Tere Sheher Mein 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya asking Sumitra not to fight and stopping her from saying Rachita’s truth. Sneha gets angry seeing Amaya’s concern for Sumitra and scolds her. Sumitra scolds Sneha and asks her not to do anything to spoil her work. Amaya cries and apologizes to Sneha in her heart. Sumitra is super angry and Rama pacifies her. Kangana comes and asks what happened, I was sleeping in my room. Amaya thinks I checked in her room and she was not there, its strange. Bua says we will make posters tonight, Rama call Mantu, he will manage everything. Sumitra says I have to do anything.

Amaya talks to Sumitra and says you were saying Rachita’s truth, we had a deal, do you remember. She cries sitting in Sumitra’s feet and asks her not to tell this secret to the world, as she

loves Sneha a lot, if anything happens to Sneha, she can’t bear. Sumitra says then ask her why did she do this. Amaya says Sneha did not do anything. Sumitra says so you will favor your mum. Amaya says no, I have seen that girl, I have tried to ask you about her before, that girl looks like Kangana, I have seen her and looking at posters in weird way. She says she has seen Kangana in the western clothes, come to see the heel marks. Sumitra gets worried and says stop this fake story about Kangana. She asks her to get lost. Amaya goes.

Kangana comes and asks what happened, don’t worry about posters, Mahotsav will be grand. Its night, Amaya goes out and says she has to find out who has done this. Mantu comes there and says he has come to meet Kangana, he came to give the items, as its Eid and workers will be going, even he is going with Chiklu to visit his Mausi, just give these samples to Kangana. She says fine.

He says why do I feel you hide something from me, Sumitra scolded you and you stayed silent, the Amaya I know does not stay silent, you are insulting me and not talking to me, but I will ask you what are you hiding, you can even share things with me. She says forget everything Mantu, I know I have hurt many people and did injustice, but its past now, the present truth is I m married girl, I m sure you will keep my and Rama’s respect. She goes and cries shutting the door. Mantu cries. She says maybe its first time I explained him well. I m married, fate made me Rama’s wife, Mantu is my past and Rama is my present truth, its better that Mantu forgets me.

Sneha checks some file and talks to Rachita and family about working for the Mahotsav. Pushpa says you know Sumitra well, don’t do there. Sneha says Lord is seeing everything, I just want to do my work. Rachita says Sumitra is ill mannered woman. Sneha says even Amaya does not leave chance to insult us, I can’t stop my service to temple, I have my strength, my family. Amaya comes and asks Gupta where is everyone. Gupta says Sumitra and everyone went for committee meeting, Kangana went for dance practice, Sumitra asked you to practice dance top, you and Rama have to dance, and Maha utsav is tomorrow itself. She thinks of dance with Rama.

Amaya goes to Rama and asks till when will he study. He asks why. She says tell me when you finish studying, we have to dance in Maha utsav. He asks we, are you drunk, how could you think I will dance with you. She says Gupta told me that Sumitra want this. He says fine, I will dance if mum wants, but not with you, you go now and let me study. She says he thinks he is Hrithik and goes. He says she is saying as if she is Madhuri, but if mum said, I have to dance.

Sneha gives her suggestions and people clap for her. Sneha says we got 15 lakhs donation and talks to the people. Sumitra gets angry and says Chappan Bhog will be coming from their home. Sneha says Lord’s jewelry will come by our home, its traditions and its not good to change it. Everyone respect Sneha more and give her importance. Sumitra fumes. Bua says we have to cut Sneha’s feathers. Sumitra says I will do something that Bhog and Vastra come from our home.

Amaya practices classical dance and hears someone. She goes to see and says did Sumitra and Bua came, I will ask about the meeting. A girl trains Rama to dance and laughs. She asks who is this, is she your wife. Rama says yes, and introduces his college friend Suman and now Suman is his dance teacher. Suman asks Amaya to practice. Rama says no, we will practice in hall and goes. Amaya says I don’t care if Rama practices with anyone else, when our steps don’t match, then he will know. She goes out to see Sumitra.

She hides and sees Bua, Mohini and Nani going to Chobey Nivaas. She thinks its something fishy and goes to find. Bua says she has come to take the file. Jaz goes to get file. Bua says Rachita is not asking for water too. Rachita asks Kripa to get water. Bua asks Rachita to bring it. Rachita goes. Mohini checks the Lord’s jewelry. Bua smiles and says be alert, till I do my work, don’t let anyone come here. Amaya sees them.

Kangana in western avatar, keeps a chicken bone in the kitchen and runs. Amaya sees her and follows her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kitne dino tak yah saas bahu drama dikhaoge ,we want to bring back manya & their passionate romance….

  2. Kangana is annoying u should take her out of the serial

  3. Boat Load of crap…….. Getting tired of this bakwas……..

    Wish stupid Rama break his back & leg and Mantu has to step in to dance with Amaya (not sure why I want this……)

    hate that new sleep walker girl…….. Aree kuch tho dhang ka dekhaooo

    TSM is so obnoxious now yakkkkkkkkk……….

  4. Crapppppp!!!!!!!????? go off air

  5. Doesn’t it make sense to sort out the actors who are already on the show??!!’
    Amaya snd her sisters! Her mom. That is what the show is or was supposed to be about!
    Their trials and tribulations etc.
    Not sumitra and her gang of old women and rama’s sister !!
    Suddenly the show has become all about Rama and his extended family?? Do we really need a kangana in the mix! Seriously. The writers have that much money in their budget to keep paying for these stupid actors. They just yell and scream and plot. Wow.
    So the main thing that happens in each episode is amaya cried. The gang of OW (old women) just plot. And kangana is seen in two sets of clothes. Wowie. Time in tomorrow because tm episode will be so exciting. Amaya catches kangana leaving a chicken bone in the kitchen and chases after her!!!!!!! (Gasp)

    So exciting! We all can’t wait!

