Tere Sheher Mein 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya apologizing to Gajanand. He gets angry and scolds her. Pushpa comes and asks him to calm down. Sneha hides and looks on. Gajanand gets his anger and annoyance out on her. Sneha leaves and Amaya runs after her. The man sees her and says she is the one who got Gajanand to hospital, Nidhi Sharma and runs to call her. Amaya leaves with Sneha. Rudra tells his mum that Sneha has got another haveli now, she will rule now. She asks what does he mean. He says Gajanand is Sneha’s dad, Hari has hidden this from us. She says if Sneha’s dad did not melt seeing her become widow, it means there is something. He says if Gajanand accepts her, she will become rich and we will come on road. She says no, I will not let this happen.

Rachita and Jaz are cooking. Sneha and Amaya

come home. Sneha scolds them for lying to her for hiding Amaya’s message. Rachita asks what is she saying. Sneha says stop this drama, till when will they lie to her. Jaz says we really don’t know. Amaya says mum please, they don’t know. Sneha asks them did they go in reception, did their Nana not get heart attack. Rachita says I swear I have heard it from Rama’s mum. Sneha asks why is she lying, you all knew and did not tell me. Amaya cries. Sneha says let her cry, she will do drama and cry, she is a liar.

Sneha says she has run leaving my dad on the road, he was dying in critical state, she did not save him, he is my dad. Rachita says but Amaya came very late that night. She recalls Amaya’s words and asks Amaya what is mum saying. Sneha says she can’t bear anything now, she has always covered up her mistake, she will not listen anything now. She shouts on Amaya. Amaya says she was quiet as Pushpa was there, she has to hear the truth now, she can’t blame her upbringing. Sneha says I know the truth. Amaya says just she knows the truth, there is nothing wrong in her values and upbringing.

She says she will tell the complete truth. She says she did not leave Nana ji, she has saved his life. She cries and says I did not leave him there, Nana ji saw me turning and leaving, I have held him and he did not see me, he was not in that state, she was very scared and wanted to save him, when she took him in auto, he has rested on his shoulder, I did not know will I take him on time, I was praying that he gets saved. She says she was there till his treatment did not start. Rachita asks why did she hide. Amaya says Nana ji said if Amaya helped me, I would have loved to die, how would I let him die, he hates us a lot, but he is our family.

She says she was there near him all the night and thinking how to make him fine. She says if he knew the truth, he would have not bear this, what wrong did I do, did I have any other option, I just wanted some trust, you did not trust me even little bit. Sneha is shocked. They all cry. Amaya says you called me wrong, I did not feel bad, but you called your upbringing wrong, it can never be wrong. She runs to her room.

Jaz says Amaya has done the right thing, why do we always blame her when its not her mistake, she never repeats her mistakes and rectifies it. Sneha looks at her hand by which she slapped Amaya. Jaz says Amaya is Paris returned and started adjusting here, she accepted Banaras and she is responsible and mature, what did she get after all this, just our distrust, she must be broken. Jaz says Amaya is my hero, she is one in a million.

Gajanand is discharged and starts leaving with Pushpa. The man asks him to take care and Gajanand gives him money. The man says the girl who saved her was just here, and she went. They get glad. Gajanand asks him to get her his home whenever she comes. The man agrees. Amaya talks to Rishi and says mum did not trust me, why. Sneha comes and hugs her. Sneha says I m very sorry, I did not know complete truth and slapped you.

Amaya says its fine, you are my mum, you have full right. Sneha hugs her and says you have bear so much. She says Rishi had much trust on her. Amaya says we can’t tell this to Nana and Nani, promise me, else if they know I saved his life, he will broken up. Sneha says you changed so much and take care of everyone, but doing this will make them hate us more. Amaya says its our family, he is my mum’s dad, we can bear some hatred for his good. Sneha says I m so proud of you and hugs all of her daughters.

Mantu and Amaya argue on phone. She says I m trying to avoid you. He says he has no problem if she is around, what problem she has.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Responsible and all!!!!
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