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The Episode starts with Gajanand asking Sneha to forget everything. He says he knows Rama’s mum has done this. She says no, she is also a mum, she can’t do this. He says they are bad cheap people, we have to decide now. She asks what, tell me. Rudra hears them. Gajanand says there is one way to save Rachita’s name, that’s Rama and Rachita’s marriage. Sneha and Rudra are shocked. Sneha asks what is he saying, she can’t ruin Rachita’s life. Gajanand says then morning will bring her ruining. She says we don’t know the truth. He says she has bad blood in her. Sneha says stop it, Rachita is your granddaughter, she is your blood, Rishi has loved Rachita as his daughter.

Rudra is shocked. Gajanand says truth won’t change. Sneha says enough. Rudra thinks what did I hear, Rachita

is not Rishi’s daughter, omg, does my dad know this or not. Sneha says Rachita will not marry in pressure, my daughters are my pride, I won’t hear anything against them, I will bear anything, but not sacrifice her for your respect. He says then I have just one option. He leaves. Rudra hides. Sneha cries. Gajanand calls his family. He says he has a reason to break this wall, he wanted to decide for everyone, but he was wrong, he wanted to take care of them.

He says some hours and then Banaras will laugh on me, it will defame Rachita, I can’t let this happen, so I took a decision. Sneha says I said I won’t decide in helplessness. Gajanand says I decided that Rachita and Rama get married. They all get shocked. He says Sneha is not understanding anything, she does see the situation, fine, I can unite both families, but I don’t have right to decide, its better if both families get separated again. Rudra smiles.

Sneha asks what are you saying, mum explain him. Gajanand says its relations have no value, its better to break them. Pushpa asks what is he saying in anger. He says I decided after thinking well. He says the walls in our hearts did not break. Sneha says you are mistaken. He says everyone is smart here, this is my final decision, Sneha and her family are not related to me. Sneha thinks she got her dad after 25 years, but I can’t sacrifice my daughter. Rachita thinks she can’t break her mum from Nana ji. She says she will talk to Nana ji.

Rudra calls Dev, while Dev is sleeping. Dev asks why did he call at this time. Rudra says he has big news, Rachita is Sneha’s daughter, but her father is not Rishi Mathur, its someone else. Dev asks what, how do you know. Rudra tells him everything. Dev is shocked. Rudra says he wants big prize for this news. Dev says don’t worry, get ready to celebrate Sneha and Gajanand’s ruining celebrations.

Dev says he will get this pic printed everywhere, he did not think this will happen, and now what happens will be like Sneha did not think. Gajanand tells everyone that truth is out, Rachita accepted her mistake that she lied, and she loves Rama and wants to marry her. They all get shocked. He says Rama’s mum has done this. Sneha asks Rachita to say the truth, she is her mum and will understand her. Rachita says I lied to you, I want to marry Rama. Amaya asks her not to be afraid, don’t take this step in pressure. Rachita says you want me to be happy right. Sneha says yes, tell the truth. Rachita asks them to understand that this is her wish to marry Rama.

Sneha says no, I can’t believe this. Gajanand says I was not wrong, we don’t have time, get ready, we will take Rachita’s proposal to Guptas. Amaya says I don’t believe this. Rachita says I said the truth, come with me. Amaya asks Rachita how can they do this, leave the society and respect. Rachita says she lied for Sneha, she got this family after 25 years, you said Rama is nice guy.

Amaya says yes, but its different thing now, whats the meaning of marriage if there is no trust and love. Rachita says love has no meaning, I got cheated, you remember it, love is not everything, I have hope as you feel Rama is nice guy. Amaya says I will tell mom. Rachita asks her not to tell anyone and hugs her. Amaya says you are very good, I regret I m not elder and not able to help you. Gajanand and everyone come to Guptas and greet them. Rama’s mum get shocked seeing them.

Gajanand asks Rama’s hand for Rachita. Rama’s mum insults him. He asks does she know what she did.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Ameena for fast updates

  2. Or kitne drama hoga….. pls mantu amaya ke bare me v kuch socho
    Mantu kaha ho….. I miss you

  3. What the heck is going on?? I don’t watch it anymore. My head spins from the strange stories. Seriously? Rachitas agrees to marry Rama?! That doesn’t even mSke sense. These girls are stronger and smarter. They are from abroad. Not from india. They have grown up differently. They aren’t going to cave into pressure. Why don’t they try to figure out who is behind this? And sneha is smart. Why doesn’t she think of dev??? She spent episodes cowering and hiding from him?! Why doesn’t she march up to him and say I want to meet u. You did this etc. They smart women are all playing into the hands of fate? Aching like puppets and oh we are too silly to use our brains and think! And amaya?! She knows uma is putting a challenge to her. So doesn’t her brain think that what if she is manipulating mantu?!!
    Suddenly rudra and gajanabd are making life decisions for them all! Who is rudra to grab their phone and look at it! He needs to be slapped silly by sneha!

    This drama is so silly now. Just like the others on zee etc

  4. Doesn’t dev realize rachita is his daughter?

  5. I have been watching this drama from the start, but for the first time today, i felt like changing the channel. Anyone else on here getting bored of watching gajanand and his long dialogues moaning and preaching…….amongst other things.

    Also Rachita agreeing to marry Rama, for the sake of her family is just getting boring. I mean we see in every other indian serial, a girl trying to be a heroin and sacrificing things for others. Amaya has done it and now Rachita. I thought Rachita had a bit more fight in her……well thats what her character seem to suggest.

    I agree with karma……doesn’t dev realise that he may be Rachita’s dad. Makes him seem a little dumb. This show was fresh when it started, but is slowly becoming like all the other serials.

  6. such an idiotic and foolish track…Writers have gone crazy….Wont be surprised if they have to close the serial soon

  7. I’ve wTched the actor playing dev on ek hasina thi and he was brilliant. He was smart. Suave. And very brilliant. They aren’t giving him much to do. They brought him in and haven’t done much with the story line. Then they focussed on mantu and amaya for a bit. Then they destroyed that. Then the writers moved to Rama and rachita. And they have butchered that story line too!!!

  8. does any one else miss the story line of mantu and amaya? because I do.I mean the only reason i started watching this show was because i hope that they would be together. and i totally agree with Dimeo, i am tired of Gajanand long dialogues and preachings.

  9. wht is this drama is going on….gettong bored to see this….oye mantu,app kahan ho yaar….l also agree with karma…does nt dev realise that rachita is his daughter…..

  10. That’s drama day by day gets boring…..

  11. Nowdays when I see this serial my blood reduces.So much negativity can’t handle it.Only smiling ray was Mantu and Amaya’s track but nowadays this sweet track has also been murdered.

  12. can nyone plz tel me wats d story bot sneha n dev?n how is rachita devs daughter???

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