Tere Sheher Mein 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dinesh asking Gajanand why are they going to police station. Rachita and Jaz try to find Amaya. Pushpa worries and asks Kripa what happened, how to find out. She calls police station and says she is Gajanand’s wife Pushpa, I m worried, he did not tell me, can you say why did you call him at night. Jaz tells Sneha that Amaya went outside. Sneha gets Amaya’s letter and cries. Rachita says how can she go like this. Jaz says she did not think how much worried we will be. Sneha calls her and Amaya does not see the call.

Sneha worriedly checks the door and sees Pushpa. Rachita asks who are they and why did they come at this time. Kripa says he has to say something important. Sneha sends the girls inside. Kripa says Amaya is in police station. Sneha asks what. Kripa

says Gajanand and Dinesh went there. Pushpa says don’t waste time in talk, go police station.

Rachita says why did they not inform us. Sneha says she will answer later and they leave. Gajanand comes there. The inspector apologizes for calling her, as the girl was arguing with police at railway station, she said she was running from home, we came to know she is from your family, she is your grand daughter. Amaya says this can’t happen, she is not kid to accept anyone as Nana and Mama. Amaya says why is he doing this.

Dinesh says tell us the formalities. They ask for their signs. Amaya refuses to sign and says I don’t know Gajanand, but thanks for your efforts to come here, my dad and mum did not tell us that we have family in this world. Gajanand is shocked. She says she did not call them for help, she does not know this. Rachita asks Sneha why did Amaya go police station.

Amaya says call my mum here. She sees Sneha and hugs her. She says she is feeling scared. The inspector asks her to sign as her Nana is waiting. Amaya says we don’t need them, my mum has come. She tells Sneha that he is saying that they are her Nana and Mama. She says I can’t understand who are they. Dinesh and Gajanand see Sneha. Kripa hides and looks on. Sneha cries. Amaya asks does she know them, no right, see I said my mum does not know them, and if they helped being neighbors, it does not mean they are relatives.

Sneha says stop it Amaya. Amaya asks why. Sneha says I said be quiet. Amaya says my mum will sign. Sneha scolds her. Dimple wakes up and sees Dinesh not there. She says where did he go at this time, and looks for him. She says there is no one, something is fishy. She sees Pushpa sitting outside and asks what happened. Amaya asks why is she afraid of him, maybe he is some rich man here, it does not mean he is our relative. Sneha says do as inspector is saying, all problems is because of her.

Amaya says but why should I if you are here, no need to be scared of them, everyone is afraid of them, who is Gajanand Chobey. Sneha says he is your Nana and cries. The girls are shocked. Sneha says yes, he is your Nana, he is my dad and that’s my brother Dinesh, your Mama. Rachita asks why did they not tell them before. Amaya asks why. Sneha says I can’t answer now, just sign and come. Amaya says she is lying right, dad would have told them.

Sneha says this is the truth, no one can change this truth. The inspector says its good the girl is here, and Gajanand came here when we called him. Amaya says if she is saying true, why did they not come before. Amaya signs on the form. The inspector says we will send them in car, and asks Gajanana to go with Dinesh. He says no, they won’t go in police car, they will come with me. Sneha goes to him and he walks out. Ek tara gaye re………..Khele hai baawre………….plays…………. Kripa asks them to sit in the car. Amaya says how will we sit, there is no space. Rachita pulls her in. Sneha says sit well. Gajanand does his seat infront.

Sneha looks at her dad, while Pushpa waits for them. Amaya asks Rachita did mum say anything about them. Rachita asks her to be quiet. They reach home. Gajanand goes inside. Dimple asks Dinesh how did he get Sneha. Kripa tells Pushpa that Gajanand made everything fine. Pushpa hugs Sneha and they cry.

Gajanand says it happened because of Sneha. Amaya says why is he saying this. He says she is the reason who made me helpless to bow down and walk, the reason is Rishi Mathur.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. great but this amaya is tooooo stubborn! grow up yaar

  2. yup very lovely episode…. loved it… :-)).

  3. yaar amaya kuchh zyada hi overacting karti hai… amaya control ur self…. OK …

  4. Overacting and annoying character eh amaya …..dialogue delivery is so poor ….beauty with no acting skills ….same expression …..irritating attitude….. Lead kaise bangaya ….

  5. Gud story line.. But Amaya makes things annoying… Irritating like anything.. Her damn expressions and acting skills.. What do she think of herself.. Felt like slapping her

  6. Hiba nawab has poor acting skills!

  7. hey dd .. who is hiba nawab???

  8. Nice episode

  9. hey dd .. who is hiba nawab??? amyra I guess????

    1. amaya*

  10. Nice episode at least they will have close relatives to share their feeling with

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