Tere Sheher Mein 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rachita talking to Amaya about Gajanand’s state. Rachita asks Amaya to take her down, and goes. Amaya makes her unconscious by using chloroform, and recalls Rachita’s words. She says you did not wish to marry Rama, as you don’t love him, this is what you wanted, forgive me. The pandit asks Sneha to call the bride. Pushpa says Amaya did not get Rachita and asks Sneha to go. Sumitra says she will come alone, as she has rituals that mum in law goes to get daughter in law. Amaya gets ready in Rachita’s bridal dress and wears the jewelry. Rachita lies behind her unconscious.

Amaya talks to Rishi’s pic and apologizes to him. She says she has no other option left now, and recalls Sumitra’s conditions to Gajanand. Sumitra says she wants Mathur haveli, and

second condition is she can’t accept Rachita as her bahu, if he loves her respect, then Sneha and Rishi’s real daughter Amaya can come in her house as her bahu, else she will tell Rachita’s truth to entire Banaras. Amaya recalls telling Sumitra that she will marry Rama and become her bahu, as she is Rishi’s legitimate child. She asks will Rama marry her, as he loves Rachita, if he refuses then….will she still tell the truth to the world… Sumitra says leave it to me, I will talk to him and make him say yes before coming to mandap, he is my son, he never refuses to me.

Amaya tells Rishi that she will marry Rama for her family’s respect. Amaya hides Rachita under the bed and apologizes to her. Sneha and Sumitra come and see the door closed. Sneha says Rachita was ready, and knocks the door. Amaya covers her face with ghunghat and opens the door. Sneha says why is she wearing long ghunghat, she will make it right. Sumitra stops her and says I told Rachita to do so. Sneha asks where is her nazarbandh/red thread. Sumitra asks her to hurry, mahurat is passing. Sneha says she will find it and looks for it. Amaya gets tensed. Sumitra takes it from Rachita’s hand and says I got it, it was there. Sneha ties it to Amaya’s hand. Sneha asks for Amaya. Sumitra says see the beautiful bangles. Sneha says glad you liked it. Sumitra says we shall leave now. Sneha takes Amaya and brings her out. Bua tells Nani that Amaya can change her mind.

The ladies compliment seeing the bridal dress and say they wish to see bride’s dress. Amaya gets tensed and cries. Sumitra stops them from seeing bride’s face, as its ritual there. Rudra thinks whats this matter, where is Amaya. Sumitra tells Nani that its Amaya. Bua says we should check once. She says she has to apply black dot to shoo bad sight, and sees Amaya’s face under the ghunghat. She asks her to sit in mandap, they all are keeping an eye on her.

Rudra tells Kaushalya why are they after marriage when Gajanand is in hospital. Amaya is not here, whats the matter. Kaushalya says I think its big thing. The pandit asks them to call the groom. Rama comes smiling. Rudra stops him and asks for nek. He asks Neeti and Jaz to take nek, and asks where is Amaya. Sneha says yes, even I m looking for Amaya. Dimple asks Neeti to check Amaya in Rachita’s room. Sumitra says Amaya went to hospital, she told me that she is going to be with Gajanand.

Amaya cries and wishes this marriage happens without any hurdle, else her promise to Gajanand will break, she has to save her family’s respect. Amaya and Rama stand for Varmala. Mantu tells doctor that Chobey family is not here and asks about Gajanand. The doctor says he is out of danger, he has major stroke and he had paralysis, you can’t meet him, inform his family. Mantu says he will call Amaya. Amaya’s phone is in Rachita’s room. He says maybe she is busy in marriage preparations. Amaya and Rama exchange garlands.

Mantu calls Sneha. He says no one is taking call, I think I have to go home and tell them. Rudra sees the reporters there and asks are they from groom’s side. The man says they came to cover Chobey family marriage. Rudra says fine, come. He thinks someone called the reporters, there is something fishy, some big thing is going to happen. Sumitra does the ghatbandhan. Rama thinks he was eager to see Rachita in bridal dress, and wants to see her face once. Amaya thinks she knows what Rama is going through, but they both are helpless.

