Tere Sheher Mein 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sneha drinking water and hearing a sound. She goes to see Jaz and asks what happened. Jaz says Amaya’s racket fell. Sneha says she will give Amaya and asks her to sleep. She comes to Amaya’s room and keeps the racket. Amaya kept pillows in her place. Sneha thinks its her and leaves. Chiklu is in rickshaw. Amaya waits for rickshaw and sees that man. Amaya sees them and asks him to go, and take care of the little kid. Chiklu leaves. Mantu wakes up. Amaya looks for rickshaw and talks to a man.

Chiklu comes to station and asks for the train for Delhi, when will it go. The man says after 4 hours. Chiklu asks for ticket counter, its closed. Mantu thinks about Chiklu. Chiklu says Mantu says ticket can be booked anytime. The man says let me sleep, its booked by computer.

Amaya comes to take cab and thinks to go by railways.

Chiklu stands to take tickets and fill form. Chiklu sits with the men. They deal nicely seeing its small kid. Chiklu asks where to go for loo. The men laugh and send him. Amaya comes there and asks for ticket counter. She asks a sleeping man and he gets irked. She asks why is he sitting here. He says I m mad, all of them are in line to get tickets, let me sleep. She says how rude, its big line.

Amaya sits in Chiklu’s place and the men ask her not to sit there as the boy will scold her. Chiklu comes back and sees her in his place in queue. He asks her to sit. She says you, wait I will show you and scolds him. Rudra’s friend sees Mantu’s brother Chiklu and Amaya. He calls Rudra and says Amaya and Chiklu are running at the station, do something. Rudra thinks.

Rudra says call Mantu and tell him that Amaya kidnapped Chiklu, she should not go, call me and update. Amaya catches Chiklu and says she missed the flight because of him. Chiklu says from railway station. She says my flight got cancelled. Rudra’s friend calls Mantu and says your brother is running with girl. Mantu says what nonsense, he is 10 years old. The man asks him to come at railway station and see.

Mantu checks Chiklu is not at home. The man asks him to come soon. Mantu rushes to him. Amaya talks to Chiklu and asks how did he convince the rickshaw man to come here. He says its Banaras and he used his contacts. She says I know you study well. He says I m clever, we will have tea and talk. She says you made me tired, come, lets have tea.

Mantu comes to Uma and says Chiklu has run with a girl. Uma asks what is he saying and laughs. Dadi asks what happened. Uma says Chiklu run with a girl. Dadi asks whose girl. Mantu says whats need to tell Dadi, come with me. Uma asks what will I do. He says he will not listen to me, come. She says I will get ready. He says we are not going to dance in his baraat. Dadi asks him to talk with love, Chiklu is kid. His bike does not start. She says start it soon.

He says we will go by rickshaw. He says can’t I scold him for his mistake, he has run with a girl, its too much. She says thinks he is clever in this age and he will be big man when he grows up. Rudra asks his friend to keep an eye on then, now it will be fun when Mantu reaches there, lets see how Amaya goes leaving Banaras.

Mantu cries on not finding Chiklu and Uma pacifies him. A beggar comes to Amaya and Chiklu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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