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The Episode starts with Dev thinking of Gajanand’s words and saying Rishi’s family is here in Banaras. He calls someone and asks about Gajanand’s business. Gajanand tells Dinesh that we will get the tender, if anyone quotes less, it will be loss of crores. The man says Gajanand quoted the least, but we got a more lower rate, the tender goes to Dev’s constructions. Dev comes there and taunts Gajanand. Gajanand argues and says you are at loss. Dev says I can lose many crores to see you lose. Gajanand smiles and says just Lord can ruin or make things. Dev laughs and says you joke well.

He says I have ruined your son in law Rishi. He shows a 100rs note and says it would be good if you gave this note to him, I snatched everything from him, he sank in big debt and then in water. Gajanand

says I m not related to him. Dev says yes, you don’t care that I have ruined Sneha’s husband, I did not wish Rishi to run from his life, but Rishi was a coward. He says now I will ruin his family, you said they are here in Banaras, I will see how she gets saved from me. Gajanand says I hate you and your cheap mentality, why are you after a widow and her helpless family, its fight between us, why are you bringing them in between.

Dev says this fight is with Sneha Mathur roo. He leaves. Gajanand and Dinesh get angry. Rachita brings Amaya home. Jaz asks is she fine. Rachita says she has got wounded for the race. Mantu makes Uma rest and takes care of her. The guy tells about Amaya, who took bigger risk to win. Mantu asks Uma not to get sad and win next year. Badi Amma says you can go with your husband next year. Uma looks at Mantu.

Rachita does first aid to Amaya and says you will need TT injection tomorrow. Amaya gets message from office. Jaz and Rachita talk about Dev, what enmity he has with dad, I wanted to scold him, but mum was unwell, its better I don’t meet him, else don’t know what will I do. Badi amma asks Uma what happened. Uma says I don’t know what Lord wants. She tells about new girl who started praying since few months and another friend who is big devotee, whose side will Lord take.

Rachita asks how can I say whose side will Lord take, did you do anything wrong. Amaya says no. Rachita says Lord takes side of good people. Badi Amma says the same. Mantu brings kada and makes Uma drink it. Rachita asks Amaya not to go office tomorrow. Amaya says no, I got message, I have to go and meet boss. Rachita asks her to sleep and goes. Amaya recalls Mantu. She cries and thinks she loves Mantu and will not lose even when she gets hurt.

Mantu thinks why is he not getting sleep when Amaya is not messaging him. He recalls Amaya and thinks no Amaya can’t take the tough way. Pushpa calls Amaya and asks her to come home right away, as Gajanand wants to talk to her. Amaya asks what, he wants to talk to me, but why. Pushpa says come now, he wants to talk. Amaya asks how. Pushpa says come. Amaya says she will not go against mum’s decision, if my mum comes there before me. Pushpa says I request you don’t refuse. Amaya says fine, I will come to meet you, but not in Chobey Nivaas. Pushpa says Amaya said she will meet, but not at our house. Gajanand says fine, I have to return her favors, I will meet anywhere. They meet outside. Amaya asks why did they call her.

Gajanand says I decided something, so I called you here. He gives her an envelop. He says it has Mumbai’s flight tickets and 50 lakhs cheque. Amaya asks why is he giving her, is he returning her favor. Gajanand says you saved my life, you can leave from Banaras and start a life there. Amaya says I knew you hate my dad, but I did not know you does not wish Sneha and us to stay in this city. He asks what, you wanted to run from here. She says when kids do mistake, the parents hold hand and show right way, my mum did this, and reminded me dad’s values, maybe you feel I m brought up in Mumbai and went Paris, but I still have Rishi’s roots, this is my mum and dad’s city, so its my city too.

He asks her to understand this city is not safe for her and her family. He asks what is the big risk on us. She says I know this was my decision to go away from Banaras, but time has changed, and even I changed, one thing can never change, that I m Sneha and Rishi’s daughter, I will face all problems and protect my family. Gajanand says you are very adamant like your mum, sometimes agree to elders. Amaya says fine, I accept this from you, and take it back from me, don’t say no. If you want to give me anything, bless me. She touches his feet and he blesses her partly. Pushpa blesses her.

Amaya says I understand your worry, I won’t tell mum, if she knows what her dad wants, she will break. Pushpa cries. Amaya greets them and leaves.

Amaya hears about Dev saying about Rishi. She comes to his cabin to meet him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What’s the story behind dev and mathurs enemity…cvs pls don’t drag the story line nd make it boring… Better make it short nd sweet.. Need more Manya scenes.. When they are gonna share their feelings.. Make it fast… They make a great couple.. Uma get out of their way…

  2. interesting episode

  3. Oh good episode excited for tomorrows episode

  4. Good work amaya I like your word to your grandpa

  5. Amaya u r brave and surly u wil get ur love mantu .. . And its superb tht mantu is also feeling bad wen amaya dint message her …
    Dev I like him for his role in eht as dayal takur so I cant hate him here …. Its his character keep going dayal ..
    Manya a lovely pair …. Plz confess faster guys…

  6. Nice epi…i likd amaya’s confidence and hr luv towards family…now chowbeys ll b soft fr mathurs which is gud….i hd thought dev still luves sneha and ll support dem….bt he is d one who ruind dem..!!!!

  7. Bt the one thing i hate here is dev.. And i am shell shocked to seee dayal thakur of ek hasina thi potraying the role of dev.. He ws such an innocent person in eht bt here it is quite opposite…

  8. I think maybe sneha and dev will get married after some issues

  9. I saw the spoilers. It’s too bad rachitha isn’t a daughter of rishi. I hope she wont find it out. She will broke into pieces 🙁

  10. yaa I agree to jeffi … I’m also thinking that maybe sneha and dev will get married after some issues

  11. I think jo rudra amaya aur uski family ko barbaad karna chahta hai shayad dev bhi apni youth age mai yehi karna chahta hoga….. bas shayad difference itna hai ki rudra isliye badlaa le raha hai kyunki amaya ki family ne uski family ko barbaad kardiya(aisa rudra samajhta hai mai nahi) aur shayad dev ne badlaa isliye liya hoga kyunki rishi ne usse sneha ko chheen liya hoga ( shayad dev aisa samajhta hoga not me)
    this all what I have written is my imagination not any spoiler

  12. I can’t believe Rachita is Sneha and Dev’s daughter and Sneha’s marriage with Rishi was to save Sneha’s respect from her family! Rishi was such a good guy and I can’t believe that’s the reason they got married! I don’t like Dev even though his role in EHT of Dayal was good.

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