The pandit tells about filling sindoor and asks the bride to lift her ghunghat. Amaya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Megha

    Last mein yeh shaadi huni ni chahiye n ise show ka time please pehle wala hi Kar do . Story tuh Bekar Kar hi di h par time tuh sahi Kar do . All trp will be lost

  2. rubin

    I wont watch tsm anymore… Amaya doing dis for saving family’s reputation btw she wasnt concernd abt mantu… How will he react when he knows amayas marriage :'(

    • Sana

      I agree Rubin but neither Amu or Mantu know that they both love each other or else they would be together. It Mantus fault he didn’t express his feelings. Also Snehas fault to for telling Mr.Chaube about the truth of Rachu

  3. unnati

    i dont think that this marraige will happen somehow it would be called iff soon
    mantu is too comming and ammu’s gunghat must be up for putting sin.door and all will get aware of this truth hope all would be fine
    mantu be protective for ur ammu coz she is mad!

  4. Ritu

    They showcase family values and close bonds in these shows. What close bond and what values when children can’t openly and honestly communicate with their parents? All these shows show is that hypocrisy trumps everyone’s welfare all the time. There is no trust and no sense of knowing that your family always has your back no matter what the world says.

  5. Ashiya

    if it is happening like this then i think i should quit the show…bcoz i liked mantu nd amaya …the upcoming track going to suck ..from rachita marriage the episodes are gone wrong ..the 3 buddhi nautanki women really sucks …

  6. Big Boss

    Pls send this show to off air…I stopped watching..Request all of you to do same…This is non sense and idiotic track..Whar are writers thinking?

    Portraying Banaras in very wrong way..Shame

  7. Jai

    Hate this show to the core… Bakwaasss… Now do one thing unite uma and mantu then rachitha and rudra and wrap it up.. We dont wanna watch tsm here after..Every serial showing nonsense… Wish if manmarziyan was there.. Missing mzz team…

  8. Malu

    Finger crossed any twist pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
    happy note is that hiba and druv aka amu and mantu officialy said that they r back as soon after two or three weeks…
    decreases pain…
    but we dnt want see rama mrge amu and cnt wt for two and three weeks…

  9. alekhya

    where is that amaya ”who said the world is like that who makes nd talk nonsense nd rachi di u cant marry rama becoz of what world thinks”.. Wt the hell is gng on! Change the story line or u ll the trp..pls change the time.. Change the story line

  10. neeti

    I don’t think amaya should get married to rama. If so thën what is the meaning of 2 couples in the serial also she is not thinking about Mantu. If this is going this way I will not watch it. Time waste.

  11. skvr

    Old same story nothing new
    Mjak bna dia marriage ka kabhi 1 k sath kabhi dusre k sath
    Stop this
    She is an educated gal not villager she could take another bold n wise decision but she did amaya hate ur character now
    Mantu innocent guy u made fool of him
    Nt much intrsted now nt gonna watch tgis any more

  12. skvr

    Amu n mantu how can they cum together now
    Now it will look so nonsense n stupid
    No pyar no rishta kisi pendu director n writer ni likhi hai story plsse stop this show on star plus
    Channel ki image barbad kr di
    N rumours hai mantu n amaya will cum back how n agr aisa hua bhi to it will take long time atleast 2 3 months
    Tab tk ye show vaise hi bye bye bol dega kuch bcha hi nai old story drama
    Waste nothing to watch now I never watched indian serial much I liked tha track n sweet innocent luv story bt
    In the end wahi same track jo hr show me hota hai Mahnata ki devi bn jati hai ladki jo practical life me possible hi nai koi kbhi aisa nai krta fake stulidity or kuch ni is show me

    Plsss guys stop this dnt play with our feelings n emotions 🙁

  13. khushboo

    Guys ive heard that the truth of why amaya is marrying rama will be out and then everything will be right again and amaya will marry mantu but it wont happen so soon.

