Tere Sheher Mein 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya asking Rama to have food. He says he will have it himself and is unable to eat. She cleans his face and feeds the food. Music plays………. They look at each other. He asks why is she seeing him like this, is she expecting sorry or thanks. He says I would have come myself on the bike, don’t know where keys fell. She says if this accident happened then, what would we do. He says let accident happen, death is good than his life. She says fine, go and die, all of your family will be in pain, you are a coward, you don’t know what family feels when anyone dies, my dad did suicide and our lives got ruined.

He says you feel I m the vamp, did you think if you die, how much will I trouyble your family, you are the son and responsible for your family, understand

this. Rama says he is going to sleep. Amaya cries and asks him never to say about dying. She goes out to find the bike keys. Rachita apologizes to Sneha for going to market. Sneha says no, I want you to live life on your terms, I want you to live without any fear, I promise, I will get all happiness for you. Rachita says she won’t marry now. Sneha says just trust me and hugs her.

Sneha gets a call and gets shocked. She says we are coming. She asks Rachita to get ready, they have to go to hospital. Amaya comes out and looks for the keys. She gets the keys and sees Sneha and everyone leaving in the car. She says did anything happen to Nana ji, I have to go hospital too, if I ask for permission, Sumitra will refuse, everyone is sleeping, I will go without asking them.

Kangana stops Amaya and asks where is she going. Amaya says she came to take Rama’s bike keys, and asks Kangana to sleep. Kangana says I have 2-3 hours work on my orders, then I will go. Amaya worries that Kangana will be there outside, how shall I go. She arranges the pillows as if she is sleeping and goes by the window. Amaya comes to the hospital and wishes Nana ji is fine.

The doctor says Gajanand had some improvement, it will need more time for him to recover. Amaya gets glad and thanks Lord. She hears Kangana there, who is asking for an icecream on loan from the vendor. She says she will pay money later and the man refuses. Kangana snatches the icecream and runs. She wears short clothes and has complete different behavior. Amaya gets shocked seeing her.

Amaya comes home and thinks about Kangana’s strange look and behavior, and wonders whats the matter, why was she doing so. She comnes home and knocks the door. Kangana opens the door. Maya sees her in same salwar suit as before and recalls seeing her in black mini dress. Amaya asks you…. Kangana asks who else will be here, did you see any ghost, I should ask you where you went at this time. She says she went to store room and did not see Amaya. Amaya says I had some imp work. Kangana asks why did you go like thief, Sumitra is right, you are clever.

She asks her to say where did she go, and asks her to answer tomorrow. She says I have locked the door. Amaya thinks who was that girl if Kangana is here. Its morning, Rama wakes up and holds his head. He says how did I come home when I was drunk and recalls Amaya. He says he left bike there and calls Mantu, asking him to get his bike by duplicate keys. He thanks Mantu and ends call. He says Amaya called me coward again, I will show her I can do anything if I m determined.

Kangana gets ready and says she is going to complete her sarees order and talks to Sumitra. She sees Mantu and says this is Mantu right, Rama’s friend. Sumitra says yes, he helps me a lot, he does everything, he has many contacts here. Kangana goes. Amaya looks for Kangana and says she has to ask Kangana about yesterday night. Amaya thinks to ask Sumitra, as maybe Kangana won’t say the truth. Amaya says she went to meet Nana ji at night, I came strange thing there when I was taking auto and tells everything about the girl, she was Kangana. Sumitra gets shocked and asks what nonsense, I know your plans, you are making stories to hide your mistake, Kangana told me everything how you went out by keeping pillows, you are our bahu. Amaya says I m just saying what I have seen. Sumitra scolds her. She defends Kangana and says she is not like you, you will be punished for this mistake soon. Sumitra asks Amaya to get lost. She feels she was afraid that this will happen and wishes Lord to keep Amaya away from Kangana.

Amaya scolds Mantu, while Kangana takes Mantu’s side. Mantu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again drama and amaya feeding rama …yuck

  2. What the hell is rama and amaya combination scenes and bg music… Please stop it.. Now i think rama is the main hero and mantu is kept as a junior side artist.. Hate TSM… Utter crap… Worst serial ever in Indian history where main leads disappeared and junior artists became heeoes and heroines…

  3. precap is good,i think!
    Amaya is jealaus.