    1. agree with your comments about the show being about Sumitra and her ugly family, rather than Sneha and her daughters. Poor show!

  6. This is a whole new generation now writers. Even the older women who are saas typed in india have gotten smarter. They have smartphones too. They surely are not like what you portray. What about all the nice saas types? And this writer- someone wrote that she’s from ekta’s team. Well that might explain it a bit.
    There used to be a drama that my parents watched called kausauti. Eons ago. It had the main leads in love. Then there was a mi

  7. mary christodoulou

    In the beging I liked this serial a lot..but theres nothing in teresting to see. now .hope the writers will make something nice even between ram and amaya ..

  8. Everytime i read written update, i feel good that i did not watch this crap, its such a big bullshit that now i dont feel like reading written update as well.
    Please go off air

  9. Im actually on holiday, so can’t watch the episodes till I’m back. Funny enough, i managed to see todays episode at my aunts. Didnt see all of it, as was distracted visiting my family.

    Point being, my mother and aunties watch this show, and even they were moaning about it!!!! My mother is not the most sentimental person in the world, and is used to stupid twists in these kind of shows, as she watches virtually all the indian serials, but even she thinks this show has dipped big time, since the wedding fiasco.

    So today we see more negative Mantu-Amaya scenes. And we have Amaya having to dance with Rama now. I seriously dont know where this story is going, but it seems Rama and Amaya will try get close. All this about Amaya saying, Mantu is my past, and Rama is my future blah blah blah. And we have all seen the scenes where Amaya smiles at Rama, or the loving music on when they are together…………the signs seem bleak on this show.

    Then you have Kangana………..traditional or modern, or is it a twin or whatever. Frankly I dont care, its just completely irrelevant to this show. It seems this show doesn’t like finishing twists (Uma in the love triangle, Dev trying to get revenge, Gajanand in hospital, Amaya and her secrets) and they just keep changing the track and introducing something new, with newer, more negative characters. I was trying to explain this serial to my sister, but couldn’t properly because of too many changes in this show.

    Its getting silly now. Although i want to see how this show ends up, and I do like Mantu, its just depressing to watch. S mentioned it earlier, this show was meant to be about Sneha and her daughters, and the trials and tribulations they go through. Amaya has taken over the show and the rest are now secondary characters. Its just pitiful.

  10. Sorry my other msg didn’t finish. But that drama kausauti dragged on for years. The lead pr were in love. Misunderstandings happened. And in swooped mr Bajaj. He wasn’t bad looking so that totally helped I guess as ppl didn’t mind the separation track. But then they had misunderstandings and she popped bk with anurag. Then I can’t remember if they had kids. Then more twists and they separated and she went with Bajaj and kids too! It wS strange I can’t remember if the original couple got tort her finally. Maybe on their death bed but by then who cared??!!

    There’s a time limit to everything. It has to be done properly. You cannot do weird twists like this and still expect the viewers to be patient. Mantu was too dearly loved to be toyed around. Writers messed up. I only started watching the show for mantu. He seemed earnest in his acting. Amaya/hiba wS always overacting with the eye swoons. But hey they worked. But now she can be faithful to Rama. The jellyfish/mamas boy. And rachita is a free woman. Maybe her and mantu shud get together. Uma just leaving does NOT make any sense but the writers obviously think we are stupid.

    1. I remember kasauti zindagi ki…….i think thats what it was called. Another serial my Mum watched………..i saw an epsiode in the middle one time when mum was watching. I couldnt understand it one bit, as twists were too extreme, relationships were inter-twining and too many new characters! My mum couldnt even explain it to me!

  11. Dimeo must get total credit for hanging in there as a British male with this show even on vacation. I’m sure we females don’t have as much patience! See. Starplus is losing make viewers that actually tuned in. They keep saying nayi soch. Where is it??
    Saathiya? Mere agne mein??! Suhani??
    Yeh mohabtein?! Which one please do tell?! Oh wait. The most annoying- yeh rishta. Or that absurd tu meta hero?! The rubbish knows no bounds. They are losing the younger generation. They are ailly because that’s who will pay for starplus. So they best sort it out. We don’t want this rubbish. Ek hasina thi was an awesome serial. They cut that short too.

    1. Thanks S!!!!! Im trying to be patient, but it kind of seems to be a waste of time. This show used to have a real buzz about it. Used to have a real feel-good factor……..but thats all gone now! As ive mentioned many times before, i like Mantu and want to see how his life unfolds! Did it say that Mantu and Chiklu are going to visit their Mausi for Eid. Does that mean even Mantu is not going to be on telly for the next few days………this show SUCKS!!!!!

  12. Bakvas serial.. Please change the story

  13. Omg….. Did anyone else catch the stunning resemblance of Dhruv to his dad on screen today??? Sweet
    Ok….. So miss Amaya v agree that ur beautiful and stunning on screen but v r getting tired of u….. there is no balance……….. its pathetic u & vampire ladies all the time

    I am loosing interest in TSM quite fast might not last more than a wk……………….If same nonsense persists cannot optimize my busy schedule for this any longer

    And ………..Obviously not renewing my star plus subscription here in U.S. It’s a disgrace to Indian culture

  14. mantu ko aur kitna dukh do get amaya. have some pity on him. becara Mar Jaye ga. I wish that mantu and amaya dance together. want manya❤back

  15. Stop making the audiences a fool

  16. Plz make this serial again giving importance to super cute Amaya and mantu plzzzzzz

  17. Audience k emotions emostions ka jitna majak banana tha bna liya …sb bsssssssssss krooooo….we want amaya & mantu together..plllzzzxxxxx

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