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The Episode starts with Gajanand asking can I come. Rama’s mum Sumitra shuts the door on his face and tells her husband. He asks her to welcome them. She opens the door and taunts Gajanand. Sneha says we came to talk, not argue. Sumitra says tell me. Gajanand asks can we come inside and talk. Sumitra asks why, you have got my son beaten up on road. He says he came to ask something. Rama’s dad asks him to come inside and not hear that mad woman Sumitra. He asks what can we do.

Gajanand asks how is Rama. Sumitra says he is alive, whats the matter. Kripa brings shagun. He asks them to forget everything, and says a helpless Nana is here to ask for Rama’s hand for Rachita. Rama’s dad gets glad and folds hands saying they will have lucky if Rachita becomes their bahu. Sumitra says she

can’t believe there is nothing behind this, we are still of low status. He says you know what you did, why do you want to know from me. She asks what did I do. He says let it go, Rachita told us that she loves your son Rama and he also loves her, they want to marry.

Sumitra says Rachita is mad, she thinks she can trap Rama. Smneha says she is saying truth, they love each other. Sumitra says she will not let Rama marry in their family, they have beaten him, how dare they come to her house, are they not ashamed, get lost. He asks Gupta to tell his wife to accept this relation, they came with hope. Gupta asks Sumitra to agree, Rama and Rachita are good together. I have heard Rama saying he loves Rachita and wants to marry her. Sumitra refuses. Gajanand requests them and says he will do anything. Sumitra says fine, then beg to me, as Gupta also begged to save Rama.

Sneha says we shall leave. Gupta says what nonsense, don’ t feel bad of her words. Gajanand sits down and begs to Sumitra to accept Rachita. Sumitra says now I m glad, and asks them to get lost, as she won’t get related to them. Gupta scolds her and apologizes to Gajanand. Gajanand asks them to talk to Rama, maybe he will say yes. He cries. Sneha says its enough, come. They leave.

Gupta says what shall I do. Sumitra tells Rama about all this. Rama gets glad. Sumitra says they said Rachita loves you and wants to marry you, she wanted to trap you, they came to save their respect. He asks her not to refuse, as he wants to marry Rachita. She asks him to rest, she knows what to do. He says don’t say no. Gajanand says he is afraid, this relation has to happen. Sneha says Rachita is not burden on us. He says stop supporting them now, this is Banaras, people don’t forget things here. No daughter will get married if this thing spreads. Dimple prays for Neeti. Gajanand hopes for any miracle.

Sumitra is on the way. Dev stops her and introduces himself. He says he knows where she is going and so he stopped her. He says heard Gajanand got Rachita’s proposal. She asks how do you know. He says give me few mins, I want to talk, I promise you won’t regret, and asks her to sit in the car.

She says she refused for Rachita, they have insulted and beaten up Rama. He says if she says no, your son will become Devdas and don’t know what will he do. He asks how does he know all this about them, we are not strangers. She says I find you not a good person. He says stop, its for your benefit. He says he has enmity with Gajanand and he wants revenge, its same relation between us, we both are Gajanand’s enemies. She says I took my revenge. I have insulted him a lot. He says who has seen him begging to you at your home. She says I understand, what to do. He says do as I say, your son will refuse for marriage, Banaras will laugh on Gajanand, this is my promise.

Sumitra comes to Gajanand and brings shagun. Gajanand welcomes her. He gets glad that she accepted Rachita. She says she had to agree for Rama’s wish. They get happy. Rudra smiles. Gajanand thanks her. She says marriage will happen on my conditions. He says as you say. She says fine, we will get mahurat for marriage and inform you. She says she has to say, Rama is innocent, he does not know what happened here, I don’t want him to know this, I will tell you my conditions when time comes. She leaves. He gets glad to know Rama is good guy and does not know this.

Amaya informs Rachita that Sumitra said yes, his mum said Rama is nice and does not know this, and should not know this, now you will be sure too, that he loves you truly. Rachita says maybe she lied, or its Rama and his mum’s plan, you don’t know he told me publicly that he will marry me, keep yourself at my place, can I trust Rama, love is far off thing. She goes. Amaya says I m sure this day will come soon when you will respect Rama, you will fall in love with him, everything will be fine.

Rama says Mantu is managing everything, so I want him to do everything here. Amaya looks at Mantu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. boring as helllllll

  2. Ohh no what a story line we wants to manya scene but in this show not important hero and heroine,only show evil characters
    . Please add some manya scene…

  3. I am not watching this anymore!

  4. I hv already stopped watching dis serial i just read update nw im feeling evn reading updates is also waste ,,,,,, nonsense track just hate it

  5. This show is getting worse. I seem to be writing negative stuff about this all the time. So the count for antagonists in this show are…………Uma, Rudra, Kaushalya (Rudra’s Mother), Dev, Gajanand……..and now we can add Rama’s mother Sumitra. Blimey I’m losing count, its like an army.

    Feel sorry for Rama. Yes he is happy, believing that Rachita wants to marry him, which was the first bit of semi-positive scenes in a while………but he is going to be made to look like a loser when Rachita marries him and she doesn’t love him yet. Rama is good as a goofy kind of character, but he shouldn’t be portrayed as a desperate loser.

    Precap looks half decent as it involves Mantu, who hasn’t been in the last few episodes. Amaya didn’t play much of a role in todays show either. But you can tell its going to be negative. Lets see what happens. Something needs to change though, as the serial is getting boring.

  6. full of negativity…sooo many villains..poor rama..i hope they dnt manupulate him too…pls get some positive scenes in the show..

  7. I am getting soo tired of these shows giving powerful performance to the negative characters. For once can they make a show where the protagonist is smart, independent, intelligent and think ahead before their antagonists…Come on, I mean this has to stop. M really disappointed.

  8. Very boring

  9. What a show ,just adding and adding evil characters,
    First they add Rudra and his mom,then add Dev ,Gajendra & now add Rama’s mom it’s too much
    Agar ek serial men etene sare evil characters entry karvaenge to show ka hal kya hoga rab he jane….

  10. And one important things at 31 August TSM aired at 10.30 pm ,I think it’s create a problem for viewers bcoz show timing is a important things to increase the TRP . The show get boring day by day and now the timing change,I think if the show don’t change the track then sure it’s losses the TRP……

  11. Really yaar…so many evil characters in the program. Amaya is helpless..Mantu can’t do anything, Uma simply used to fool him always, Negative rolls always win… what is this? such ki jeeth dikhao yaar jab jab tho… change the track…

  12. How many men does dev think sneha cud have been with?! They got married? So they consummated the marriage. Why on earth doesn’t he think rachita cud be his??!!!

    Obviously when he finds out he will feel badly. What the heck writers? At least make the villains half smart

    And everyone is right. How many villains does a drama make?? We the audience don’t watch to see what evil stories can be spun. We have enuf troubles in our lives. We tune in to escape the daily grind!!

  13. Maine toh kabka chhod diya (watching this show)… but then I thought to see what is u all guys’s opinion….

  14. plzzz make a new track….
    remove all these villains…
    make a new start….
    end this show…
    bcoz I can’t see cute couple manya… separating with each other… and so many villains …
    1. rudra
    2. rudra’s mom
    3. gajanand
    4. dev
    5. uma
    6. Rama’s mom….
    and amaya… is so helpless that she couldn’t do anything.. 🙁
    guys help me if someone is left in villain list…

  15. Please let mantu and amaya come close

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