Tere Sheher Mein 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya getting ready to leave for office. She recalls Gajanand’s words. Rachita asks her to not go office is she is feeling pain. Amaya says she is fine, she has to go office, they will stay in this city itself. Mantu asks Uma why did she get up. She asks is he going office. He says he will not go office today and will inform them. Rachita tells Sneha that she is going for her work. Sneha gets tensed and asks her not to go anywhere, stay with me, if she goes out and Dev…. Rachita asks what happened. Sneha says don’t go anywhere, I m fine, but stay here, where are Amaya and Jaz.

Rachita says Amaya went to office and Jaz went to school, fine I will stay here, what are you thinking. Rudra and Kaushalya hear them, and he asks is Sneha fine, why is she acting weird.

Kaushalya says it has some secret, we have to find out. Dev talks to his staff and boasts about his business, and talks ill about Rishi. Amaya hears him and gets angry.

Dev sees her. Manish says she is new employee. Amaya recalls his words and says Mukherjee asked me to meet you. Dev talks to her, and asks her to speak up. He asks where was she, why did she not come back to office on time. She says I had to stay in puja, it was imp, so I could not come for personal reasons. He says our company is getting problem by personal reasons, work is everything, understand this, this file is in French language, translate it and keep it on my table, I doubt you will be able to do this or not. She says it will be done. He says he likes confidence, and hates overconfidence. She says you will get this file on table tomorrow morning, and leaves.

She goes to her desk and recalls Dev’s words against Rishi. She thinks to show Dev that he will win the challenge and starts working. Mantu says his job is on contract and he goes office when he has work, he can go office at night and work. Rama’s dad scolds Rama and asks him to wake up. His mum asks Rama to work and study. Rama says even I m thinking to learn English….. and thinks he is coming to learn English from Rachita, and to teach Rachita to love again. He smiles.

Mantu thinks to call Amaya. He gets her phone off and Uma asks him to come. Dev sees Sneha’s pic and asks a man to find out where does Sneha and her family stay in Banaras. Amaya tells Dev that a paper is missing from the file and goes to the table to check. He asks her to do the work soon. Gajanand hears some people trying to know about Sneha. He sees Jaz and asks her to come, he will drop her. Mantu tells Uma that he will come, and pick Chiklu. Gajanand drops Jaz and stands till she gets inside the house.

Rachita asks Jaz whats happening, even mum is behaving weird, she did not let me go on job. Jaz asks why. Rachita says I will lose job if mum does not allow me to go tomorrow. Amaya is working late. Mukherjee asks can she work. Amaya says she will be fine. Uma gets sad as Atom tells her that Uma lost in the race and Amaya has won.

Uma comes to pray in temple and cries. She asks Lord to say why did he prefer Amaya to win, and stands on one leg. Sneha worries as Amaya did not come home, and asks them to find her office number. She checks some files and Rachita gets the number. Sneha calls on the landline, and its just Dev there. He takes the call and Sneha gets tensed. Dev asks who is it, speak up.

Sneha asks who is he….. in frightened tone. Dev hears her voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amaya u r so pretty

  2. Good to see gajanand helping mathurs

  3. This’s the bestest show in now a days. Do you guys know Rachita is illegitimate daughter of Dev. Since Dev ditched Sneha and made her pregnant before marriage, Rishi took the responsibility to save Sneha and married her and took care of Rachita as well as Amaya and Jazz and made Sneha run out of Banaras to save the reputation of Gajanand. However Gajanand gonna know all this and Sneha going to return to her family. Rudra who has now become a minute villain gonna help Dev and get punished ultimately by his father Hari. Exciting story, isn’t it. Too much fun to experience.

  4. I was just thinking wat a great person rishi mathur was!!!!!

  5. Please don’t drag the story line… Make it short and sweet… When Mantu is gonna have feelings for Amaya… Waiting since it started… Uma whatever drama u do I don’t feel sorry for u… U r the vamp in this serial.. Don’t ever come in btwn Manya… Anyways having a new nd interesting story line… Pls do continue wit ur great work… Twists and turns waiting I guess

  6. Ammu grt job i lyk ur cnfidence u need 2 show dat dat dev dat ur rishi’s daughter n u need to do sumthng big to make it happen….

  7. Amu well done!!!
    Show that dev ki tum kuch bhi kar sakti ho….
    Rishi is really gr8 !!!!!

  8. uma dont come in between mantu and amaya I think that rachita also loves rama.

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