks how did this happen. Amaya says I should ask you, it was your responsibility, the blame is coming on me, why did you go. Kangana says stop it, my head is aching by your words. Sumitra says Kangana went to get things and shows bag. She asks Kangana to take rest. Sumitra asks Amaya to throw bone out, themn take bath, only then she can come inside home after Shuddhikaran, she will sleep in the lane, then bath at 4am and enter home. Amaya says enough. Sumitra asks her to do as told. Amaya thinks Kangana did this, I won’t sleep outside home, see what I do.

Amaya tells Sumitra about Kangana’s lookalike, there is something wrong, we should ask Kangana once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Better say bye to updates and stop commenting.. Go to hell tsm crew.. Worst serial ever in indian tv history…

  2. I can’t understand Kangana evil characters for Sumitra ya Amaya ?
    Uske sare kam main Sumitra or Amaya donon ki barbadi ho rahi hai

  3. Sumitra ka koi past Kangna se related hai jo amaya ko ane wale episodes me pta chlega fir sumitra amaya ko n sneha blackmail nai kr payegi bt in db me MANYA ki koi hope ni bs amaya devi bn jayegi sacrifice ki or rama k sath luv track shuru ktenge n agr inhe permission mil gyi continue krne ki show to rama ko kuch kr denge n fir mantu ayega amaya ki life me
    Ye ghatiya track hai is show ka its confirmed now
    They r making Deewana movie track in TSM
    Bt its now flop TRP gone thnx to SJ she is ektas messenger she ruined this show played with actors career feeling vry bad for them

  4. now kangana is a mystery Box of this show .don’t want to see kangana and mantu .We want manya.
    Writers please set everything right between mantu and amaya and make this drama a very interesting and entertaining show

  5. Don’t usually comment on these threads.

    What started out as a great program which was different to others and you felt for the characters….. Has now become worse then other serials on star plus.

    I think the producers have really taken it down the wrong path… And f**ed up big time.

  6. What the hell ! Why the TSM team is making this serial worse day by day !?
    I mean Mantu-Amaya k love track ka kuch atta-pta nahi hai..Uma is suddenly disappeared..Dev ko dikha nahi rhe..Dev-Sneha ka suspense khulne ka koi scene nhi h..Rama and Amaya ko faltu me close laa rhe..Sumitra faltu ka harassement kar rhi hai And TSM director only knows ki Kangana ki kya story hai. Damn !! Do you pple have any idea ki show jaa kahan rha h :/

  7. Pinky Gairola

    huge respect for these two natural actors hiba n dhruv. guyz do u remember d shravan puja race wherein amaya won but cudnt tie the thread with mantu..dat scene clearly indicated dat manya wud never unite. the current track is clearly brought in to lower the TRPs so dat wrapping it up wud look logical. I wont thrash d writers coz they gave us some really awesome scenes between manya n sneha n her daughters. if TSM goes off air it wudnt come as a surprise as it pretty evident from the current track. if amaya gets close to rama it will atleast prove dat indian women have faith in d institution of marriage n not make a mockery of d same. marriages r made in heaven and mayb amaya was destined to marry rama. it makes all d sense in d world for the writers to make amaya n rama fall in love so dat the sanctity of marriage is respected.

  8. itna ghatiyaa hai.yeh show better say gud bye to this crap raddi show

  9. I think the writers have gone mad. Coz they have spoiled a fantastic show. Guyz no hope for ManYa. They r saying that amaya nd Rama will fall in luv with each other. So now this show is the worst show.

    1. where are they saying that Amaya and Rama will fall in love????

      1. Facebook and Twitter.
        Google tsm

        You get links
        Also india forums

      2. Yeh but S, do you actually believe what you read on Facebook and twitter??? Its either fake or tries to get the audience excited, to then kick us back down.

        Didnt they do this a few weeks back when people were saying, dont worry, Amaya and Mantu will reunite…….and then what…….nothing!!!!

      3. Yes agreed. The Amaya mantu stuff was fake. Tune into Wednesday and things will change etc. I didn’t believe any of it as it was too good to be true.
        So far all the bad news has been correct.
        – Amaya did marry Rama
        -she does seem to be falling for
        -looks like mantu is going away
        -uma got written off
        -so either they are ending the show or something is up.

        Trp is 0.8
        I don’t know much about trp but if saathiya is 3 or 4.
        Then this can’t be good

        So we wait for the

  10. I would like to know what the writers of this program are thinking, right now they heading towards ending this serial. Pathetic track being shown right now, it’s a torture to watch it everyday. I stopped watching this program since the time Amaya and Rama got married. I agree with lots of other comments , a program that started off being different from other sopies, turned out to be a disaster…..total disappointment.

