Tere Sheher Mein 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Amaya worrying as the Kheer burnt. Mantu talks to her and she gives phone to Rachita and Jaz. Rama comes and sees the Brahmans at home. Rachita says I can’t talk. Rama comes and says he got their items. Mantu is on phone and talks to Amaya, as his guests are worried and they are playing catch catch with phone. The pandit says the puja ends here. Sneha worries. The pandit asks her to give the pedhas to cow and ants, and asks her to arrange bhoj for all Brahmans. Sneha stands silent and he repeats.

She says Prasad is not ready. They all say its their insult, and she worries. The pandit says you asked for time, and its not ready till now, you want them to go hungry. Amaya says no, mum meant to say Prasad is ready and its very hot, so she told this, give us 5mins, it

will come. The man says we can have it hot, serve it. Amaya says we will bring it. They all sit. The girls start serving the leave plates to them. Sneha looks at Rishi’s pic. The girls serve the kheer. Sneha is stunned and cries. The pandit and all Brahmans have the kheer.

The girls get tensed. Jaz asks why are they not eating. Rachita says maybe when head pandit eats. They do some prayers and eat it. The pandit says its made very nicely by heart and wish. They all like the Prasad and eat it. Sneha smiles and sees her daughter being surprised. The girls smile happily as their hardwork paid. They ask for more and Sneha serves them. Amaya cries seeing this. Sneha tells Amaya to take care, she will get Dakshina.

Rama talks to Mantu and asks where did he make him stuck, he made him a chef, you are sitting there and making me work. He says he is doing this in friendship. Sneha sees him and goes to get money. She takes money from her bag and pays all the Brahmans. They all bless family and go. Rama tells Rachita that he did all the cleaning, his dad will be waiting. Rachita says fine. Rama says I will go now. She says fine. He says I think she is not taught to say thanks, strange people. He leaves.

Rudra smiles and gets stunned seeing all brahmans leaving happily. Sneha apologizes to pandit and he says no, we all liked the kheer, and blesses her. The other pandit says puja and bhojan ended well and blesses them. Rudra looks on and goes to meet her. He apologizes to Sneha and holds her feet. He says its his bad fate, he was getting cylinder and got urgent call, he thought to come and call her, and there was no network. He does drama and cries, and says he met with an accident when he was coming in hurry, Lord saved him, and he did not get hurt, he could not attend Rishi’s Tehrvi, forgive me aunty ji.

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Sneha says forget it, everything went well, Lord kept our respect, there is nothing to apologize. Rudra says he is glad and thanks her. Jaz says Amaya did this by bringing induction, we don’t need gas. Sneha says no, we need gas, we can’t trust electricity. Rudra says I will get in evening, and leaves. Sneha hugs her daughters and says she is so proud of them, and tells Rishi that he used to say that their daughter will do some great thing one day and they did it today, she loves them. She thanks them and they cry.

She asks Rachita who is he who made the kheer. Rachita says the same shopkeeper, he is very helpful. Amaya recalls, and FB shows Rama talking to Mantu. Mantu says they can’t make food and asks him to help. Rama says he has to go shop. Mantu says I will say the recipe, you have mind, they don’t even have it, make some excuse to dad and help. Rama says fine and asks them to hold phpne. He says they has kept it unclean. Amaya says clean later, first make kheer.

Rachita says he will clean and then make, he is like that. Rama says its made for puja and cleans first. Sneha says thank him, he helped us. Jaz says yes, but kheer recipe did the magic and asks Amaya who was on phone. Amaya says whom she met on first day, he got the induction plate. Sneha says thank him too, who helps in today’s world, and blesses them.

Rama comes back to shop and his dad was managing alone. He gets angry and Rama says I just went to give items, but Tehrvi was going on and they needed my help. He asks for money. Rama says I did not ask for money as Tehrvi was going on. Amaya says I should talk to mum as Tehrvi is over. Rachita says mum said this day is last for rituals and she is making Swastik at all doors, we will talk in evening. Rudra is angry and his friends ask why is he not receiving call and makes him wear garlands for first victory. Rudra breaks it in anger and asks them to leave. They ask what happened, how will they find solution if he did not say.

Rudra says she is so clever, I thought they don’t have any help, and they did tehrvi well. They say maybe someone helped them. Rudra says I will not leave that helper, we have to think something else.

Rachita tells Rama’s dad about her her dad Rishi Mathur. Rama’s dad talks ill about Rishi and Rachita gets angry and starts leaving from the shop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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