Tere Sheher Mein 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 18th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya being glad seeing Chiklu’s confidence. Chiklu says about his brother Mantu and she gets irked. She asks him to do what his heart says. She says I m also hearing my heart, I m running away and going Delhi. He says Mantu slapped him for small thing, I will become big man and come back, that he gets proud. She says superb plan and asks him to come and sit near their luggage. Rudra’s friend keeps an eye on them.

Rudra asks his friend to be there, and why did Mantu get so late. Mantu tells Uma that Chiklu does not talk to any girl, how did he go with a girl. Uma says its good, some girl liked him. She says he will be fine. Jaz wakes up by the dog’s barking. Amaya and Chiklu talk and he asks her to sleep, he will sit awake and take care of her and luggage.

She says fine, please be careful. She sleeps and he also feels sleepy.

Rudra’s friend looks at them and Amaya’s bag. Mantu and Uma reach the station. Mantu asks people about Chiklu. Rudra’s friend takes Amaya’s luggage. Amaya wakes up Chiklu and asks where is her luggage. Chiklu sayts I don’t know. She says I had everything in it, what will I do. He says don’t scold me, we will find. She scolds him and says find it.

Mantu and Uma look for Chiklu. Amata takes him along. They see Chiklu’s name in the list and ask people about him. Mantu cries being unable to find Chiklu. Amaya is angry on not finding her luggage and scolds Chiklu. He gets angry. Mantu asks more people and shows pic. Uma says don’t worry. Mantu says he is a kid, I m worried, what if the girl kidnapped him. She says we will find him.

Amaya apologizes to Chiklu and says promise I will not scold you now, sorry. He says say it nicely. She says fine, sorry. A beggar comes to them and asks then to get up, its his place. She says its public property. The man says he is sleeping here since 10 years. Amaya gets sad seeing him and asks Chiklu to come. Mantu sees the train timings and says the train did not leave, he is here, we have to find him.

Amaya asks Chiklu not to worry, as she is with him. He says what will we do there without money and clothes. She says there will be some solution, we need to find luggage, come with me.

Uma scolds some people. Mantu says calm down, I have sent his pic to wailway police, they will find him. Amaya sees poor people and even Chiklu gets sad seeing them. Rudra’s friends looks on and calls Rudra. He tells Rudra that his work is done, Mantu will come now, I have snatched their luggage and they don’t have money to go anywhere now. Rudra asks them to be there till Mantu comes and takes them home. He says be there till he comes, else I will not leave you. Chiklu cries. Amaya asks what happened, why are you crying.

Chiklu says I m missing Mantu, I want to go to him, I was mad to run away from home and Mantu, if he is not with me, what will I do, I will not go anywhere without him, I can’t go, I want my brother, nothing else. Rudra’s friend sees Mantu and says now he has come and will catch them, I will go home and rest, and see whats in this bag. Uma tells Mantu that its Chiklu’s bag, ask him. Mantu catches that man.

Amaya is in police station. The inspector says he called Gajendra. She says how am I related to him, why did you call him, I don’t understand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haan ab thiik huaaa ki chiklu.ko samajh toh aayaa,,,,,,,,,,,. . . . . Chalo let see what next ,..very exited.

  2. I saw in SBS that amaya was sitting on bike with mantu…. so sweet…. -_-…

  3. waiting fr the next…..

  4. nice episode

  5. ek admi kela kha raha hai tha to ek ne kaha dhekho gadhe kela mahi khata dekho mai bhi nahi khata

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