Tere Sheher Mein 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rudra asking Sneha to do Rudra Abhishek. Amaya asks Sneha to come. Om Jai………..plays…………. The pandit applies baghooti and Rachita stops him, and gets some applied on her neck. Sneha recalls Dev and prays that Dev never sees her and her daughters, else Rishi’s lovely family will break. Chobeys come home. Dinesh is angry on Dev. Gajanand says I don’t care about Dev, but Amaya is ahead of her dad. Pushpa says she has hidden her name too. Gajanand says you did not see her truth, I did not take Rishi’s name outside, and they have stained my name.

Pushpa says whats wrong if Amaya saved your life, you should be happy. Gajanand says I m nothing to her, she saved my life and ruined my name, she could have told her name, but she has insulted me by waiting

for right time. He says he will not take medicines. Rudra asks Sneha to wait. Sneha says we can’t wait. Kaushalya asks her to let the girls stay. Barfi miyaan does some shayari. Rama’s mum sees Rachita and stays with Rama. The man tells about Amar Jodi contest. Everyone start dancing.

Uma tells Amaya that she can’t drink Thandai, and challenges her. Amaya drinks. Uma smiles and thinks Amaya can’t even walk after drinking this, I will see how she wins Amar Jodi. Shiv bhola bhandari……….plays…………. Uma and Amaya dance with Mantu. Rama drinks Thandai and takes Rachita for dance. Rudra talks to his man and gets two glasses. He makes Mantu and Rama have that special thandai. Uma sees Mantu and imagines Mantu and her dance. Amaya sees Mantu and smiles imagining dance with him.

Uma sends thandai for Amaya. Amaya drinks it. She drinks many more and laughs. Rachita sees Rama dancing in high spirits. Rudra smiles seeing everyone and drinks. He thinks Mantu and Rama made me fool, now I taught them a lesson, that they will fall in the amar Jodi contest. Sneha comes home and cries. She goes to Rishi’s pic and says she has seen Dev, their past will come out and our family will break.

Dev asks the employees to preach work as Lord and take money for overwork. He asks why is this seat empty. Manish says that vacancy is filled, she was in Saawan puja, I could not tell her to resume work, she is not taking the call. Dev asks why did he hire her, and asks her name. Manish says Amaya. Dev says make her meet me when she comes. He talks to Rishi’s pic and says I met your father in law, he was praising you a lot. Rama is drunk and tells his mum that he is going to win. Rachita brings Amaya and asks her to have lemon water. Amaya says one more, I m feeling better. She says this idea was good.

She says she has to go for amar Jodi. Rachita asks since when did she start believing. Amaya says mum said belief is not bad, I feel I can do this, I believe in all these rituals. The man announces about the amar Jodi contest and the one who gets to the top of the mountain temple, Lord will fulfill all their wishes. Rama’s mum holds him. Uma thinks it will be fun when Amaya is in more drunken state. The man tells about the run. Rudra challenges Mantu that he can’t reach there. Mantu shows his belief in Lord and says he will win over Rudra. He prays for a good future for Chiklu. Uma and Amaya pray to win Mantu’s love.

Amaya is hurt and Mantu asks her to come. Amaya asks Mantu to go and see that she will be the first girl to reach there. Uma says you will lose and runs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh stupid uma nd rudra

  2. It was nice episode

  3. So rachita is dev’s daughter

  4. Nice episode

  5. Uma u r looking like a pig in this dress n makeup .hate u
    Amu u can do it .u all only win the race
    So much of suspense in Tsm.who is dev? Why is sneha hiding? Wat is the secret behind her leaving banaras?after all why is she afraid of him???!!!
    Tsm is awesome………

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