  4. Witches were in short supply on this show so now Kangana has arrived!

  5. Plz sp dnt make now romance in amaya and rama we need our amantu back wth their cute scenes.and also rama and rachita also nce pair

    1. Have u seen hum dil de chuke sanam? Indian woman cannot leave her husband after marriage. I don’t think mantu will come back ever. time to change channel. I miss uma too. it was the best serial with amaya-mantu-uma triangle.

  6. is this show going to end soon??? final episode date is given oct 2nd 2015?? is it true??

  7. Its really yuck to read the update…i dont know what kind of music is he playing…i wish nothing more than friendship be between them…hope for manya…what did they show in precap

  8. K just now read the precap…she is mad or what…why vl she always be scolding mantu rachita and Sneha..and vl show her love towards Rama and Kangana…they are making amaya cheap day by day

  9. lazy lavender

    so is kangana going to be a lady of the night….are rama and amaya going to be a couple..hmmmmmmm what’s going on

  10. It is just the same, cycling the story in the same order. Everybody (Uma, Amaya, now Kangana will too) has crush on Mantu, Mantu has crush on Amaya. Amaya is sacrificing her love and life for her sis, Rachita on whom Rama has crush on. But what do we see? A bro-sis couple: RamYa… God knows what will come next!

  11. Wtf!!!!!!!!!
    y strplsprdctnteam make amaya and rama romance if they thought trp will increases..
    or they want to off air soon..
    because change track, trp decreases for a reson it will axe..
    uma is left the show??

  12. I guess if people are soo stupid to accept thapki and Bihaan as cute couple m sure they will feel the same as Rama and Amaya..soo sick of such shows that disgrace the value of marriage and idiots who enjoy whatever they see regardless how disgusting it’s.

  13. Witchy witch Kangana.. hadh hai yaar. Rama’s family has full of female villains… baap ry baap…. kaha phas gyi amaya… mantu ko time pr propose kr k basa leti life… pagal.. uma mar gyi kya?

  14. manyavala tsm, leah

    I can’t bear ammu n mantu with anyone else plzzzxzzzzzz. ……… directors change this ——— track ???? .
    ????????ratings for this track is a big zero

  15. Ok my worst fears got confirmed.. Kangana started to support mantu.. She wil fall for him..he will fall for her.. Rama n amaya will get a baby and everything is finished! What a load of rubbish!! Should scold ourselves for watching this shit!

  16. Uff! Can’t bear Ramaya romance! Please stop it. And everything is happening as per the spoiler. ,Rama Amaya, Mantu Kangana. . No No No

  17. have never seen a more worse serial..tsm sucks..really i dont even want to read the written updates !! Worst serial ever !!

  18. kya yaar itni negative comment kyu karte hoo. b ye sHow bohot interest hone wala hai.Dekho, phir comment karo.dinme ek bar vi tsm ka kholte hoo.Uhape bohot kuch hua hai,tsm ne fb ka cover pics change kiya hai..fb kholo guys

  19. Seriously, who comes up with this rubbish. Doesn’t this show have a research team to investigate what the viewers want to see and what scenes cause the TRP to increase.

    So today we have the episode start with Rama drunk. Anybody else feel like punching him???? The guy was an oaf before, but loveable. Now he is a drunkard that is just plain annoying. And then Amaya feeding him……..ok pass me the sick bucket now!!!! The weird music was playing too. Why did Amaya tell Rama that her dad killed himself while he is drunk. Is that something you say to a drunk person, something as serious as that. Also she then decides to tell Sumitra about seeing Kangana at night????? Is she for real???? Surely she should know that Sumitra is not going to believe her, yet she keeps finding herself in this position. She is soon naive!!!

    Not sure what to make of seeing Kangana at night etc. What kind of plot is this meant to be??? So the pre-cap shows Amaya shouting at Mantu. Yes she is jealous, but she is still treating him like crap. Someone needs to slap this girl, might wake her up!!!!! I dont want Kangana to end up being a villain. If she does, you can see Amaya telling Mantu to stop seeing her. This will then lead to arguments, i dont think anyone wants to watch.