    • Dimeo

      Its all good and well that they end up together, which we knew would happen. But the obstacles they are having to face are just stupid and ridiculous.

  14. S

    How dumb do they think we are.
    Amaya can use cholorofoam? Who has that at home? She might as well be like the vamps on other shows. They always are justified in their means too. As twisted as they are. So she wud agree to marrying her brother rather than figure out a diff way. Wow. Great thinking

  15. Riya

    What a blo*dy rubbish damp track
    If the writer wants amaya marry to rama
    Then why they take mantu in lead role.
    I noticed always always always in this show
    evil power own
    Such like
    3-Rudra & his mom
    4- Now blo*dy rama relatives
    Amaya Such a stupid character ,it’s impossible now a day a person sacrifice this thing
    At first amaya fight for her love & own ,for this situation the director used at least 30 to 40 episodes but at the final time all are just changed….

    • shuvi

      yaa I was also thinking this only….
      I’m telling u guys… in one month this show will definitely end…

  16. khushboo

    This is just getting ridiculous. why are they doing this?! its not gonna do them any good….they will get less trps and only and only negative comments. i just hope manYa come back together soon… and mantu finds out about that uma

  17. Dimeo

    No surprise, another negative episode. I think there are a few more concerns here. Firstly I have noticed that people are talking about the importance of marriage. I agree, that Amaya marrying Rama, for the sake of her family just makes a mockery of getting married. And then you have Gajanand, who is more worried about his reputation than his grand-childrens happiness. I dont know any grandparents that would rather their grandkids be unhappy for the sake of their reputation. Also Chaubey family is meant to be one of the most wealthiest and respectful families in banaras, yet they seem to have a lot of enemies and people are running rings around them.

    In terms of Amaya, so first she deceived Sneha by signing the mansion away. And now she has suffocated her sister with chloroform. In any family, let alone one on tv, these are things you dont do to your family. Its just un-realistic and its starting to tarnish Amaya’s reputation as a popular character. And dont get me started on when Sneha was bring the bride down to the wedding. She was trying to talk to, who she thought was Rachita, but Sumatra kept distracting her. I mean is Sneha that naive. Do the writers think that Indian parents are stupid. I can tell you now, that they are not. You’d have a hard time trying to deceive my mother that easily.

    Guys, we all know that Amaya and Mantu will eventually end up together. But i feel its going to be an anti-climax and a bit stale when they do. Too many ridiculous obstacles and the audience are just getting tired of it. I watch a lot of American and English serials, and they are more intuitive and creative than this. It seems that indian writers like making the crowd feel sorry for someone (in this case Amaya because of her sacrifices blah blah blah) and making villains really nasty and conniving. Its the same old and too predictable.

  18. avanti

    I still dono what msg TSM is giving…is it related to family bondage??? I will say Hell….TSM would have been the best show if it had shown the true bonding among the family members.,,It would have been more beautiful when all the family members unite together and fought the situation…Is it a family??? where the daughter and mom cant speak up personally..where the head of family fall so low to save the family’s name?? Is there no value for women??? Y again these sacrifices…blah blah blah….THANK GOD the show time is 10.30…rather than watching these flops and wasting time at least half an hour early to bed is more beneficial…

    • Dimeo

      blah blah blah……..did you get that from my post lol. Good point though……..what kind of family is this. A grandpa who only cares about his reputation, Sneha who can’t speak up against her father and who is so gullible and naive, that she can’t see Amaya is under the veil, and a daughter in Amaya, who has gone against her family to save them, and does not feel the need to discuss it with any family members.

