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The Episode starts with Rachita and Jaz waiting for Amaya. Jaz says I think we should look for her. Amaya hires an auto and takes Gajanand. Pushpa, Dimple and Neeti look for him. Amaya scolds the auto driver, who refuses to help. He then agrees and takes them to the hospital. Rachita says where did Amaya, she is not calling. Amaya tells Gajanand that nothing will happen to him. The driver asks why did he faint, is he her relative. She recalls Sneha’s words. She holds him as the auto jerks. Dubey asks Pushpa not to worry, Gajanand will be here. Pushpa says he is not well, its my mistake, I left him alone.

Dubey says maybe he has gone out for fresh air. Dimple says I will see him. Mantu is also in the auto and says Uma left alone in anger, my fate is broken today. He says Uma will feel I

m with Amaya, I m stuck between them. The driver looks at him. The auto stops and the driver says I think it got damaged. Mantu curses his fate. Amaya says we will reach in 5mins. Rachita says its late, where did Amaya go. Jaz and Rachita show Amaya’s pic to a guard. He says I called auto for her and she went. Jaz asks how did she go without telling us. Rachita says her mood was bad. Jaz says because of that stupid Uma. Rachita says I think she went home.

Amaya reaches the hospital and takes Gajanand to the ward. Pushpa asks Dimple to call Dinesh. Pushpa talks to him and says Gajanand is missing, and cries. She tells him everything. Dinesh asks them to go home, he will find dad. They leave. The doctor checks Gajanand. Amaya cries looking at him. She asks what happened, will he get fine. The doctor says he got an attack, he will know what to do, he will wait for reports and maybe they have to do his surgery.

She asks is there no other way, he can get well by medicines. He says don’t worry, we will know in some time. She says make him fine, please. He says this procedure is expensive, deposit 1 lakh rs, they can’t wait long. Amaya holds Gajanand’s hand and cries. She gets the form and says she is not his relative. The man asks her to deposit money by calling his family, its private family. The man says its good you got him here, else no one helps anyone, she can leave now, we will handle him our way, its good if they find his family else….

Amaya scolds him. He says many patients come here, this is not Dharamshala. She says his name is Gajanand Chobey. He says you just said you got him in unconscious state. She says he is famous man in Banaras, he is rich, start his treatment, don’t worry about money. He says I heard his name, fine, we will get his details, but till someone comes, we can’t treat him. She says its emergency, you are explaining the rules. He says its serious case, if anything happens, the family will put case on them. She says fine, till his family does not come, I will take his responsibility.

She signs on the consent form and gives him. She says she will not go till Gajanand is out of danger. Dinesh tries to find Gajanand and asks his friends on phone. Pushpa cries at home and says she is very worried. Kripa says he has looked everywhere, Gajanand is not there. Dinesh says they left Gajanand and went. Dimple says we went for dinner. Dinesh scolds her. Pushpa says we did not wish to go, he has sent us. Neeti blames herself and cries.

Pushpa says don’t cry, he will come back soon. Amaya says her phone is off and asks the man did he get his number. He says no, I told someone to find, don’t worry. She shows his number in yellow pages and asks him to inform his family. The guy comes and says Gajanand is very rich, he knows ministers too and very influential. The man says okay and apologizes to Amaya. She asks him to inform his family. The man calls on landline and tells them about Gajanand’s state, doctors are treating him, its good he came to hospital in time, her name is Nidhi Sharma. Amaya takes the receiver as the man asks her to talk.

Pushpa thanks her and asks where did she get him. She asks why is she silent. Amaya asks her to come soon and ends the call. The man asks why did she end call. She says line got cut and asks him not to call them again. Rachita and Jaz does not get Amaya at home and worry. Jaz says I m worried and afraid for her. Rachita says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Jaz says I will call mum. Rachita says don’t give stress to mum. She says her phone is also switched off, we will wait and pray. Jaz prays that Amaya should be fine and Lord should send her home safely.

The man asks Amaya to have tea. She says I don’t want. The doctor asks about Chobey’s family, inform him and not let them meet family, he is critical and they are shifting him to ICU. Amaya worries. She goes inside the ward and hears them. Gajanand says Sneha… and repeats her name in his critical state. Amaya cries hearing him.

Mantu takes Amaya and a small kid, as the goons are after them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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