Tere Sheher Mein 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya thinking how to face Mantu, I told a lot yesterday, I have to do something before he comes. She sees Mantu and he greets her. She says phone ringing. He says I did not hear the ring. She goes and he asks her what is she doing. She tries acting weird. He says printer is not working. She says she will try somewhere else, and thinks he is acting normal, does he want to tell the message myself. He comes to her and she hides. He goes to his working space.

Rama comes to Rachita’s home and worries. He thinks to have courage and talk. He gets dad’s call and says he is nearby, he will come. Dimple tells Pushpa how Dinesh has scolded Rama’s mum when she spoke against Sneha and Rachita. Pushpa says its blood relation, he is Sneha’s brother. Dinesh comes and says

he scolded the woman as she was saying against my dad, he was angry because of his dad, he is not related to Sneha and her daughters. Rudra comes and looks on.

Rama’s dad asks him to deliver the goods. Rachita says she should have not come for interview, such less payment. She gets Rama’s call and ends it. He prays to Lord. Pushpa says she knows Dinesh cares for Sneha again. Dimple says I don’t think so. Pushpa says its blood relations, our family will unite one day. Rudra gets worried and knocks. He thinks he will reach the safe too as he got inside their home. Rama sees Rachita and stops her. He apologizes to her from his mum’s side. She stays annoyed. He says it was all wrong, mum did mistake, she was shocked by my engagement breaking.

He says if she is annoyed, he will do 10 situps, no 20 times with his mum’s mistakes, and starts doing situps. She asks is he mad, stop it. He says sorry. She says fine, stop it, can I go now. He says let me give you lift till home if you have forgiven me, please. She asks where should I sit, in this full packed auto. Rama says there is much space, wait. He makes space and asks her to come.

Amaya goes to Mujherjee and sees Mantu. She gets tensed seeing him and looks around to run. She goes in files room and hides. He finds it strange and goes after her. She goes ahead and acts like taking any file. She slips from the stool and falls in his arms. Dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana…………..plays………….

Mantu asks why is she avoiding him. She asks why is he following her. He says he wants to go whats the matter, she can get any misunderstanding and get annoyed again. She says about the message. He says Uma was there, he was tensed, he did not understand it. She says great and laughs. He asks what. She says she don’t understand what she writes, she does not remember it. He thinks she will always be weird. She goes to Mukherjee. Rama sneezes and Rachita says God Bless you, sorry. He recalls her tattoo and smiles.

He talks to Rachita and says she saved him from marrying Kavita. She says its okay, I m your friend. He thinks he wants her to become more than a friend. He says his dad will find any other proposal and he is afraid that girl can be like Kavita, he is scared, he knows what type of girl he wants, his parents don’t know. She says good, then you find the one for you. He thinks he likes her and chose her.

Amaya comes to Mukherjee and he asks about Dev’s cabin, did she change or remove anything. She says actually, there were some clipping, she removed it, it was of Rishi Mathur. He asks is she serious, did he not tell her before not to touch things, its none of her business, he will tell why Dev kept clipping. He says Rishi is example of unprofessional behavior. She gets shocked and cries. He says he is a bad businessman, he was of Banaras, and went Mumbai, Dev disliked him, he reminds employees about result of wrong business ethics, don’t do anything like Rishi Mathur. She cries. He asks her to fix the clippings back soon and gives her the keys.

Amaya thinks to resign from this job and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad For amaya as she has to hear such against her dad …. But to prove them wrong she must work there and show how her dad I mean rishi mathur was a best business man and only amaya’s working skills and her reaching heights will prove her dad is the best ….. She must not resign her job …. Hey mantu PLZ realise ur feelings for amaya …

  2. yaar…..mantu….plsss realize ua feelngs for amaayaa….eagerly waitng for dat moment

  3. Its a nice episode

  4. People are so much idiot here who start beleving in crappy serials…

  5. @ gufe then what the hell r u doing here? Nobody is forcing u to watch this serial n also not forcing u to read the Telly updates n then poke ur nose in somebody’s comments.

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