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The Episode starts with Mantu leaving in anger. Amaya stops him and he falls on her. She looks at him. Dheere dheere…………..plays………. She says he looks cute when he is angry. He asks him is this looking a joke, anyone will think anything if they say them together. She asks what, just sit and talk to me. He says nothing gets fine by sorry, we shared many things, I spoke my heart out, my secrets and you doubted on me, how did you think I don’t want you to get the job. She says sorry. He says you did not trust me, how did you think I can fall so low, you did not know me, the day you realize friendship, emotions, then come and talk to me. She says she is mad. He says no, I m mad to think you are like my loved ones. She says she did not mean to hurt his feelings.

He says he is not

a toy, think how you feel when someone behaves rude. He leaves. She says he felt so bad as I did not talk to me, I thought just I love him, it means he also has feelings for me, thanks Lord. Rachita goes to remove her tattoo and asks the cost. The lady says Rocky can give her the details. Kavita brings Rama to the same place and asks him to make tattoo, as his mum has sent him. He says he will not make tattoo. She insists and takes him. Rachita goes and Rama sees her. He thinks what is she doing here. Rachita says she wants this tattoo removed. Rama smiles seeing her. Rocky says it will take 3-4 hours, I m busy this week, come next week. Rama thinks RG tattoo means Rama Gupta and smiles. Music plays………………

He says he is stupid to not know her feelings, that she loves him and that’s why she made his name initials. She asks him to make her initials. Raman agrees. He comes out of his dream and thinks she wanted to hide this, but I know it now. Rachita sees him and says you here. She sees Kavita and says she wants to talk something imp, don’t avoid me, its about your engagement. He says we can talk. She asks him not to get engaged with Kavita, she is not right for you.

He smiles and thinks she should tell me that she is right for me. Rachita asks why is he smiling. Kavita shows a design and asks whats Rachita doing here. Rachita says nothing and leaves. Kavita says is she your friend, she always misbehaves, its good she went. Rama says we will leave. Kavita shows him designs. Rama leaves. Sneha waits for Amaya. Amaya comes home and says she did not expect such salary. They all ask what. Amaya shows the papers. Rachita says its so good. Jaz says congrats. Amaya says salary is higher than we expected, its 30000rs. Sneha says wow and hugs her. Amaya asks her not to worry about anything now. Sneha recalls Rishi’s words that Amaya will surprise her when time comes. Sneha says Rishi would have been happy if he was here, I m so proud of you.

Amaya says she has much work, she got a new salary account and hugs the sisters. Sneha asks them to come, as Kaushalya and Rudra has come. Kaushalya asks were they busy. Sneha says no, Amaya got job, so we are very happy. Rudra gets stunned. Kaushalya blesses her and gives her shagun. She says she has good news for them, they freed their haveli. Sneha asks what, so soon, how? Kaushalya cries and says its Rishi’s last sign, and says she wants to keep the papers in Rishi’s feet. She goes to his pic and keeps the papers. She apologizes. Rudra starts crying and says its my mistake that your haveli was mortgaged. Sneha asks what did he do to free haveli. Kaushalya says we have sold our house. Sneha is shocked. Kaushalya says Hari wanted this, our house was also made by Rishi’s favor. Rudra says we will leave, the tempo is waiting. Sneha asks what. Kaushalya says they sold house, and vacated the home.

Sneha asks where will they go. Kaushalya cries and says she does not know. Rudra says we will manage. Kaushalya says we will not get any new house soon and leave the city. Sneha asks them to stay with them till they find any good home. Kaushalya and Rudra get glad and refuse to stay. Sneha insists and stops Kaushalya. Rudra asks Kaushalya to agree to Sneha. Kaushalya says no, and says Sneha is showing us pity, I want her to regret for our state and beg us to stay, then we will do favor on them. They sit in the tempo. He says what if they don’t stop us. She says count till 10. He starts counting and Sneha comes running to stop them. Rudra thinks his mum is great.

Rudra and Kaushalya talk about taking revenge from Mathurs. Sneha comes and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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