Tere Sheher Mein 20th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya thinking about her interview. Mantu talks to Barfi and is irritated as girls never see their help and favors, and instead blame him. He says Amaya has seen my fault when I helped her in the job. Rachita says you went prepared, why won’t you get the job. Amaya says manager gave me wrong info, I won’t get this job. She thinks its all because of Mantu. Rachita asks her to leave it, she can get any job. Barfi explains Mantu not to get into girl’s matters. Mantu says yes, but I have to find what happened. Barfi says why did he get angry then, its good to speak heart out.

Mantu calls Amaya and asks does she think he will come in her job way. She asks him not to talk about this, itsgood she is trying to avoid him. She says she has problem when he is around, and

asks him to be away. He asks why, I don’t have any problem if you are around. She asks him not to ask questions, is he any lawyer and ends call. He says he will not talk to her and leaves. Barfi says girls are problems and don’t know who will save Mantu.

Amaya is unable to focus and Jaz asks her to do Pranayam. Amaya closes eyes and recalls Mantu. She says no, I can’t do this. Jaz says she is proud of her and wants to salute to her, she is her hero. Amaya recalls Mantu and says she is tired and wants to sleep. Jaz says good night and leaves. Its morning, Amaya wakes up by Manish’s call. Manish says she got the job, congrats. She says is this is joke, its bad one. He says he does not joke about work, come and meet Mukherjee, she has to join tomorrow, and she can’t be late. She gets stunned and thanks him. He asks her to thank the one, Ma…. And does not tell Mantu’s name. He says Mukherjee, as he took her interview.

She says fine and ends call. She laughs and Sneha goes to see what happened to her. Amaya smiles and tells everyone that she has an awesome news for them, she got the job. They all hug her. Sneha says congrats, I m very happy. Amaya says all problems will end, I have to decide what to wear. Rachita suggests formals. Amaya gets ready and Sneha wishes her all the best. Sneha says she has to take care of them, but her daughters are taking care of her.

Mantu makes Chiklu ready for school. Mantu says why does Uma cook so well. Amaya is on the way and thinks she scolded Mantu. She calls him and Mantu cuts the call. She thinks he is very angry, she will try at office. Chiklu asks why did he cut the call, I will tell her that you are making me wear clothes. Mantu says I m getting late, Uma will drop you to school.

Mantu comes to office and tells Manish that Uma takes care of him a lot and gives tiffin. Manish says Amaya got the job, Mukherjee selected her. Mantu says great, she needs the job. Amaya comes and signs hi. Mantu says he will go, as she got the job and leaves. Manish says congrats to Amaya and asks her to meet Mukherjee. Jaz says its good Amaya got the job, I hope she gets good salary. Rachita says I wish to get good job too, it will be good when we earn.

Jaz gives her some address of place where there are some natural ways of removing tattoo. Rachita thanks her. Jaz leaves for school. Rachita looks at the address. Amaya thanks Mukherjee. He says its not a favor, you are selected for the job, I know the reasons, I was finding a candidate like you. She asks what. He says I was fed up by lies and bad answers, you told just the truth, our company appreciates this. He shows her job profile and asks her to meet Manish, he coordinates project, her French knowledge makes her suitable candidate. He says once Dev comes back from London, his PA will give you all letters, your salary will be Rs 30000 pm. She smiles and thanks him. He says no need to thank me, meet Manish outside and welcome in our company. She goes to Mantu in canteen to apologize. She says she got the job, and sits talking to him.

She gives him Prasad and he eats some. She apologizes and he says he will not listen to her, like she did not listen to any of his words yesterday. She says I did not mean that, I did not wish to hurt you. He says I m going and she looks at him.

Amaya says sorry. Mantu says they shared many things, she did not identify him till now. She says she thought he has no feelings for her, but its not like that. She thanks Lord and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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