Tere Sheher Mein 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gupta saving the diya flame. Sumitra, Bua and Nani come home and see the sarees spoiled by Gupta’s wheelchair. He says he came to add oil in diya. Nani scolds him. Amaya comes and gets shocked seeing the sarees. Sumitra scolds him. He says I did not do this intentionally. She argues over the big loss and they have to pay 12 lakhs. They all scold him and leave. Amaya pacifies him. He says everyone feels I m burden and useless, after I lost my legs. Rama comes and asks why is dad crying. Amaya tells him everything.

Rama says he will help Amaya and consoles Gupta. Amaya says she will dye with dark colors and manage the sarees. She says she will manage and tells Gupta that he is not a burden on them, why don’t he change everyone’s perception. Gupta asks how will

he help her. Rama says you have good business idea, you can help us. Gupta agrees to help. Amaya thanks him and says we will start work today itself, you supervise the workers. He says fine, and goes with Shamu. Rama smiles seeing Amaya. He says he was thinking to come market with her. She asks what, if anyone sees, what will they think. He says now I have relation of many births with you, and they laugh.

They go out to market. He thanks her for explain Gupta and boosting his confidence. She says she is his family, not an outsider, Gupta is her dad too, after my dad died, I m lucky that Gupta came in my life as my dad, I hope you don’t have any problem to share your dad’s love with me. He says no way. She leaves with him.

Tialk tells his friends about Amaya and her address. He asks them to find all details about her. He says who is this Amaya…… He sees Amaya going with Rama on his bike and says where is she going, who is with her. His friend says no one knows about her. Tilak says I will not leave anyone who lies, find about her in temple, maybe she went there.

His friends take water from vendor and try asking about Amaya…. The vendor says her family did good work in Maha utsav, she did beautiful dance with her husband. I have seen her going towards market with her husband. The guy informs Tilak and says we got her pic too. Tilak says I m in market, send me her pic soon. They take Amaya’s pic from the newspaper to send Tilak.

Amaya recalls Gupta and sees handicapped people. She leaves with Rama and buys some items. Tilak looks on. Rama goes to make a call. Tilak says once he gets this Pataka, he will show she will become his slave forever. He gets the pic and sees it. He looks at Amaya. His friends also come and say you found her, she is Amaya, she can spoil our plan, we will stab her knife and kill her.

Tilak holds the knife’s pointed metal and stops them. His hand bleeds. Amaya turns to see and sees Rama smiling. He gets cold drinks for her and asks her to come. They go home. Amaya asks the workers to start working and asks if they know any other worker who can help them. The man says no. Amaya sees the letter with her name. She wonders who will send letter to her, and keeps it as she gets a call. The client tells about much big order with same delivery time. Amaya says it will be done. He thanks her.

Sumitra asks how will this happen. Amaya is doing this work for first time and said yes to double order. Amaya says I can do for Kangana’s business, my dad used to say we should not be afraid of challenges. Sumitra taunts her on Rishi’s suicide. Gupta asks Sumitra to help Amaya. Rama thinks poor Amaya, she is doing this for us and mum scolded her. Amaya says she wants a place on rent to workout on order. Rama says yes, I have seen one place for rent. Sumitra says fine. Gupta and Sumitra argue over their name to be on the work. Amaya asks them to final any name and tell her.

Amaya goes to her room and sees Rishi’s pic. She says I miss you dad. Rama looks on. Sumitra asks Rama to choose a good name. Rama says yes, I know what should be the name. Tilak asks his friends not to kill Amaya, as they would fall in trouble in banaras, she does not know about letter, our mission would have failed. His friend says we can’t sit idle. Tilak says I know, I will do something, and sends them. He says Amaya, I have got another reason to be near you, I will get that letter.

Amaya asks the man to send all samples at home. Tilak says Amaya is alone at home, this is called fate. Rama is with Amaya and makes her wear mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. di amaya ko apna baap yaad aaya wah kya baat hai wah .band karo

  2. Can any body day me abt the letter story…

  3. Mangalsutra time.

    Wow or whoa.

    Amaya is unbelievable.
    And even Rama.
    Two flakey ppl like them deserve each other.
    Good riddance

  4. I used to like this serial. The moment amaya married rama, I stopped watching it. I used to come here to read the episodes but slowly stopped that too. Just by chance I read today’s episode.. I m totally confused….
    Can anyone tell me… Who is thus tilak?
    Where is mantu…
    Have rama n amaya accepted each other..
    Wat about choubey family…
    N what about that rachitas real dad….

    Truly shit series this is

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