Tere Sheher Mein 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya saying she has to focus on her life and stop this madness, there are many imp things to do. Its morning, Amaya gets ready and takes Rishi’s blessings. She goes to temple and prays she is nervous and asks for any messenger to help her. She goes for the interview and says she got late. The lady says she is before time here, not to worry. She says I was called here at 11am. She hears Mantu’s ringtone and says its same caller tune. She asks her to take the call. The lady says its her BF’s call, they fought and she will take the call. Amaya recalls Mantu.

Mantu comes there and she smiles seeing him, thinking he is not here and she is imagining. He says Amaya… She turns. He says her name again. She pinches him and asks is he really here. He says no, my ghost

is here. She says she did not expect him. He is doing computer assembling project here. She asks what. He says why, can’t I work here. She says she came for interview here. He says he knows Mukherjee, he can give her tips to impress him, then she will get the job. She asks will she really help her. He says yes, but we will go to canteen. She thinks she will go to Antarctica with him. He asks her to come. Uma gets angry and says he did not have food and medicines.

Rudra recalls about Sneha’s relations with Chobey and goes to Gajanand’s home to find out. Kripa says he is not at home, what work do you have. Rudra says he is a small man infront of him, he came to talk about puja, to invite him as chief guest. Kripa says maybe you don’t know, he had heart attack, he is in hospital and everyone is there with him. Rudra says what, I can’t believe this and asks which hospital. Kripa says the name and Rudra leaves.

Mantu asks Amaya how to talk. He asks her to talk well. She stares at him. Yuhin bewajah………….. dheere dheere……….plays……….. She does not hear anything and smile. He asks is she listening to him. He says he is helping her as he is good hearted. She says I know and smiles. A man calls Amaya for interview. Mantu says all the best and she holds his hand. He asks does she not have to go, leave hand and go. She says sorry, I mean thanks. She leaves and comes back to take her folder. He gives her folder. Uma comes to meet Mantu and requests the lady to allow her to meet. Uma goes and looks for Mantu. She comes to know he is in canteen and says he might be eating junk. She eats Amaya and scolds her for working at same place.

Amaya says I did not know this, I would have not come here if I knew he works here, as I have to be away from him. Uma asks why. Amaya says I have to rush for interview and leaves. She shows her certificates to Mukherjee. He says he is not interested in marks and wants to know her real talent. Uma meets Mantu and gives him tiffin. She asks how did Amaya come here. He says he does not know. Uma prays that Amaya fails in the interview. Mukherjee takes the interview and Amaya does not remember Mantu’s words.

She speaks in English and gives all answers, and Mukherjee says he will inform on phone if she is selected. She says fine and comes out smiling. A guy asks how is she feeling about the interview, does she feel how it went. She says I think it went fine, they said they will call. The man says they will not call. She asks why. He says she told everything which Mukherjee hates, the one who gave her tips is surely her enemy. She thinks why did Mantu do this.

Uma goes to wash hands. Amaya comes to Mantu and he asks about her interview. She starts scolding him and asks why did he give her wrong tips, as if he is her enemy. He asks her to talk in low tone, people are seeing. She says she thought he is good, its her mistake that she…. He asks what happened in interview. She says what you wanted, I will not get the job, this job was very imp for me, I did not get the job as you told me everything wrong. He asks her to listen and she goes.

Sneha asks Amaya what happened. Pushpa says Amaya left Gajanand on road. Sneha asks Amaya and slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Amaya ko phir se thappad so sad

  3. Ridiculous episode
    n plzz update chakravartin ashok yaar I m really not In a good mood after reading this ridiculous crap of stupid uma n slap of sneha. N foolishness of amu to blame mantu.

  4. Kaam banane ke bajei bigaad Gaya……god knows when they unite……?????????

  5. If anyone seen todayz chakravartin ashok smarat plzz can give me over view or summary of what happened plzz any1 following any other serial plzzz plzzz write the summary in 16th june page of ashok plzzzzz

  6. This show is dragging on…Boring Sneha is back…Babujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  7. If you think that this serial is boring then don’t comment . Pls it’s a request .

    1. yaar I agree with u rinki

  8. hey plz don’t call it boring ok. in every serial there is something like that which brings twists.
    just loved that part when amu just stares and stares at mantu. but its true that I hate the precap. but still this my lovest show.

  9. what!!! will rudra love amaya???!!! no no not at all. rudra, yuckkkk. he looks like an uncle … by the way uma is not that much bad but still she will suit with rudra.
    I think it is bcoz so that mantu will be jealous and will realize her love for amaya.

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