      Im indian, as I’m sure others here are. One thing about indian families is that they are very close and will always look out for each other. They tackle problems as a group and face happiness and troubles together. Yes there can be one or two members that can be strict or a little hard to get on with, but they all look after each other. This chaubey-mathur family is the complete opposite.

  19. Nayana

    Gosh! Very unrealistic character and situation too…if this happens obviously no one is going to watch this serial any more…if amayas marriage happens with rama then I think unnecessary they will stretch the story to another 200 episodes…

    • Dimeo

      There is no twist Neha. Amaya will marry Rama and her family will get surprised and angry on her. They are trying to make Amaya a selfless person to get sympathy from viewers, but in actual fact she is looking stupid. Mantu and Amaya will probably get together, but not for a long while and not without further obstacles to overcome. Most of us will be bored of the show and would have left by then.

  20. Zoya

    Guys this is to rubbish i dont wanna watch tsm anymore what the hell is aamaya doing she is sacrificeing mantu for her nani who doesnt care for them nd cares only his reputation

  21. They can only make the plot better if Rama is replaced by mantu beneath the sehra and Amaya getting married actually to mantu…but for the world it is to Rama….when everything is set right they can reveal the truth….

  22. Dis serial was good and different in beginning but now it’s becoming worst. Where is dat amaya who is so bold and outspoken. It’s a stupid track how could they go so low for saving family values. Poor mantu wat will do now. Can’t a mother can identify her daughter soo stupid dis is. Tam will lose the viewers and trp rating

  23. Sharmin

    I think rama and ammu getting married. And nana can’t speck now. Because he lost voice. And ammu will never tell truth. Then mantu will find the truth and get ammu divorced from rama.

  24. Sharmin

    One day all people will know the truth so why not now. Ammu is smart and clever girl why she doing this stupid. The show will lost TRP and then written can get his mistake.

  25. Pinky Gairola

    whoaaaa!!! full marks to d writers..tsm is surely logic defying serial.firstly u cant get chloroform so easily not even from a medical shop, secondly rachita is taller than amaya so how cum no one noticed. since all the negative characters r after mathur haveli the property papers are easily accessible by any of the family members and without any seal of law the property is transferred to anyone who stakes GC izzat. now amayan rama will run rama’s shop jointly and give huge discounts to chaube pariwar n mantu. since sumitra is d new owner of mathur haveli GC will demolish the wall between guptas n his haveli n put 4 more chairs in the dinning area to accomodate amayas new family. phew..writers take a crash course in writing from zindagi gulzar hai which is crafted to perfection n logical in its content. but I will keep watching it for a few days more coz its difficult to discontinue a serial which infused a breath of fresh air. btw thanks riya ritu shuvi for ur appreciation in jodi making exercise..lolz

    • Ritu

      Pinky, your Jodi making was a nice distraction from this illogical story. English shows also worry about ratings but that doesn’t mean that they would start doing things that are possible in real life. I am relieved to know that Indians in India are as appalled by this as NRIs, I was stunned thinking this has become a norm in India. Any outsider watching these shows will think marriage is a joke for Indians and Indians don’t care for their kids welfare. I know we are upset about Amaya getting married to Rama but why was Rachita getting married to him in the first place? A guy is obsessed with you is not a reason enough to marry him. They were sacrificing her just as much as they are sacrificing Amaya. Why was Rachita entering that hellish family to begin with? Btw, who in their right mind goes back to live in a small city when there are so many secrets to guard. If I had an illegitimate daughter (if such a horrid term can be applied to a child) I would keep her far far away from the place where she could be humiliated. I have no patience for week women and this show is filled with only two kind of women – week or evil. They have all checked out their brains and vslues at the door. Oh, and that Dinesh mama – is he busy eating kachoris while all this is happening? He just stands their watching the show. Whatever happened to Hari? Is he vacationing in Switzerland? How did Sneha ever love that Dev? He doesn’t seem to have any signs of humanity in him. He is as smug a bastard as anyone ever saw. Did he have a character transplant after feeling dumped by Sneha? The man doesn’t show a speck of decency ever. What’s up with Sneha’s smiles and emotional speeches about shadi and pavitra rishta? She doesn’t see that she is pushing her daughter into fire? Most mother in laws wait till after marriage to turn into Devils. Here her samdhan is devil ka sakshat roop to begin with abd she wants her daughter to marry into that family to save her reputation. Last I checked mother in laws don’t become protective of your reputation after you take pheres. That’s when they lose any love they might have felt for you before the wedding. Stupid shows altogether. Complete bakwas.

