Tere Sheher Mein 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pushpa asking Sneha to come inside and meet her dad. Dimple hugs her and says I did not know I will get a Nanand, when you gave me 501rs shagun, I understood I have some relation with you. She says I told the girls my intro, I m Dimple, your Mami. Pushpa asks Kripa to get handpump water for Sneha. Dimple says she did not tell us anything and used to stay worried. Amaya asks Sneha why did she not tell them. Sneha says I will say everything. Pushpa says everything will be fine. Gajanand comes and says nothing will be fine. I did not forget anything, and remember what happened.

Pushpa asks what is he saying, Sneha and girls came after so many years. Sneha asks the girls to touch Nana’s feet. They go and bend to touch his feet and he moves away. Pushpa asks him why

did he not bless, if he got them here. He says I was helpless to save my name linked to them. She says the girl was there at railway station at night, I would have lost my respect, no I don’t have strength to get more humiliation, it all happened because of Sneha.

He says she does not know respect and limits. Amaya asks why is he saying this to her mum. Sneha says stop it Amaya. Gajanand says this girl wants to know the reason, she spoke against me and showed whose daughter is she, my blood can’t be so bad. He says the reason is Rishi, who ruined all this, who has ruined my name and made me helpless to bow down and walk, Rishi Mathur.

The girls are shocked. He says you should have asked this from your dad, he is not alive and your mum, how will she say. Sneha says tell me what you want to say dad. He says don’t call me dad, you lost right to call me dad when you ruined my respect and went. Pushpa says stop it now, how many times will you say this. He says my daughter is dead, the day when Sneha married Rishi, tell her that let me stay in my dead daughter’s memories. She says she used to understand me without any words and knew our values, she had nothing imp than her dad, and then Rishi has snatched my daughter.

He says I did her final rites. Amaya says enough, not a word against my dad, if you loved so much, why did you not come to meet, you knew how our family went through difficult times. He says you will show me how much I loved my daughter. He asks Kripa to get his chest, and says he is saying true and it can be bitter, but he will make her hear it. Kripa brings the chest. He opens it and shows Sneha’s toy and clothes. He says he has kept this for long.

He says he loved Sneha a lot and shows the childhood toys. Sneha cries. Gajanand says he used to love Sneha a lot, and then Rishi snatched her away. He says Dinesh’s relation broke because of Sneha, and no one was ready to give their daughter to Dinesh. Sneha says curse me, but not Rishi and my girls. He says my daughter is dead, and your daughters should know their dad’s truth, that creep, no one can stop me to tell about him, he acted to love Sneha.

Amaya says no, he loved mum. Gajanand says he loved money, he wanted to be rich at any price, he was poor and so he married my daughter. Sneha says no, its not true, don’t say this. He asks why, is this hurting and feeling bad, even his heart was hurt when Sneha run away with Rishi. He says he was after my money, he did not love Sneha. Sneha says no, its lie, this did not happen, he has just…. He says tell me what, I know everything, when he failed, scamster. Amaya says he was not scamster, he did much hardwork for our happiness, you don’t know anything. He says no one becomes crorepati overnight, he was a thief, and made you also.

Sneha asks thief, what is he saying, what did we do. He says you sold your soul, you stole our electricity. Sneha says we did not steal it. He says you should have told me if you could not afford, he made you thief. Sneha says we did not steal. Amaya says don’t say her, she does not know. Sneha asks her what did she do. Amaya says she took electricity connection from their house. Sneha slaps her. Amaya says I did this for us, I did mistake. Gajanand says the thing you can’t get, then steal it, if you do this in this age, what will you do ahead, will you dupe people like your dad, Rishi Mathur gave you good values, thief and running away like him. He asks does she have any answer. He asks Sneha to see what if a daughter bows down. Sneha cries.

Gajanand says they will not get peace. Sneha says enough, she will forget its her parent’s house if he says anything against Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nanaji aap meri dad ke baare mein aisa kaise baat kar sakte hai

  2. Thanks H Hasan for d updates.

  3. Woo what an episode it’s so emotional I hope her father forgive her so that they can have relief from Rupto that was after their life

  4. oh!! very nice episode… loved it … and finally good sneha u slapped amu … amu badi hi bakbak karri hai…. but plz nana Ji ab itna bhi na boliye…. unhone kiya toh apni bacchiyon me liye hi na….
    by the way I just loved it… I mean this show…

  5. Sometimes i like amu sometimes she irritating

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