Tere Sheher Mein 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha hearing Dev’s voice. Dev gives the call to Mukherjee. She asks who was it talking. He says he is owner of the company. She says I felt I heard him before. He says no, he never stays here, he stays in London, who are you. She says I m Amaya’s mum. He says she is here and connects to Amaya’s desk. Sneha talks to Amaya. Amaya says she has work, she can’t talk right now, and ends call. Dev sees Amaya working and goes. Uma stands on one leg till night.

Mantu’s friends ask her to leave all this and come home. Uma says its between her and Lord, don’t inform Mantu, if Lord wants, Mantu will come and support me. Mantu comes to office and talks to peon. He sees Amaya. The peon says Dev gave her work. Mantu smiles and tries to scare her. He knocks on the glass

and hides. She gets scared seeing no one and goes there to see. He says boo and laughs. He asks what is she doing, and comes to her. He asks did she get scared, will she not go home. She says she has much work.

He sees her hands hurt and asks what happened to your hands. He holds her hand and asks how did she get hurt. She says she slipped in the race and got bit hurt. He says I will type, you might be getting hurt. She says yes, I m hurt, but you said even if work is tough, we should not take shortcut, I will do this, as Dev gave this work to me, you go. He says will I leave you alone at this time of night. She looks at him. He asks what is she seeing like this. She says you came now suddenly. He says Uma was hurt and I was with her.

She asks is she fine. He says yes, I was taking care of her, how much more work is there, check. She says 10 pages. He says give 5 to me. She says I will manage. He says fine and goes. Uma says she wants answer from Lord and tells Atom that she does not care if anyone sees her, but Lord has to signal her, she wants an answer. Mantu’s friends leave.

Mantu brings coffee and snacks for Amaya, and asks her to take break, canteen was closed, but I took watchman’s help. She says let me work. He thinks is this same Amaya who sat in someone’s car to get AC car, and she is now working hard and taking responsibilities. He makes her eat by his hands. Dheere dheere se……….plays………….. He blows on the coffee and makes her have it. She thanks him. He says your bandage is opening, I will tie. She says there is no time, I will open it. he gets the first aid box. She says I m fine.

He says he will drop her. He asks her to answer, how did she come first, did she take the tough way. She thinks she won’t take shortcut in love. He asks did she go by that shortcut way. She says no. He says I knew you are not the one, come sit. Amaya comes home and sees Sneha worried. Amaya removes the bandages. Sneha says I don’t want any problem to come, you will come home at right time. Amaya says this is your city, don’t worry. Rachita says fine, we will inform you and go. Sneha says fine, and leaves. Rudra and Kaushalya look on.

Uma says she won’t go without any Lord’s sign, she will stand all night. A man comes there and does some puja. Uma hears a man greeting him and saying his prediction was right. The man says he can’t write anyone’s fate, and can just say about the fate, we question the Lord, but fate is already written, our work is to understand it. Uma falls and Mantu holds her. He asks what is she doing, why is she here instead of resting. She says she got the answer. He asks what. She says Lord answered me, take me home, I m very tired. He takes her home.

Kaushalya asks Rudra to find out soon. Sneha calls Hari and says she does not know what to do, Dev is back in my life. He is shocked and asks her not to worry, many years passed, he would have forgotten. She says no, he has hatred for me and Rishi, I m scared. He asks did he see you. She says no, when he comes to know we are here in Banaras, what will happen, I have hidden this secret, if the girls know it, then… He says nothing will happen to you and the girls, its impossible for Dev to find you there, have patience, else it will be tough, if the girls know then.. She says yes, they should not know it. He says Lord is there with us and even Rishi, don’t worry.

Dev says he does not know meaning of forgetting and forgiving. Sneha comes from the temple and Dev and Sneha see each other, being shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mantu and amaya scenes are superb…. Now Mantu is caring for amaya . Tomorrow ‘s epi is going to be interesting.

  2. Good its moving fast..Already it was dragging so much

  3. Wow amaya u look so cute

  4. Mantu seems to be indifferent towards both the girls…sumwhere i feel bad 4 uma as she is good….it wud b only her foolish jealousy taking her down….
    Bt amaya shdnt b jealous as her motive shdnt end with love..she shd work nd act to achieve greater ends lyk proving her dad wasnt wrong or showng every body dat being a girl she can stand 4 her family…..

  5. Lovely couple manya …..
    But plz make mantu realise his feelings for Amu so tht ot wil b more interesting to watch ….

    1. yaa right … that only it will be more interesting….
      ye dono fir chhup chhup ke milenge …. ye tab toh ye air bhi interesting ho jaayega….

  6. Good episode

  7. hey uma don’t u have some common sense .. X-(
    :-X …
    ab agar tum itni der tak ghar nahi jaoogi to mantu toh tumhe dhoondte yahan pohoch hi jaatega na….. lekin tumne galat samajh liya …
    because mantu will fall in love with amaya only …. got it …

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