Tere Sheher Mein 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mantu and Uma beating Rudra’s friend and getting Chiklu’s bag from him. They look for Chiklu, while Chiklu wishes to meet Mantu. Chiklu gets scared seeing Mantu and runs to hide. Amaya asks why is he hiding, if he wanted to meet Mantu. She asks him to meet Mantu. Chiklu says no, I m scared seeing him, he will be angry and scold me. The auto leaves and they run to hide again. Mantu sees Chiklu and calls out his name. Mantu runs after Chiklu to stop him. He bumps into a girl and tea falls on her dress. She asks can’t he see and walk, and Chiklu runs again. He gets infront of the car, and Mantu stops him.

Mantu scolds him and asks why did he run away like this. Uma comes, and Mantu says see I m scolding him again, I forgot I should not question you, I will sit

quiet and not scold you. Chiklu says I did mistake, slap me, please talk to me. He holds Mantu’s hand and cries. Mantu forgives and kisses him. The girl comes and says you spoiled the dress I was wearing in marriage, now what will I wear. Mantu looks at Uma and says Uma, marriage? What is she saying, did you run with her? Chiklu says she is not this, why will I marry before you. He sees Amaya. She comes to take her bag and signs silence. She takes her bag and Mantu stops her. She falls on him and moves away.

She scolds him and asks is he mad. He argues and she says why will I steal my luggage. Uma says she is kidnapping Chiklu. Chiklu says no, she was…. Amaya stops him and says I came to station, I saw him alone and he is young, so I was taking care. Uma says liar, what are you doing here at station. Amaya asks who is she to talk. Uma and Amaya argue. Mantu folds hands and asks them to keep quiet. He says Uma and Chiklu, lets go home now. Amaya says thank Lord, I got my luggage, superman is with me.

Chiklu looks at her and leaves Uma’s hand. Uma says stop him Manti. Mantu says we should also go to thank her, she took care of Chiklu. Uma says she will break his legs if he goes. Chiklu says you are crying to live without me. Amaya says you have to study hard and explains him not to run, and prove to your brother. She says bye and sends him. Uma asks Mantu and Chiklu not to meet Amaya, else she will not leave them.

Rudra calls his friend and his friend panics thinking what to say. Rudra calls again. Rudra’s friend tells him that it all went wrong, Mantu came there and got Chiklu. Rudra asks about Amaya, did she leave Banaras. His friend says he is not getting his voice. Rudra asks about Amaya. His friend says she is here, she did not go. Rudra says great, you will get prize for your work. His friend worries. Rudra smiles. Amaya gets teased by some men and they hold her bags. Amaya scolds them and says leave my bag. She brings a stone to beat them and police comes there. She takes their bike keys and asks police for help. The constable arrests them. Amaya says they were troubling her.

The man says she was alone here, I did mistake. He tries to bribe the constable and Amaya scolds the constable. She says she will file complaint against those men and him too. The constable says talk with respect, who are you. She says I m citizen and know my rights. He says fine, and takes her to police station. The guys get beaten up in lockup. Amaya says I will leave now. The inspector asks her to sit and do the formalities, and asks for her ID proof. She says I did not have, and why is he asking this.

He says its procedure and asks from where is she. The constable says its something fishy. They ask for ticket. She thinks she was running from home, and now she is in police station, if Sneha knows then… Sneha wakes up from sleep. She goes to Amaya’s room and thinks its Amaya sleeping. She leaves. Amaya is unable to say her dad’s number and says I m Amaya Mathur, and anyone can go railway station, why do you care. The inspector says we are not to trouble anyone, but we enquire well if anyone do something wrong, why were you at station at night.

She says I did not do anything. He says you are not giving ID and not even saying address, whats in this bag. He asks the lady constable to check the bag. They open it and Amaya asks them to stop. They get the poster. Amaya says no need to see this and inspector insists. They open it and see superman pic. Amaya says he is my dad. The constable identifies Rishi. Amaya says you don’t value anyone’s emotions, so I was leaving from here forever. The constable says don’t worry, sit, everything will be fine. Amaya thinks to whom is he calling.

They call Gajendra. Kripa takes the call and gives to Gajendra, saying its from police station. Gajendra is shocked and says what, fine I will come. Sneha thinks why is she restless when everything is fine. Amaya says I was running from here, as everything is upside down in my life, call my mum and talk. She thinks how to call mum. The inspector says I know you are afraid to call your mum, so we called Gajendra Chobey. She asks who is he. Dinesh leaves with Gajendra, and they does not tell anything to Pushpa. The constable asks Amaya not to worry and have tea, Chobey ji will come. Sneha wakes up and Jaz asks Amaya to pass the mosquito racket. She says I know you can’t sleep in so hot temperature and sees its pillows in her place. Sneha comes and is shocked. She asks where is Amaya. Jaz says I don’t know. Sneha gets worried.

Amaya tells Sneha that they told me that he is my Nana and that is my Mama, who can this be possible, we don’t have anyone in Banaras. Sneha sees her dad and gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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