  26. shuvi

    now they shud end this serial bcoz the story is worst now… in this serial many characters were new, some were famous… this serial was the strength for all of us… by seeing amaya, I used to think that I’ll be like her… her family was a support… I don’t want these lovely characters to be spoiled by this show… I want to see them all in any other lovely shows… specially amaya with mantu… and I also like sneha….
    plzzzz its a request… better end it… other wise many will say bad words to this serial…and I don’t want… ( bcoz I’m also feeling that bad for tsm like others)

    • kaju

      hey u told ek dam right…. I also can’t see these great actors ruined by this disgusting, spurious show…. I want manya pair in another show… or better make all this nonsense a dream… coz the director still have time .. if he want his show to be in good trp then they can make it as a dreamm

    • Ritu

      Abhimanyu in chakravyuh had better odds of survival than a girl who gets married into this household filled with wicked smirking witches.,

  27. skvr

    Hopeless n plss dhruv n hiba mjak bna rhe hai viewers ka they said in their last intrw that they will cum together bt
    In very cheap way.
    1 bar shadi ho gyi to ladki ka extramarital dikhayenge kya ye indian society ko suit nai krta
    N agr rama ki death dikhayenge vo wala track sbse cheapest hoga
    Plsss stop this show kya message convey ho rha hai
    Agree amaya ne nana g ki ijjat k lie kia bt or bhi kai tracks hai
    Mantu n amaya main leading hai wahi alag to kya dukh dard wali story bna di yar plsss kahan rhta hai writer kaun si century hai buddy plss wake up grow up this is nt 19th century 21st century hai logo ka time waste na kro.
    Waste down TRP low grade track

    🙁 🙁 🙁
    Very disappointed disappointed
    Hopeless change the track
    N cum back Manya with romantic track not with rona dhona track

  28. angel

    Bullshit…. Once i loved d shw… Nw hate it d most… Dy r lossng der trp ntng els stupod guys…. Smpl c cute c love stry chla dete mantu amaya ki… Ye nw twist ki jrurt ni ti… Amaya gt mrd to rama n dn sas bhu start… Rachita rama ki shadi ho k wa strt krte hw rama mks rachita to fall in wt lv wt him n mntu amaya ki…. stpd directr n wrtr bhul gae… 30 SE PHLE UMA MANTU KI SHADI KRANI TI…. evry1 stopd wtchng ur bkws drama nw enf morovr tym chng so plz close ur show…. It had a wow strt n nw its nthng bt a bull shit….

  29. Rishi Mathur


    • shuvi

      there is no time for guessing also… but we can pray…. plz koi miracle hi ho jaaye..plzz writers make if a dream….. plzzz writers try to understand… we can’t see amaya marring rama and separated by mantu… my lovely Montu…

  30. Dhara

    better way ye tha ki rama ki family ye sach samane late aur fir bhi rama rachita se shadi karata to dono k bich pyar bhi hota aur chaubays ki ijjat bhi bani rahti. than start mantu aur amaya ki love story….

  31. Shivangi

    plzz chng the timing of ur serial ….. let it be aired bbtwn 7to 9 pm .. … n don’t make amaya marry rama yrr mantu will die….