    Finally, I’m going on holiday tomorrow for 2 and a bit weeks. So not going to get to watch TSM, (not sure if thats a god thing or bad thing), but I will keep up with the written updates, provided by Amena. I will continue to post my thoughts, even though I’m not sure how accurate they will be, having not physically seen the show. TSM will be on record, whilst I’m away. Lets see if the episodes are worth watching when I get back. If it remains the same old negativity like now, I may not bother and just delete them.

    Keep the comments coming guys. Will help me understand the show without seeing it, better whilst i’m away!!!!!!

  20. I am not watching. Only reading. This keeps my bp under control !!!. I think Kangana’s twin sis might be thrown at us one of these days. It was said once that Kangana was taken and brought by Rama’s family. So there is the possibility of having twins or better still triplets !.

    1. Seriously. Do we need twins in this show? Months will go on before we figure that one out. The only only only thing we the viewers care and cared about is mantu and amaya. And now it’s just mantu because amaya is too annoying. It’s like the daily kitchen episode with Amaya it feels. Mantu was a nice carefree happy guy. It would be nice to see what happens to him. Not these idiotic ladies from rama’s family. Including amaya!!

  21. ohm!!!!yaar isa bakwas comment kyu karte ho.Dekhna hei to dekho magar aisa comment mat karo.Aur tsm&amaya ko kabhibhi bura mat bolna

  22. WTF……so now Mr Mantu will be treated like a piece of dairy product between two cats Amaya and Kangana……….. Rot in hell…… TSM
    Worst worst worst
    Puranee character sambal nahi rahey nayee introduce kar doo….. Amaya seems to have lost her brain completely
    Just insane
    new girl also seems to be sleep walking within 2 episodes
    This serial is heading to a point of ‘No Return’!!!!!! No logic!!
    Complete idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. a toal crap is going on …..pls change the plot…its rubbish…disgusting

  24. the writers have gone mad..really…worst than ekta kapoor’s serials…i just cant understand what satisfaction they get by spoiling such a great serial and story..have not seen such a stupid story. i mean from where they get such bakwaas and crazy ideas for writing or rather spoiling a beautiful story..most of the characters are dead now like Uma, Dev, Choubey, Chiklu and the main lead has been sidelined as second hero and they made that stupid rama as the main lead!!!! what the hell!!!!!stopped watching this serial long time bk when i read the spoiler abt amaya marrying rama and was reading the written updates…now stopped that also..just read the comments and the precap..and i think its high time to stop that also becoz our comments are falling on deaf ears….no use in commenting or no use in signing the petition or calling them..utter waste of time…

  25. Enjoy your trip dimeo! Don’t worry about tsm. You won’t be missing much. I never turned on after mantu proposed. And I stopped reading updates after music played for Rama and Amaya. So the comments is where I come to share and vent. It’s like we have started our own support group or something!

    1. Hahahah cheers S. Im reading this at the airport.

      I feel your your exact thoughts. I seriously only watch because of Mantu. The only sane character in this cesspool. Your right, this is the only place to vent your frustrations. This is the only serial i watch because i thought it was different. How wrong could i be!!!

  26. Hi frnds…. Again an irritating episode…. Amaya don’t deserve mantu… He s a nice clever guy… He deserves d best.. Any one from mathur family nd choubay family and irritating Gupta family don’t deserve mantu. Plz don’t make kangna mantu pair…. He shud be away from ds families…. Where s uma? Hari chachu? One day sneha calld and askd him to come Banaras? What happnd to him… Kausalya and rudra also forgot him………. Funny… What did u say sneha ji? she said she will find a rich guy for rachitha…. Plz don’t make us laugh…. U can’t save ur father… Can’t ur daughter… U cant prove ur husbands innocences(she knows dev did all things)… U can’t go against ur father,family for anything… Then how can u…. I think mantu,ratchitha,jaz shud escape from ds families…..

  27. I am now liking the amaya and rama pair

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