Tere Sheher Mein 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with the race starting. Rama goes other track and his mum and Rachita go after him. Uma and Amaya compete, while Mantu and Rudra compete. Rama is drunk and is falling over some stones. His mum worriedly goes to him. Rama falls down and she asks is she mad. He says don’t tell me anything. She asks him to come home. Rachita looks for Rama. His mum goes to take help. Rachita comes to Rama and asks him to give his hand. He says he will take her in his plane, it wil be fun. She says give me your hand, you will fall. Amaya falls down and gets hurt. Mantu sees her and stops. He calls out and runs to her.

She asks him to help. He says he can help but then her prayers won’t be answered if he helps her. She says no, you go, see I will be the first girl to reach there and win

the race. He says fine, take care and runs. Amaya gets up. Uma tells her that you will lose, I will reach Mantu before you. Amaya rages and runs. Rama talks to Rachita, and he says he is going to temple. She asks him to come, else he will not win. She pulls him and he says I love you Rachita ji, and repeats. She sees his mum bringing some people, and asks him to listen to hr.

Rama’s mum does not see Rachita. Rachita asks Rama to promise he will go home. He says I promise. Rachita leaves. The men take Rama. Rudra makes Mantu fall and asks is he hurt. He smiles and runs. Mantu starts running. Uma says she will reach Mantu. The men talk about tough shortcut way and Amaya hears them. Amaya thinks her love will not lose, she will win the race. She asks a man, and he tells about cave way which has snakes and its dangerous. She thinks to take the risk and goes by the dangerous way.

She recalls doing puja with Mantu. She falls in water and he lifts her. Dheere dheere se……….plays…………. Rudra also takes the short way and sees Mantu going ahead. He thinks to oush Mantu down the cliff and he falls down himself. The guys say its not easy like its for Mantu and taunt Rudra. Rudra gets angry. Uma gets tired and says she will win anyhow. Amaya goes through the cave and asks a man about the temple way. He says its impossible to go from here, the way is very bad. He warns her not to go. She goes there and slips.

Amaya gets up and runs. Dheere dheere…………plays……… Mantu runs to the stairs of the temples and reaches inside. He rings the bell and sits. The pandit blesses him. Mantu says his name is Mantu. Uma comes running on the stairs and sees Amaya ahead of her. She gets shocked. She thinks how did Amaya come before me. The other guys come and say Mantu has won and Uma was ahead, so she will win in girls. Amaya and Uma climb the stairs. Amaya comes there and rings the bell. Mantu sees her feet hurt and she falls. He holds her being shocked. Amaya says I have won Mantu and smiles. Mantu says you are mad, you can do anything, and sees her wounds. Amaya prays that she gets Mantu. Mantu and Amaya tie the Amar thread to the idols. Uma comes there and calls out Mantu. He leaves the thread and runs to hold Uma, as she falls down the stairs. Uma faints and Amaya looks at Mantu and Uma. Mantu asks Uma is she fine and takes her to hospital. Amaya gets sad. Dheere dheere………plays………. Amaya sits there and cries. The pandit gives the thread to her and she says no pandit ji.

Jaz and Rachita talk to Amaya about Dev. Amaya comes to office and meets Dev.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor Amaya after all the hard work … She got nothing, mantu left her for the uma…
    And waiting to see what is the story behind rachita-dev-Sneha relations…
    And yeah excited to watch Amaya’s reaction after meeting dev

  2. Oh evn mantu should hav some feeling for amaya so sweet amaya she is really brave

  3. So sad for amaya…. Uma also did a gud job… But mantu didn’t have any feeling 4 both amaya and uma…. They both r right in their view… Don’t know what to say….

    1. ☆Twinkle05★

      I agree

  4. I too agree!!!!!

  5. Felt so bad for Amaya… Why that stupid uma coming in btwn Manya… Get lost u ugly crap.. Mantu please feel for Ammu.. I think u will realise her value once Rudra starts loving her and try to snatch her from you.. Please writers we need Manya scenes more.. Rama too did a good job today.. Anyways interesting story line

    1. Hi Jai!!! Is Rudra really gonna fall for Amaya???? I mean is it for real or for his stupid revenge plan???????

      1. I read this somewhere.. That’s y I specified… Mostly it’s gonna b the same story line I mentioned… But we need to wait and see kat

      2. Thnx a lot Jai!!! ???

  6. Plse some help me to download this song

  7. wow cute episode

  8. Plz mantu fall in love with amaya fast

  9. Amu , i just luv u .. Waiting 4 dev sneha’s chemistry

  10. great episode…gud wor
    k amaya..she doesnt have to get disappointed…love tere sheher mein…:):)

  11. Such a nice couple amaya and month make .

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