    • Ritu

      Shivangi,, Mantu should thank his stars that he didn’t get tangled into a horrible family like choubey-Mathur khandaan. He is a sensible guy who does the right thing and speaks from his heart. He doesn’t belong with this drama family.

  32. Anu

    Happy NEWS guyss it was dream sequence?but whom?
    wait for next week?..
    this from Facebook post
    is it really long dream i dnt knw..
    there was true or tsm cheating us ????
    finger cross it was amayas dream sequence…
    plzzz wtng for next week but this week never saw hm

    • Ritu

      Anu, it is not a dream sequence. There are spoilers that show Rama kicking her out of his room. His mother telling him that shaadi Bhagwan Ki marji hai etc. etc. they are showing Indian families the same as a cult where cult leaders literally assign husbands and wives and switch around as they please. Just like cult followers Indian sons and daughters are portrayed to have no brain or will.

  33. skvr

    This marriage should not be happend
    Mantu amaya rocks plsss logo ko wrong message convey na kro
    Plssss stop this nonsense
    Very hopeless n heartbroken news we r getting
    Bye bye TSM
    RiP TSM 🙁 🙁 🙁

  34. Ips

    I hate it noww..i hav 2 bring ammu n mantu back..such a cute chemstry they have yrr..cmn dnt spoil it lyk dis..u’ll loose 90% trp bcz of dis for sure…wat a bakwass thing! Wanna knw who got dis stupid idea! We want amaya and mantu back at any cost..period.

  35. alekhya

    thanku natasha.. Sorry for the late reply i didnt see it.. Meaning of alekhya is which cant be described or written.. I saw the youtube video ammu said manya will be back soon! Hope so didnt like is that it takes time and no value of relation nd making amaya weak who is actually strong

    • Natasha

      Its ok alekhya,atleast i got to learn a new name with a beautiful meaning!
      Hope amaya and mantu make a good comeback!

  36. Pari

    Very very bakwas track of marrying amaya to Rama…. No family values being showed like this….. All is waste…. Stop this show If wanna continue bakwas like this

  37. amaya mantu fan

    pls pls change the track….aur naa aaj hii last bar ye show dekunga…….shadi nehi hona chaiye…..

  38. Natasha

    Its ok alekhya,atleast i got to learn a new name with a beautiful meaning!
    Hope amaya and mantu make a good comeback!

  39. Pinky Gairola

    ritu I totally agree with u but on a positive note I wud request all my friends in this forum to continue watching tsm for a few more days n then decide whether to we shud quit watching it. I think we shud give d writers atleast one chance to do damage control n dont forget these were the same writers who gave some really emotional n romantic scenes between manya. I hav a feeling tsm will soon get into damage control mode..a lil confession here I cudnt sleep without watching tsm..:)

    • Ritu

      I watched it while fast forwarding. I slowed down for Manya scenes. The whole episode took three minutes when watched that way. There is no way I am listening to a single word that comes out of anyone over the age of thirty in this show. They are all fools. Only interested in seeing if these youngsters will finally wake up to see that their elderly emperors have no clothes.

  40. afiya

    This is so disgusting. I quit watching. I thought Amaya is smart. But she is so stupid. Poor mantu. I feel so bad for him.

  41. tracy

    such a disgusting track.. wat the heck man!! i m surely quitting. i thought it is the only watchable serial running on star.. bt it went is real wrong track! enough of this.

  42. I cudnt even read the update fully….disgusting…but officially hiba and Dhruv have officially announced Ki there is manya cum back….happy for that…but y to show so much of fuss….she is truly getting married completely and again they vl break it..i don’t know y they r giving so less importance to marriage ritual…i know feelings imp hai par shadi ek paramparik aur bahuth he imp thing hai apne Indians ke liye..i don’t know y he is showing like this…a temporary marriage like thing…

  43. Mansi

    Jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai Amaya sudhar degi saas ko joki baad mein rachita ke liye achcha hoga aur mantu toh hai hi amaya ke liye.

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