  11. nd most importantly….m tired of watching sumitra’s acting….she is worst…evrytym she screams…i feel like killing her….nd her facial expression are even more worst…y such a bad actor has given so much importance…i jus dnt get it…..this show has so much of story….instead of continuing the same…dey hv started smthng really bad…which is ruining the show…god jus give some sense to the directors of tsm so that dey can make the show back on track….abhi toh its unbearable…..i jus watch da show in d hope of amaya nd mantu coming closer…bt till now nthng is shown like dat….

  12. Ahhhhh this show is soooooo annoying!!!!! No Mantu……again!!!! He is the best thing about this show and he is nowhere to be seen……….so under-utilised, its so sad. He is truly wasted on this show. It seems like Rama and Amaya will start to like each other, so what does that mean for Mantu. The writers need to start using him better.

    So today we see the ugly aunties ruining the gods idol clothes…………..like is this show serious. Who would go out of their way to ruin clothes for god……..do you know how disgusting that sounds. oh wait, sorry, my mistake, the theme for this show is disgusting!!!!!

    From reading the update, todays episode sounds pretty pointless with boring storylines and un-eventful scenes. Can anyone actually see this show picking itself up, because right now i can’t. I’m just confused. The TRP for this show is one of the lowest, if not the lowest on Star Plus. It is substantially lower than the bigger shows such as Saath Nibhana Sathiya, Diya Aur Bati Hum, Yeh Risha Kya Kehlata Hai, Yeh Hai Mohabetein, Tu Mera Hero and Suhani Si Ek Ladki. Saathiya and Yeh hai mohabetein have 4 times the viewers, Diya, Yeh Rishta, Tu Mera Hero and Suhani have almost 3 times the viewers. Even Badtameez Dil has more viewers. Surely the writers must understand that what they are doing is not working!!!!!!

    If the show continues like this, then they need to end it.

  13. This show should go the actors were good but now it should be given trophy for being the worst show

  14. Guys please stop this show…I beg u….enough is enough….

  15. We know wat they will show further.Like ektas other crap serials,amaya n rama will fall in love and live somedays happily then mantu will know her truth and come in her life again.This is disgusting same stories they repeat in star plus.Same wat happened in nisha or uske cousins.First viraj then his bro kabir.Zee tv is much more better with new stories.Ek tha raja and yeh wada raha are superb .& tv too is better than star plus I must say.

  16. If you google tere seher mein you get the twitter link for it. Obit it says that mantu is prob leaning the show as he says to amaya if we are meant to be we will meet again.
    I didn’t watch nor read the update. So I’m assuming it’s correct. Also that Rama and amaya fall in love. Wow.

    And today’s precap. Amaya still tries to tell sumitra thT kangana has a double. This has been carrying in for a week.now. Why does she bother with sumitra? Amaya is cold. Cruel. Dumb. She broke mantu’s heart. You don’t fight tooth and nail for someone and then oops marry someone else to save izzat when your from Paris and then fall in love with your brother in law!!!! Yuck. This isn’t marriage. This is wrong!!!

    The writers destroyed the show. It’s like wTching a burning train careening to nowhere. You know it will self combust. Only when is the question.

    1. Mantu leaving the Show????? Please tell me your joking, he is the only reason I watch this crap!

      Dhruv probably knows this ship is sinking faster than the titanic!!!!

      But seriously the writers are incapable on this show. As i mentioned previously, TSM TRP is at least almost 3 times less than other major star plus shows. Can they not see something is wrong!!!!

  17. This 100% was not the shows vision when it was pitched to stAr plus and when it started. How did a story about three sisters struggling to make it against odds in a new seher turn into a convoluted mess about Rama and his evil mother and auntie and grandma???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who wants to watch this rubbish???!!!!

    Why would anyone in their sane mind want to watch Rama and his family?!!!!!

    This show cannot possibly be about Rama!!!!!

  18. Kanga na probably is suffering from split personality. Even if she is, the story is just declining day by day. I have stopped watching it, just read the updates from time to time hoping the director has returned to his senses. I have no clue how someone in this age can write a script as pathetic and lame as this story.

  19. Star plus ne relations n luv ka majk bna k rkha hai agr ap kisi se scha pyar krte ho ap kabhinai bhulte mana family k lie sb kuch kia amaya ne bt sb thik krk Manya ko milaya ja skta hai rama ka scha pyar rachita n amaya ka mantu dono ka fake luv tha kya 1 ni to dusra hadd hai 21st century me aisa hota hai kya suxh a bullshit crap they r showing us
    Trp gone already they shud change the track to save TSM
    Mantu ki itni depression dikhane ki kya jrurat thi agr Ramaya hi bnana tha
    Dekh kr show ko gussa hi ata hai better it shud go off air soon nothing left
    Vry disappointed track Hate the writer n cast most nevr will watch their show

  20. Dimeo,
    tume abhibhi lakta hai ki mantu aur amaya ek honge.Amya aur rama nachne bale hai.Song is:-radha kaise na jale…….

    1. Sorry Ajoy, i dont understand Hindi

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